How A Dragon Can Keep You Younger

July 29th, 2016
Dragon Energy 

I go to the Farmers Market all the time. It's
part of my anti-aging lifestyle. The other day, I
was looking for organic produce, and I met a
couple of die-hard organic farmers from Homestead,
This time of the year, they have mangoes,
avocados, lychees, longans, jackfruits, durians,
and dragon fruits. An unusual variety of fruits to
someone who was brought up with apples, pears, and
cherries. I asked why they chose to grow these
fruits, and they said it reminds them of home.
They are originally from the Philippines and, when
they came to Florida thirty years ago, they bought
a ten-acre organic farm and have been working the
land ever since. I asked them what their favorite
fruit was, and they said, We love them all, but
dragon fruit has a special place in our hearts.
Most people don't have a clue what dragon fruit
is, or even what it looks like, and they know
nothing about its health benefits. When you look
at a dragon fruit, the origins of its name may
appear obvious. Dragon fruits are actually native
to Central and South America. The color of dragon
fruit flesh varies from white to red or deep
magenta. Just like Lycopersicon esculentum, or
tomatoes, the red-fleshed varieties contain
lycopene  a natural antioxidant known to fight
cancer, heart disease, and lower blood pressure.
Lycopene is the focus of recent research for its
connection with anti-ageing. According to legend,
the fruit was created thousands of years ago by
fire-breathing dragons. During a battle, when the
dragon breathed fire, the last thing to emerge
would be the fruit. When the dragon was slain, the
fruit was collected by the victorious soldiers and
presented to the Emperor as a coveted treasure.
The soldiers would then butcher the dragon and eat
the flesh. It was believed that those who feasted
on the flesh would be endowed with the strength
and ferocity of the dragon and that they, too,
would be coveted by the Emperor.
That was a great story for a delicious, sweet
fruit with many health benefits.
Dragon fruit has an amazing superpower that helps
decrease bad cholesterol levels and replenishes
good cholesterol levels. Dragon fruit is an
excellent source of monounsaturated fats, helping
the heart stay in great condition. They have a
high fiber content which can assist with poor
digestion and constipation, and can also
ultimately help regulate diabetes, stabilizing
blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes.
Eating the flesh and seeds, which contain good
protein, will keep your body fortified and
satisfied. The dragon fruit is filled with
antioxidants to rid the body of free radicals and
cancer-producing properties, and will keep your
skin tight and young-looking. Slice up a ripe
fruit, put it in the blender with honey, and use
it as an anti-aging face mask to get rid of
wrinkles. Dragon fruit also has anti-inflammatory
action that will help your joints from arthritic
pain. My students have reported that by practicing
Flying Crane Qi Gong
daily and eating these wonderful anti-aging fruits
on a regular basis has reversed the trap of
premature aging.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Hi

There is Pain and then there is Pain

July 27th, 2016


There is Pain and then there is Pain


Mary came into my office on Saturday with a story
so insane it was hard to believe. I can’t go into
the details here, but it wasn’t good. To give you
a hint  it’s as if she jumped out of a plane at
10,000 feet and, on her way down, she noticed that
she forgot her parachute. Mary told me that she
was on half a dozen medicines to keep her balanced
and, yet, she was still unstable, shaking inside
and an emotional wreck. She was grabbing for
straws, going from medical doctors to
psychologists to psychiatrists and spiritual
advisors to try and solve her dilemma with no
luck. Mary asked me about acupuncture for her
condition. Sure, I do a lot of acupuncture and it
really works well. But, if you have mental and
emotional problems, Medical Qi Gong is ten times
more effective for these kinds of condition.

Here is what my friend and teacher, Dr. Bernard
Shannon, wrote. He is The Man at the International
College of Medical Qi Gong.

