• Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Qi Gong – Sex Is Vitally Important For The Functioning Of The Whole Body, Not To Mention, The Whole Mind. Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Qi Gong Teaches You How To Get That Feeling Of Boundless Energy And Whole Body Orgasms And How To Use The Power Of Magnetic Attraction At Any Age Without Drugs, Sprays, Or Love Toys.
  • The Healing Sounds Ebook – Are You Ready To Learn Ancient Chinese Exercises To Reverse Aging By A Real Chinese Master? These Exercises Are More Profound Than Tai Chi Or Yoga, But Far Easier To Learn.
  • The Coffee Enema – The Organic Coffee Enema Is Extremely Powerful To Detoxify The Liver, Clear The Body Of Inflammatory Aches And Pains, And Is An Extremely Powerful Treatment For People With Cancer Or Other Degenerative Diseases.
  • Castor Oil Treatment – Are You Draining From Low Energy, Wake Up With A Bellyache? Feel Like You Are In A Brain Fog? Have An Acid Stomach? Are Burping And Gasses Disturbing You And Your Family? Are There Lumps And Bumps On Your Skin? If So, I Have Good News For You!

  • Dr. Wu Dhi’s House Cleanse – Have you been experiencing strange or negative energy in your home lately? Dr. Wu Dhi’s House Cleanse will help you discover the root cause of this detrimental energy, and how to remove it so you and your family can live in harmony and prosper.
  • Qigong Video Bundle – Do You Want To Learn The Core Work Of Taoist Healing And Protection Practices Without Breaking The Bank?
  • Qi Essentials™ Vira-Qi – Do You Hate When You Feel A Cold Coming On And Can’t Do Anything About It? Now You Can! This Herbal Supplement Will Prevent Colds Before They Happen So You Can Be Healthy And Happy All The Time.
  • Dr Wu’s Restless Legs Syndrome Relief Program – Are You Tired Of Bouncing Around Your Bed All Night And Losing Valuable Sleep? Dr. Wu’s Priceless Program Will Stop Your RLS Symptoms Quickly. And More Importantly, Safely!
  • The Yin Set – Discover The Ancient Taoist System That Will Keep You Feeling Young, Healthy, Strong, And Disease Free.
  • The Polynesian Salt Water Purification – Discover The Polynesian Shaman’s Secret Of Growing
    10 Years Younger
    In 90 Days Or Less.
  • Eliminate Back Pain – How To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain In 30 Days Or Less…Without Surgery or Drugs.
  • Flying Crane Qi Gong – Over six centuries ago, a Chinese Health System was discovered that not only doubles your strength and flexibility, it boosts your immune system and empowers your thinking.
  • The Magic Square – The “Ancient Chinese Healing Secret” that allows you to solve any problem you have in health, wealth, relationships and more.
  • The Internal Mantra Program – Ask any teacher, Lama, or Guru from Asia. They all agree this teaching is all one needs to free themselves of worry and struggle.
  • Core Restore Detox Program – Restore Your Body, Mind And Spirit To Health And Vitality In 7 Days Or Less.
  • Qi Essentials™ Oxy-Hydrate – The Amazing Product That Oxygenates Your Body As It Detoxes
  • Qi Essentials™ Adrenal Qi – Immediately Reduce The Negative Effects Of Stress And Fatigue
  • Turn Stress Into Power – Handle Stress So Well You Literally Thrive On It
  • Recharging Qi Gong – Eliminate Your Fear and Live a Long, Powerful Life
  • Private Coaching with Dr. Wu Dhi – The fastest way to achieve a stronger, longer, and healthier life.
  • Two Week Cleanse – Purify Your Body Of Toxins. Enhance Your Circulation.
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