Don’t Ever Get Old

I have had the privilege to work,

study and train closely with many masters

in the Taoist, Hindu and Tibetan systems

of meditation, as well as healing Masters
from China, Europe, South America and
the Good ole USA.

What Qi will do to You

Sickness just doesn’t happen. No one gets cancer

overnight. It first affects the other two bodies,

the Spirit body and the Energy body, and then, by

the time the disease raises its ugly head, it’s

too late.

The Power of Sex

I was talking to a younger doctor this evening
about stress and how it effects our body and mind.
He said, “If I am making love, all my stresses
just seem to float away.” He made me chuckle, but
it’s true, sex can be a de-stressor for sure.
it keeps you young.

We Scored and So Did You

Our staff at Whole Life Health and Wellness Center
which includes 3 chiropractors, a personal
trainer, myself an acupuncture physician also
doing homeopathic and European biological
medicine, and all the extra treatments, like the
Cryotherapy equipment, detox programs, and the
training in Qi Gong and meditation

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