Medical Qigong therapy is the oldest therapeutic
modality of Chinese medicine. It is a
comprehensive system of health care addressing the
root cause of symptoms or disease while treating
the client as a whole. Medical Qigong treatments
are based upon a differential diagnosis rooted in
Chinese medical theory. In a Medical Qigong
treatment, the practitioner, having developed
through dedicated study and self-cultivation the
ability to sense and manipulate energy, uses Qi
emission to restore health and wellness to the


Drawing by Frank Buzelle

I have seen patients and treated conditions that
Western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous.
Whether you know it or not, Medical Qi Gong is an
excellent adjunct to Western medicine, and it
addresses parts of our psyche that other
modalities barely touch. I have worked with
Western doctors to help their patients go through
a traditional treatment and help them eliminate
many of the nasty side effects of pain medicine,
no matter if it’s physical or psychological pain.
As a doctor of Medical Qi Gong (China), I have
been trained in a different way to address not
only the physical body but also mental health
issues. I always tell my patients that I can help
with any problem they have but, if I am the only
one working on it, it will take a long time.
However, if they are willing to work on the
problem with me by doing the exercises and
meditations, they will be amazed how quickly it
can be resolved.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The roots of the ancient Medical Qi Gong
tradition are the direct experiences of early
practitioners of spiritual Daoism, Shamanism, and
of the internal Chinese martial arts. Medical Qi
Gong exists to alleviate the pains of humanity,
whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Become Younger And Healthier this Summer

July 22nd, 2016

Summer Heat

Become Younger and Healthier this Summer

It is now summer, and one of the things we allenjoy in this season is the beach – soaking up the
sun,frolicking in the water,swimming,kayaking,
canoeing, sailing, building sand castles, taking
long runs by yourself, or going for long walks,
and it’s a perfect place to read. The beach offers
so much for everyone and we all love it.

When I was sixteen, my friend, Mark, and I needed
to get a summer job. One day we would borrow his
mother’s car and supposedly go job hunting and,
the following day, we would get my family car and
hit the trail looking for that summer job. After a
few weeks, his mother said, You boys are getting
a nice tan looking for a job.

We were at the beach every day and we just got

The beach has some real possibilities for fun and
also for healing and detoxifying of the body.

The Polynesian Shaman’s Secret Of Growing…

Ten years younger in ninety days or less just by
going to the beach. This is one of the easiest and
most effective detox programs I have ever done and
it will work for you, too. All you need is the
beach, and you can begin a detox program that will
make you healthier and younger in weeks. Check it

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi


A Day From Hell Transformed

July 22nd, 2016

A Day From Hell Transformed

Did you ever have one of those upside-down days?

I had one last week and it sucked. I woke up with
a flat tire on my car. It was drivable, but I
needed to get some air in it ASAP. I drove to the
closest gas station and the air machine was
broken. I drove to another station and, again, the
machine was not working. I could hear the tire
squalling on every turn.I hit one more station
and another broken machine. Not good! So, I took a
chance and drove to the Mini Cooper dealer to get
a new tire and thinned out my wallet. I finally
got the new tire and headed home. When I got back
home in the 95-degree heat, I noticed that the
floor was wet around the refrigerator. When I
opened it, it was not working. I called a friend
who has an ice chest and he brought it over filled
with ice. I just went shopping the day before but,
little to my knowledge, there was a small crack in
the ice chest. As the ice melted, my floor got
soaked. It made me laugh that so much was going

I was starting to get a little uptight and
stressed. I sat down at the computer to write and
got an e-mail that one of the pictures I put up on
a blog in 2012 was copyrighted and they wanted to
sue me. As if this weren't enough, my bank wrote
me and said one of my accounts was on hold because
of some unusual activity.

That was the tipping point. Enough stuff all at
once. My stress level was on overload. I sat down
to meditate and began the exercises to turn my
stress into power. Within fifteen minutes, I was
able to reverse all the negative situations. I
cleaned up the water, and the repairman was at my
house within an hour and fixed the refrigerator.
My head was clear as a bell again. 

