Do Mystical Creatures Really Exist?

October 21st, 2016

Some swear they do, but most people think they’re
living in a fantasy world or are just plain crazy
and, yet, we keep these fantasies alive. Santa
Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Boogieman, fairy
godmothers, and the list goes on and on. From my
studies and personal experience, these beings
really exist upon our world, if not physically,
definitely energetic. When practicing Medical Qi
Gong, you encounter some energetic spirits that
can cause havoc in your physical and mental
health. Still doubt it? Ask any little kid if
Santa Claus really exists, or someone who has
voices in their head. Are you going to tell them
the spirit of Christmas isn’t real and the voices
are just a figment of their imagination? Please
know that there are in fact many “species” that
also live in the human realm which our scientists
have still not acknowledged nor discovered. There
are many beings that coexist in different
dimensions. They say that, as one continues to
elevate in consciousness, we become more aware of
this co-existence. I have heard it said by
mystics, shamans and psychics that we will only
see these beings when the human collective is
ready to recognize the divinity within every
being. Then and only then will these populations
be revealed to us.

I personally thought this was just a bunch of bunk
until I opened up and started thinking outside of
the so-called box. Years ago, when I was in my
early thirties, I moved back to Detroit after
living in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado for
seven years. It was around the holidays, and Mystical Creatures-1I met a naturopathic doctor, and we shared
some techniques to open up our healing abilities
and on how to protect ourselves from negative
energy. We hit it off and he invited me to come to
visit his clinic. The following week, I booked a
specific massage that he claimed would open up my
psychic abilities. It sounded very intriguing
which, in fact, was. After the treatment, I was
very relaxed from the healing/massage even though
he hardly touched my physical body. It was more
energetic in nature. I was doing Polarity Therapy
at that time, a form of energy work that Dr.
Rudolph Stone brought back from India. It wasn’t
too strange to me but found it different. I didn’t
really notice that much, as far as my psychic
abilities opening up, but I did feel calm and
relaxed. Afterwards, an interesting thing happened
to me. I started seeing something dart behind my
furniture. Initially, I thought I was seeing a
mouse or rat in my house. As a matter of fact, I
didn’t know what it was. I only saw something dart
by. But when I looked, there wasn’t anything
there. This went on for weeks and weeks. I never
saw any rodent, lizard, snake, or cat, but just
something moving around the house in the shadows
very quickly. After a few days, I started to see
an image. I called his clinic and told him what
was going on. With a big chuckle, he told me that
my sight has probably opened to another dimension.
You might be asking yourself right now, “Dr. Wu
Dhi, were you smoking something?” I wasn’t!

What makes something a myth? To this, many would
respond that a myth is simply something that
cannot be proven, has not been accepted as real,
and exists only in fairytales and stories.
Although there has been human contact with some of
these beings, they certainly have not been
accepted on a wide scale amongst the human
collective at this time. Are these beings real?
They are just as real as you are. In some cases,
it actually is you who are the “mythical
creatures” to their collective. How can you open
up to this bigger world around you with many
dimensions? The key is meditation. I can’t
guarantee that you will see Santa this Christmas,
but I will tell you that your awareness,
perception, and psychic ability will definitely

Get a copy of the Internal Mantra Program today
and start to waken your awareness to have more.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

Do you Really Have to Age?

October 21st, 2016

Sometimes, it may feel that you are on an
escalator going down. No matter what you do, it
keeps going down and down. When your life begins,
you are on the top floor with no aches nor pains.
Unless you come into this world with something
from a previous life (past karma), you are usually
in good shape. As time passes, we start to go down
the escalator of life. They say this is normal.
But, is it really? These are the normal things
that age:

1. Muscle mass decreases.
2. Fat increases as a percentage of body weight.
3. Strength, energy and speed of the body
4. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) or metabolism slows
5. Aerobic capacity, the capacity to process
oxygen, decreases. Red blood cells as a percentage
of total blood volume (hematocrit) also decreases.
6. Body cells become resistant to insulin.
7. LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and
triglycerides increase, and HDL cholesterol
(“good” cholesterol) falls.
8. Blood pressure increases.
9. Bone mineral density decreases.
10. Density of calcium in the circulatory system
11. Kidney functions decrease.
12. We lose neurons in our brain. This can lead to
Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and
senile dementia.
13. You get liver spots.
14. Growth Hormone secretion drops.
15. Testosterone in men and estrogen and
progesterone in women drop.
16. Sexual desire drops.
17. Thyroid hormone drops.
18. Melatonin, a hormone which regulates the body
clock, drops.
19. DHEA, an adrenal hormone that leads to the
production of male and female sex hormones, drops.
20. Estradiol, a female hormone, increases in men.
21. Cortisol, “the Death Hormone,” increases.
22. Your good enzymes drop.
23. The thickness of skin decreases, resulting in
more wrinkles.
24. Prolactin, a female hormone, increases in the
body of a male, presumably depriving him of some
sexual libido.
25. Water proportion in the body and in the skin
drops. This results to drier skin and more
26. Hearing becomes impaired.
27. We lose our sense of taste.
28. Eyesight becomes poor.
29. Hair falls and loses its natural color (it
becomes white).
30. Inflammation increases in our body.
31. “Deep sleep” becomes scarce and less profound.
32. Digestion becomes slower and less complete.
33. The retina of the eye becomes thinner, in many
cases, detached.
34. Night vision decreases.
35. Micro-vessels in the eye pop, covering the
retina, causing partial loss of vision or complete

chinese immortalsThe water
element brings up the emotion of fear. Fear feeds
the symptoms which puts you in the loop of death
and rebirth again. The good news is that you can
change that scenario, but it’s not normal. The
normal is to get sick and age. In general, people
aren’t paying attention. They overeat, overdrink,
fill up with sugar, and say that, if they can’t
eat what they want, they will soon die. Sure
enough, they will.

Want to get off that loop? Of course you do. We
all do. But it takes some work. If you are willing
to put in just half of your day, you will notice
the changes in less than a month. That’s nothing.
I myself am a living example that you can change
the process of aging. Start out with this simple
downloadable program and you will see the

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

A Good A$$ Wipping is better to Watch than to get

October 21st, 2016

Carla is an amazing woman who is in the fight
business. She was married to an Olympic gold medal
boxer that showed her the ropes and is now the
principal promoter of the MMA and a wonderful
high-energy lady. We met last summer when she came
into my office for a treatment. Carla was feeling
down as she lost her husband just six months ago.
She told me he was a fighter until the very end. I
was sorry I never got to meet Howard for he was an
inspiration to many athletes. I looked up on
Howard just to know a little more about the guy
who inspired so many young fighters…

“Howard Edward Davis, Jr. was an American amateur
and professional boxer. Growing up on Long Island,
Davis first learned boxing from his father. After
being inspired by a movie about Muhammad Ali,
Davis embarked on his amateur career. He won the
1976 Olympic gold medal. He was also awarded the
Val Barker Trophy at the Olympics, beating out
such boxers as Sugar Ray Leonard, Michael Spinks
and Leon Spinks. He turned professional after the
Olympics and went on to compile a professional
record of 36–6–1 with 14 knockouts. He retired in
1996. After retirement, he became a trainer.
Eventually, he worked as boxing director at
American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida, where
he trained both amateur and professional boxers
and MMA fighters. He was also a motivational
speaker and a musician.”

