How Art Will Keep You Younger

Whenever you spend time in a museum, an art
gallery, an art show, or even out in nature, it
opens up a creative path and gets both lobes of
the brain communicating. In years past,
researchers maintained that creativity was higher
in individuals who are right-brain thinkers.

How To Arouse A Woman

In ancient
China, the Yellow Emperor commissioned his
ministers to study the best ways to live a long
and healthy life. He was particularly interested
in knowing how to cultivate, sustain, and
transform sexual energy.

They’re Back, Are You Ready

As the energy started flowing in my system, I was
completely renewed in less than an hour. How? We
have 14 meridians that carry the Qi throughout our
body. When we are stressed from play or work, the
Qi stagnates and we are wiped out.

The War between the Sexes. Hillary Vs. Donald

The war of the sexes is on the they are going at it with everything from name calling to trying to bring up the worst qualities of each other. I thought the Bush and Cheney years were bad with lies cheating and a war over oil that didn’t have to happen. After 911 we lost many of our freedoms and all of us are under surveillance more than ever.

Are You Too Busy?

Most people these days are
stressed, overworked and not in the best moods.
Now their health is failing, and conventional
medicine is pumping them up with pills to try to
keep the workhorse afloat.


Get Rid of Ugly painful Cold Sores

Cold sores hurt and are ugly. This little fluid filled dreadful thing on your lip that burst, blisters, and form a crust is controlling you. To numb the pain hold an ice cube directly on the sore for as long as you can, and then put on a dab of silver first gel jelly. The jelly will help keep bacteria out, and will lessen that tight, skin-splitting sensation that sometimes happens when a blister gets too dry.

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