If you ever have one of those days, believe me you
will sooner or later, be prepared. Learn and
practice these meditations and exercises and you
will be able to turn your stress into power.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS You can transform your stress into great Power today

The transformation

What’s Cramping Your Style?

July 18th, 2016
George wrote me last week that he was having a lot
of trouble sleeping. It seemed that his leg and hand
cramps were causing a lot of problems. 
Hear's what he said," 
Dear Dr. Wu, I been having cramps in my hands and feet
for the last few months and they seem to be
escalating. I changed my diet, increased the
vitamins, I have been taking a close look at what
I may have changed in my lifestyle. What I noticed
is I have been working outside doing more
gardening in the hot sun. Do you think it could be the heat?'
Its more than I have been for a few years, but I never
got cramps from that. 
What do you think I can do about it?
Here is my reply:

George, there are a few reasons for cramps. It
could be that you are overusing your muscles, or
dehydration, muscle strain, or simply holding a
position for a prolonged period. In many cases,
however, the cause isn't known for sure. Although
most muscle cramps are harmless, some may be
related to an underlying medical condition like
narrowing of the arteries that deliver blood to
your legs, compression of nerves in your spine
(lumbar stenosis), lacking of minerals such as
potassium, calcium, or magnesium in your diet.

When I am seeing a patient who displays symptoms
like you have, I start thinking about the tendons
and their flexibility and agility. Are you
practicing Qi Gong? How many days a week? I'd
suggest you start practicing daily. This will help
or completely eliminate the problem.
If you come to my office, I'll most likely start
looking at a lot of specific things like some
coldness or dampness in your body, or maybe it can
be coming from blood or Qi deficiency. In that
case, acupuncture and moxibustion can effectively
suppress hyperactive muscles. In Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM), leg cramps are mainly due
to coldness stimulation as well as improper blood
and Qi activities of the legs. Acupuncture can
play a role to promote circulation, loosen the
tendons, alleviate cramps, and ease pain. 

But before you flip out with all the different 
things I'd, get a copy of The Flying
Crane Qigong
and start practicing. Within a few weeks, you
should be able to get a good night sleep and
kick those cramps out of your body forever.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhicramping legs 

How to Accumulate Good Merit in this Lifetime

July 15th, 2016

How to Accumulate Good Merit in this Lifetime

Whenever you get the opportunity, you want to

accumulate as much good merit as possible. It is

said that the path of enlightenment needs the

accumulation of merit to be complete, just as a

bird needs two wings to fly and, if left with only

one, wind will just make it flop on the ground. It

is said that one of those wings is your practice

and the other is the teaching. Good Merit

There are practices that I learned from my master

years ago that I haven’t shared with you as yet

how to free yourself from a bad or undesirable

birth. This is one practice you should take up to

make a nightly offering to the hungry ghosts as

referred to in Buddhism and Taoism, also called

the “pretas” in Hinduism, spirits in

Confucianism, “souls in purgatory” in

Christianity, and “suffering souls” or  in

other religions. Do they exist? You can bet your

sweet ass they do. They are suffering being reborn

with misshapen bodies for their cravings, desires,

and having done evil deeds. The realm of desire,

of which we are denizens, has many types of beings

that can be partitioned into six levels: hell

beings, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, titans,

and Gods. Hungry ghosts have it the worse, which

is why blessing food to make it possible for them

to eat it is performing an act of tremendous

merit. Every night you can make the following

offering so that they have food to eat and water

to drink. When you have dinner, have a small

portion of the food, bless it, and leave it

outside for the hungry ghosts. It will take you

just a few minutes and see it as an act of

kindness and a way of ending suffering.

Want more info on the six realms? Of course you

do. The Internal Mantra program will teach you how

to free yourself from suffering and avoid taking

birth in a lower realm

If you ask me, this is a paramount teaching and a

foundation in your spiritual growth.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The teaching and the mantra as well as the

subliminal program are all included. Order now and

get started.