A few months ago, I went to one of the MMAs as
Carla’s guest and it was awesome. I was with a
group of young fighters, upcoming stars soon to
make it big time. I totally support Carla DavisFight night
and the MMA, an organization that directs young
athletes to be their best. The family now has a
Howard Davis Foundation with the mission to
preserve the Howard Davis, Jr. legacy. All funds
will go to create programs and scholarships for
sporting organizations that provide a better
environment for children in low-income
neighborhoods, things that Howard Davis, Jr. was
passionate about. The Howard Davis, Jr. Foundation
will also support and create athletic programs
aimed for children and launch campaigns to get the
word out about the state of cancer in America. As
a strong believer in alternative methods to fight
cancer, Howard Davis, Jr.’s mission during the
last year of his life was to make these medicines
available to those who desperately need them.

The 21st of October is the next fight in Miami,
and Dr. Wu Dhi and his crew will be there. Check
it out. If you make it to the fight, be sure to
come over and say hello.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I had a young fighter ask me what I think
made the most difference in my career. It is,
without a doubt, the internal exercises like Qi
Gong, Nei Gong and Shen Gong.

Have You ever Been Bitten by an Egyptian Ibis?

October 14th, 2016

I Ibis was at a popular vegetarian restaurant the other
night with a friend. We were in Ft. Lauderdale and
got a little hungry and pulled into the
restaurant. It was closed but, in the parking lot,
there were hundreds of birds with crescent-moon
beaks. As soon as we got out of the car, they
surrounded us, it was like we were in Hitchcock
movie. It’s far from common to have flock birds
surround you and follow you around. I took it as a
good omen. We hung around until the place opened
and had a great meal. When I got home, I did some
research on the skinny-legged crescent moon-beaked
birds. When things happen like this, I always look
to see if there is a deeper meaning. It turns out
that these birds were the Sacred Ibis (Threskionis
aethiopicus) who once lived in Egypt and is
depicted in many ancient Egyptian wall murals and
sculptures. It is also found as mummified
specimens at many burial sites and played a
significant religious role. The ibis represented
the God Thoth, god of wisdom, knowledge and
writing. The ibis is also a wading bird. It,
therefore, has its head above the water, its legs
in the water, and its feet firmly planted in the
earth, a representation of yin and yang male and
female. Thoth is the deity who is recognized for
bestowing all arts and sciences unto mankind. This
includes, art, music, writing, speech,
communication, words, symbols, numbers,
mathematics, geometry, counting, measuring, land
surveying, astronomy, astrology, science, logic,
medicine, magic and the mystical arts. He is
recognized and honored as a great magician. I am
not referring to a magic show or tricks of magic,
but real magic and a real magician. “A Magician
is someone who is the master of magic; a master of
mysteries, both terrestrial and celestial, someone
who understands and is able to make use of the
secret powers and energies that are constantly
flowing within and between the cosmic and earthly
realms. This includes the mastery of herbs,
potions, healing practices and purification
practices along with a thorough knowledge of all
the arts and sciences.” Thoth was usually depicted
with the head of an ibis, deriving from his name,
and the curve of the ibis’ beak, which resembles
the crescent moon. Thoth the Scribe wrote the
story of our reality then placed it into grids for
us to experience and learn through the alchemy of
time and consciousness.

When we practice the art of medicine, music,
sculpture dance, visual or martial arts, we are
tapping into creative magic. How can you open up
more to the magic of your own creativity? First,
you want to tune in to your own inner spirit and
settle your mind. If you want to attract
something, you have to start living it. When I
first learned to meditate, I practiced morning,
noon and night until I owned the practice. That’s
called “embodying the work.” My Teacher instructed
me to repeat a special prayer or mantra. You can
open up to the magic of your own inner spirit with
these six special words. Click on the link to
learn more.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

Is a Spiritual Hitchhiker Draining Your Energy?