How Monsters Can Affect Your Internal Practices

July 14th, 2016

Monster in the closetHow Monsters Can Affect Your Internal Practices

When I was a youngster, my two uncles would tell me stories that would scare me so much that I
would sleep with the covers over my head and
always made sure that the closet door was shut
tight before getting into bed. I thought they were
just playing and having fun, but it really made an
impact on me in those early years. I liked going
to monster movies when I was a little older and,
although they frightened me, I was hooked. Maybe
it was the fear factor or the adrenaline rush that
kept me going to those Saturday afternoon
matinees. When I came home from the movies, I’d
always make up energetic webs to protect me from
who or whatever would be lurking in the shadows.
As I reached adulthood, I started studying
different cultures and found out that mythology is
filled to the brim with monsters, a
nd that monsters have been a part of human culture since
our earliest days. Through the many years of my
studies of mythology, religions, and spiritual
work, I learned many different protections and the
secrets of building, storing, and cultivating my
internal power. And in so doing, I have cultivated
my internal power as a Medical Qi Gong doctor
(China) and a teacher of internal exercises like
Qigong and Shen gong. The Recharging Qi Gong
program will build your internal energy and help
you to store and cultivate internal power you will
need to enhance your practices.

Get your copy today. There are only a limited
number of copies left.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

How To Build Yin Energy In The Summer Heat

July 11th, 2016

How To Build Yin Energy In The Summer Heat

It’s really HOT in the USA, and some idiots are

still claiming that there is no global warming. I

have lived in South Florida for over twenty years,

and this is the hottest summer I can ever


Hot Summer

Hot Summer

Your body just starts acting weird. Your

balance is affected and wobbles from side to side

like you are drunk. You can start losing your

equilibrium all together. Your muscles can start

to cramp up with just a temperature increase of

one or two degrees and can affect you even if you

have been drinking water to replace what you

sweated out. When you get overheated, your blood

vessels dilate to release as much heat away from

your system as possible, causing blood to pool in

your ankles which is not good. According to

the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, if you are

exposed to extreme heat for a prolonged period,

you may stop sweating altogether. This is

potentially fatal leading to heat stroke. Also,

brain fog is common from heat exhaustion and you

are apt to make unwise and unsafe decisions. It is

a real hazard for workers who need to keep their

concentration. Aside from increased irritability,

you start losing the ability to do skilled or

mental tasks. As your core temperature rises

further above the body’s natural temperature, you

can get nausea to the point you start to vomit,

and diarrhea may set in. Those muscle cramps I was

talking about earlier may happen more frequently,

you’ll experience palpitations, and tingling or

numbness of the hands or feet.

After work today, I came home and decided to work

in the garden. I was removing a fence post and,

after only twenty minutes, my strength started to

falter and I sat down for a few minutes. That’s

when I started to get somewhat nauseous, and I

knew I had to take some action. First, I moved to

a cooler, shaded location, went in the house

and  removed my clothes including socks and

shoes. Then, I applied cool, wet cloths to my

head, face, and neck, and started to drink water

with just a little salt in it to replace the

electrolytes. If this happens to you, you’d better

do this fast. Without treatment, you may find

yourselves in the grip of potentially deadly heat

stroke. They say that heat stroke takes you to

death’s door. If you think you’re seeing signs of

full-fledged heat stroke, all medical authorities

say to call 911. It is that serious. If someone is

at the stage of heat stroke, their core

temperature is at 104 F or higher, and their

body’s mechanisms for handling the heat have

failed. That can include the loss of so much body

fluids that sweating stops altogether. Here are

some signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion to

watch out for: hot, dry skin, profuse sweating,

confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures, and

very high body temperature.