October 14th, 2016

Josh called the clinic and asked if he could
specifically speak with me. For the most part, I
let the front desk person take all of my calls and
I”ll call back at the end of the day. The
secretary said,”Doctor, it’s an emergency and he
needs to talk to you ASAP.” When I picked up the
phone, this guy was dead serious about what was
happening to him. Josh told me that he has been
working for one of our government agencies and
travels all over the world. He wouldn’t tell me
what branch of the government or what he did.
Although I wanted to ask, I refrained. When he
returned to Miami, he knew something was wrong. He
said he saw a battery of traditional medical
doctors, and they didn’t find a thing. There’s
something there that is disturbing my energy and
my sleep, and medicine isn’t going to do a thing
for me. He knew it because this happened to him
one time before when he came back from the Desert
Storm in 1991. It sounded to me that he picked up
a spiritual hitchhiker on his last trip. A
spiritual hitchhiker is a spirit who was in a
human body not too long ago, and has decided to
look for a new home.  I think Josh was the pick
of the week. They’ve chosen to find what could be
considered an easier solution to their problem
rather than taking on a new body for themselves,
they jump into an existing body, which is already
occupied. It’s like having an unwanted guest in
your house…or an unwanted hitchhiker in your
car. Sounds a bit weird, but these things happen.
There are many spirits that we denied their
existence, but they still are here in reality,
whether we believe it or not.

An accepted reality in Medical Qi Gong therapy is
the body’s relationship to both the physical and
the spiritual worlds. Sometimes, they cross. One
can be a target and an easy host if you are in an
extremely stressful situation, taking drugs,
overly drinking spirits, or even on a trauma,
especially if it is life-threatening. I see
patients with these kinds of problems all the
time. You would imagine this is sci-fi stuff, but
it really happens many more times than you would

How can you protect yourself from having a
hitchhiker jump on your back and suck your energy
away? First, you need to be practicing things to
keep your energy-body strong and vibrant. If you
are wondering what exactly that means, write me at and let me know how I can help
you. I’ll steer you in to the right direction and
make the teaching available to increase your

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Some years ago, I had a similar situation
happen to me. I contacted my teacher and he agreed
to let me study with him until I cleared up theHitchhiker
mess I got into. You can always get out of a jam
if you know the right place to go to.

What’s the difference between Insane and Out-of-Sane?

October 13th, 2016

R.D. Liang has something very
Interesting to say about insanity I call the
condition being out of
Sane. He believed that out-of-sane people,
especially schizophrenics, were driven into being
that way from outward stimulation. A great
example he shows is being checkmated by life and
by your own doing. When you can no longer cope
with the world there is no alternative other
than to be delusional and create a world where
there is less pain and suffering to survive.
Our Western culture promotes
materialism, and because after the scientific
revolution, anything experienced by the mind is
thought of as irrelevant, anything experienced
that is not ordinary to the general population is
deemed as some form of insanity. Yet in other
schizophrenics or people that experience episodes
of insanity are considered
to be the holy ones like shamans, and sages.

Some people live an alternative lifestyle compared
to what is considered the norm, like many creative
people who are artists, astrologers, healers, and
musicians. Sometimes, they are labeled as insane,
maybe that’s a good thing. Being out of sane
seems to be the norm these days – robotic, uncreative,
and a zombie-like existence. On the other hand the alternative
lifestyle is a lifestyle diverse in respect to mainstream ones
generally perceived to be outside the cultural

Insane or out of sane
This group doesn’t believe what’s
in the news or the medical establishment are
saying. They read the labels on everything they
buy. They avoid the flu, and shingles
shot, they don’t drink soda and avoid eating at
Mickey-D, the Burger places, taco
trucks and all those chicken places. To the norm
this group of people are insane. Are the other out
of sane?

If you are insane and want more coaching on this

crazy lifestyle contact me ASAP.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dh

Can Qigong Improve your Life?

October 8th, 2016

My cousin sent me an e-mail yesterday and asked
what the benefits of Qi gong are for memory. She
wanted to know how Qi Gong specifically helps
improve memory.