As soon as I cooled down, I started to practice

the; Flying Crane Qi Gong

to regain my balance and to add more yin (cooling

energy) back into my body. This time of the year

when the temperature soars, it’s best to practice

your Qi gong early morning before the sun comes up

and a few hours after sunset to gather more Qi and

to cool down the body/mind and spirit. I am really

doing the Flying Crane Qi Gong set both early

morning and after the sunsets. Try it for thirty

days and you will notice the energy shift without

a doubt.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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If the Walls Could Talk

July 8th, 2016

If the Walls Could Talk

If the walls could talk, what stories would they

tell about you and the way you live? Our homes and

possessions have energetic imprints that can

affect how we live on a daily basis. You may be

living in a home with stale energy or, even worse,

sick energy that will affect you and your family’s

health mentally and physically. It is important to

clear and resolve energetic imprints from past

situations in your home, office, and property as

soon as possible.


This is an area that I have always found quite

interesting and have been researching for over two

or three decades. You would be surprised how much

influence your home and possessions have over the

type of life you live. WallsThe vibrations

of past owners are also imprinted into your home

and your property. This energy will hang around

until you do something to clear it. Some of it is

good, and some no longer serves you or the way you

want to conduct your life.

When I bought my home, I had thoughts about how

the home will fit into my lifestyle. Is there

enough room, is the structure sound, and are there

any roof leaks – stuff like that. I even hired a

house inspector to look over every nook and cranny

on the physical level. But house inspectors don’t

feel the energy of the house and have no idea what

vibrations have been embedded into the walls.

Anything that you happened to pick up at the

antique store or the flea market or a garage sale

could have picked up sick energy, which you don’t

want to bring into your home without clearing it.

How can you determine if something has good

energy, or stale, sick vibes? You can see if there

is an imbalance by noticing that there is no one

coming to visit, or there is never a rest and

people are always knocking on your door. Do you

have issues with your neighbors? It may not even

be your fault. It maybe something from a past

owner and, energetically, it just keeps going on.

They call this an energetic footprint.

Many times, when we get a new home, we only look

at the specific features a home offers and forget

to check the much more subtle, quiet things that

really make the house a home. It is a perfectly

valid question to ask if there has been anyone

that died in the home. You may be quite aware of

the presence of spirits in the house but choose to

overlook it if it matches all of your physical

criteria. Are there ghosts or poltergeists in the

house and how would you know that? Does a property

have to stay this way forever? No. Many of those

issues can be cleared energetically. A property

clearing can identify and clear those issues for

you. This can make selling your own home easier

and also make your current home a more pleasant

place to live in.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

Ancestor Practice To Keep You Healthy

July 7th, 2016
I sent my granddaughter a string of pearls
that belonged to my mother. Her great-grandmother
instructed me to give each one of her
grandchildren a set of pearls that she wore and
treasured which my father bought her on their trip
to China. All families have heirlooms they hold
dear. This is a tradition in our family and many
families all over the world - to pass down their
treasures or heirlooms that were in the family for
many years from one generation to another. I
treasure the candlestick holders of my
great-grandmothers and the pocket watch collection
of my father, which I will pass down one day to my
children. I hope this tradition will continue on
to many generations. 

Heirlooms are special treasures of the past that
make you feel good when you look at them and bring
out memories and stories of loved ones. Although
we hold on to our families treasures for many
years, most people in the West don't have a clue
of any ancestor practice. Ancestor practice is a
ritual that is based on the belief that deceased
family members have a continued existence, takes
an interest in the affairs of the world, and
possesses the ability to influence the fortune of
the living. Its goal is to ensure the ancestors'
continued well-being and positive disposition
towards the living, and sometimes to ask for
special favors or assistance. The social or
nonreligious function of ancestor worship is "to
cultivate kinship values like filial piety, family
loyalty, and continuity of the family lineage. 

When I was in acupuncture school many years ago, I
went to the grave site of my ancestors and asked
for their help to move me into a passion to be
able to help more people. My Qigong practices are
one of the ways that I help people reach their
full potential.

Open up to your full potential and get going on
your Qigong practices.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhiancient practices