First, let me tell you a little about my
experience of Qi Gong. I was living in Michigan in
the seventies and my dentist gave me a call. He
had a patient whose son was moving to the USA from
Mainland China. He needed some help, but he didn’t
speak a word of English. My dentist knew I was
into the martial arts, so he thought it would be a
good match to put us together. Sure enough, it
was. We became good friends and he taught me my
first form of Qi Gong, the Flying Crane Qigong
which led me on a path that lasted for more than
thirty years.

If you aren’t familiar with Qi Gong, I give you a
little background. Qi is a moving, ethereal energy
that includes material substance and potential
ability, and it has great feedback information.
The Gong in Qi Gong is the sense of practice. Qi
Gong can raise resistance to illness and aid the
development of a strong constitution. Qi Gong can
cure disease and prolong life by tapping the
potential energy and mobilizing it to maintain
life. Dr Wu's Qi Gong

Let’s get back to the original question: “Can Qi
Gong improve your memory?” When we practice Qi
Gong, we activate all of the meridians. A meridian
is like a river of energy traveling through the
entire body. There is one for each organ. If we
have an imbalance in our body, mind, or spirit,
whether mentally, emotionally, physically,
spiritually or psychologically, the energy (Qi) no
longer flows smoothly and we end up with a
Dis-Ease. It’s like taking a large boulder and
throwing it in to one of the rivers. When we
practice Qi Gong on a regular basis, we keep the
Qi flowing. What follows Qi is blood and oxygen
which, in turn, nourish the brain and,
consequently, our memory functions well. I highly
recommend practicing Qi Gong daily. It will keep
you flexible in body, mind, and spirit.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Start practicing Qi Gong twice daily if you
have the time. Within 30 days, you will see and
feel the difference.

Did You get the Flu Shot?

October 8th, 2016

Did you Get the Flu Shot?

As it had been stated before, all medical and
non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that
vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the
diseases they are supposed to prevent. But, they
also know and admit that there is no way
whatsoever to predict whether the case will be
mild or severe – even deadly. With this much
uncertainty in dealing with the very lives of
people, it is very unscientific and extremely
dangerous to use such a questionable procedure as
vaccination. Many vaccines also cause other
diseases besides the one for which they are given.
When several shots of different vaccines are given
within a few days or a few weeks apart, they often
trigger intensified cases of all the diseases at
once, because the body cannot handle such a large
amount of the virus being injected directly into
the bloodstream. At this time, our government is
trying to make it mandatory to vaccinate every
child that goes to school and anyone who takes
anything from the government. If you depend on the
State or Feds for your medicine, your food, or
even your social security, they plan to have you
vaccinated whether you like it or not. You are all
being worked on by the vaccine epidemic makers in
the effort to force another multi-million dollar
vaccine sale escapade. The medical and drug conmen
induced the appropriate government officials to
guarantee insurance against the possible billions
of dollars in lawsuits which could be brought
against the vaccine promoters if the vaccine
campaign is carried out as planned. The statement
of the flu vaccine promoters to the effect that
the vaccine is harmless is NOT TRUE, and the
statement that it will protect against flu is NOT
TRUE. I see patients all the time that took the
flu shot and then come into my office sick as dogs
asking for an alternative treatment. There is
disagreement among the doctors about all aspects
of the vaccine, from the safety and effectiveness
to the necessity for it, who should have it and
who should be warned against it.

The only way you get a disease is to develop it by
wrong eating, drinking, smoking, or doing some
other things which cause internal poisoning and
lowered vitality. All diseases are preventable and
most of them are curable with the right methods.
You can find out more about this information in a
book by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. Now, we
are about to re-enter the flu season and you will
notice every drugstore will be offering flu shots
at great prices, sometimes even for free. In
Florida, one of the big chain stores offer a
$40.00 gift certificate if you take the shot. One
thing that our current medical system doesn’t talk
about much is keeping your immune system strong.
There is no money in that for Big Pharma. We all
want to stay healthy, retain our youth and enjoy
the good life, but it doesn’t come free. You get
to pay either by working on your health or working
on your sickness.

The reason I developed the Recharging Qi Gong
program is to keep you younger, healthier and more
vibrant. It’s time to begin reversing your ageing
body, mind and spirit. It can be done and I can
tell you it works. Get your copy of the Recharging
Qi Gong Program today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I only have 12 more programs available at
this time until we reprint the book and switch all
the DVDs and CDs to downloads. Get yours today. Shot joke

Life is a metaphor in many respects

October 4th, 2016

Life is a metaphor in many respects

Every year I grow a garden except for the year that I had to move into a condo that was I really a challenge for a learning experience and me.
Now I am back in a house with a backyard where I have planted 2 gardens their 9- feet x 9- feet and set up in the same way the Magic Square is. I divided them up into 3-foot squares and in every square I have planted a different vegetable. . In the magic square there is a formula for life. Each square represents an aspect of your life. the number one position has to do with your career, the number two square has to do with duel cultivation. Things like, your relationships, your guru or teacher and the number three square has to do with your family. Every square has to do with some important of your mental , physical and spiritual life. Once you discover the magic of the Magic Square you can redirect your life the way you want it to be. No more hope, destiny or karma. You become the master of your own destiny. That doesn’t mean that things don’t happen, but they happen the way you direct things to happen.
What ever you think about the most is what you will manifest in your life.
Life is like a seed. It will never grow unless planted and nourished.
So my garden is a metaphor for my life.Life is a metaphor I first till the soil, then I make sure it has the right minerals, that the Ph is balanced. You can’t grow good food in an acid soil and you can’t have a helthy body in an acid system.
Then I plant the best organic seeds and give them proper water, sunlight and nourishment. Just like I do for my body. I guard my body and mind from harmful things and in the garden I pull out the weeds and use organic bug sprays to protect from unwanted invaders. If things are going well in your life most likely you are on a good path, but if you are in a place that you don’t want to be it’s high time you changed it. You are in charge that’s the good news and the bad news. Want a better life? You can have it. Get the Magic Square program and start it to day. If you need some help with it write me and we can go over the find details to make sure you are creating the kind of life you want.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS don’t hesitated get the program to day and I’ll be your coach

How To Be A World Citizen

September 30th, 2016

Being a world citizen comes with some

responsibilities and duties as a member of our

global community/world. The term “citizen” refers

to an identity between a person and a city, state

or nation, and their right to work, live and

participate politically in a particular geographic

area. When combined with the term “global”, it

typically defines a person who places their

identity with a “global community” above their

identity as a citizen of a particular nation or

place. The idea is that one’s identity transcends

geography or political borders and that

responsibilities or rights are or can be derived

from membership in a broader class: “humanity”.

This does not mean that such a person denounces or

waives their nationality or other, more local

identities, but such identities are given “second

place” to their membership in a global community.

Extended, the idea leads to questions about the

state of global society in the age

of globalization. The term “world citizenship” has

been used in education and political

philosophy and has enjoyed popular use in social

movements such as the World Citizen Movement and

the Mondialisation Movement.

Are you a global citizen? What did you do today to

make our planet a better place?

Do you pay attention to the amount of energy you

use? Do you conserve water and start eating less

meat? Do you buy local produce, stop using

disposable plastics and start composting? There is

something you can do every day to make this planet

a better place to live.

If you notice, someone is very talented in their

field, no matter if it’s science, art,

mathematics, singing or playing music, the world

accepts them as a world citizen. This should be

your goal to be the best of the best no matter

what you do and the world will recognize you.

For years, I have been practicing acupuncture and

Qi Gong, a great combination to keep myself

younger, happier and healthier. Isn’t it time you

reverse your ageing process? Join me and the

thousands of people who practice Qi Gong. The Qi

Gong Bundle is choked full of info. Download it

now. And stay young.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu DhiBeing a World Citizen

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