Avoid sickness before it gets you!

April 21st, 2014

Every day I see people with a host of dis-ease,
some of it’s from mental imbalances others suffer
from toxic overload and a bunch of them come into
the office with physical injuries. There is always
more to dis-ease than meets the eye.

Every –single- dis-ease has a multitude of
components to it and most doctors are only
addressing the physical and to tell you the truth
not very well and they very seldom tell you what
the side effects of the treatment will be.

If your doctor runs all the tests and does an
examination and finds nothing, they are more than
likely to refer you to a psychologist or a
psychiatrist and you will be put on medication
that is dangerous to your health and is very

Primary-care doctors can misdiagnose common
symptoms. In a study, 202 patients most commonly
complained about abdominal pain, fever, fatigue,
shortness of breath and rash. Incorrect diagnoses

Benign viral infection 17%
Musculoskeletal pain 10%
Asthma/Chronic obstructive pulmonary
disease 6%
Benign skin lesion 4%
Pneumonia 4%
Final and correct diagnoses for patients
misdiagnosed initially included:
Cancer 16%
Pulmonary embolism 6%
Coronary artery disease 5%
Aneurysm 8%
Appendicitis 6%

Source: University of Iowa; Journal of the
American Board of Family Medicine
“I felt like it was a miracle and I was spared
from this unnecessary treatment,” says Ms.
Henderson, who had lost a sister to cancer.
Second opinions are important for other diseases
as well. National Jewish Health, a Denver medical
center, found in a study that more than half of
patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease had previously been misdiagnosed
with asthma, leading to inappropriate treatme nts.

Cancer is on the rise in the United States and the
three traditional treatments are.
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation Therapy
• Surgery
These may be the only tools that the Medical
doctors have in their toolbox, but if you can
avoid the cut, burn and poison treatments you may
be better off. There are way too many misdiagnoses
these days and treatments are given according to
what they find. No matter if it’s accurate or
not. The recovery from the treatments is a long
hard road and could be worse than the disease
I would suggest having a Computer Regulation
Thermography (CRT) test to find out where the
imbalances are in your body first. It will give
you information that can save your life. The teeth
are checked and most western doctors don’t even
think about teeth, next the glands, breasts, and
organs are checked. If there is a blockage, it
will show up on the computer and then we can
explor e the different options for treatment.
It could be a combination of both western and
alternative medicine but at least you will know
what needs to be treated.
The test will let you know what has to be changed
in your lifestyle, diet, exercise or you may
benefit from acupuncture, Medical Qi Gong, herbal
medicine or homeopathic treatments.
The CRT will be a good way to find out what’s
going on from a different prospective.

Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT) is
a?safe, radiati on-free, non-invasive,
painless and cost-effective, and the whole
body scan method for discovering hidden
dysfunctions and infections and?monitoring
treatment progress. It can see problems
before they manifest into a palpable mass,
or, into health problems that may
be irreversible.

Dr. Carola Cuenca from Santa Cruz, California
who?specializes in CRT and natural low dose
medications?will be doing the testing in my
office. All?testing has to be done in the
morning hours when?the body is still cool;
this only allows us to?test 3 people a day.
I highly recommend taking this opportunity
to evaluate your immune system?and to keep
you healthy.
To schedule an appointment for your CRT
exam,please call my office at

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth
and Happiness
Dr. Wu Dhi

The Biggest Brain Suck of All

April 18th, 2014

Every day we become aware of a new thing, which is
the nature of an inquisitive mind. The problem
lies in what we are exposed to, truths or lies.
The process of learning or of acquiring new
awareness is favored by true information. But
watch out for the mass media, for the most part it
is a numbing agent for your brain.

TV is a brain suck, the newspapers are the same,
the radio news and most of the movies are just
huge agencies to put you in trance and suck away
your life, Qi, money and freedom. When was the
last time that you thought you were lacking in
pharmaceutical drugs, need to eat a cheap
hamburger or get a new toothpaste filled with
fluoride that will make your teeth whiter as it
grinds off the enamel off your teeth?

Do you really care where that airplane disappeared
to, or who killed who in Ukraine? We are being
programmed, hoodwinked and having the wool pulled
over our eyes daily by the media.

Hell yes we are!
Why do you suppose this is happening? Lies, lies
and more lies by the government from Obama to
local officials. A high-ranking police officer
just got busted for running a cocaine operation in
Miami and our politicians are more interested in
getting re-elected than making your life or mine
any better.

Do you remember Buckminster Fuller? He was an
American architect, systems theorist, author,
designer, inventor, and futurist.
Bucky is the one who coined the term “Spaceship

We are on this ship soaring through the universe
and yet we have nobody navigating the ship. It’s
high time that we wake up and realize we are all
in it together. The reason I stress the importance
of meditation, Qi Gong and internal exercises is
to broaden our awareness, to slow down and respect
each other.

It’s high time that we make some big changes, our
medicine should have very minimum side effects,
and it should be working mainly in diagnostic and
preventive area. Not to fight disease but to heal
the body, mind and spirit. The prevention of
disease should be the main focus.

There is not a day that I don’t steer my own ship
and take responsibility for my own destiny. I
train my body, mind and influence my spirit. Open
your eyes, prepare yourself, so that your actions
will do no harm, make each day your masterpiece,
choose to be happy, be generous and love each

Get on a good program like the Recharging Qi Gong,
exercises and do it every day for 30 days, no
misses. 30 days in a row. This will start the
transformation and you will be the master of your
own destiny, the captain of your own ship.

Don’t just float around in space, get on the
program today!


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi.


On July 25th 26th and 27th Professor Jerry Alan
Johnson will be in Miami for a 1 day workshop on
Medical Qi Gong and a two day intensive workshop
on Daoist mysticism.images

How attitude can change your Life

April 18th, 2014


For the last 7 months I have been working with four

different cancer patients, all addressing the 
disease from a different prospective.

Patient #1
Lives 1,500 miles away and has rectal cancer.

Patient #2 
Lives in Miami and has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Patient #3 
Cervical cancer

Patient #4 
Colon cancer

All of them have had traditional treatments, 2
have had surgery and all of them have gone through
chemo and radiation. For sure cancer is on the
rise. With more mental stress, toxins in the air,
water and the exposure to toxic chemicals– no
wonder it’s devastating the population.

My first patients’ treatments are of acupuncture
and Medical Qi Gong – 3 days a week all through
her chemo treatments and never had any surgery.
She kept her system as alkaline as possible, ate a
very cl ean diet; no meat, fish or chicken. Most
importantly she had a great attitude and was
grateful for her treatments, to everyone who
visited or called, the doctors and everyone she
came in contact with. Her main meditation practice
was thankfulness, gratefulness and loving
kindness. Whenever I came to see her there was
always soothing music and NO TV.

The second patient received long-distance healing
from me and went through the standard western
protocol for cancer. He never complained no matter
how much pain and discomfort he was having. He
also practiced gratitude, thankfulness and loving
kindness and although they say the cancer is gone
he hasn’t recovered as yet. The surgeries took the
biggest toll on his system and so did the
chemicals. The radiation has affected his other
organs and has caused the most damage.

My third patient went through multiple surgeries,
chemo and radiation and although she started out
with a good attitude, as time went on the
negativity and the bitterness showed its ugly 
head. She was complaining about her doctors, the
nurses and the way she has been disrespected. The
poor me attitude surfaced and her health is going
down the tubes quickly. She was also getting
alternative treatments once every 2 or three weeks
and always wants to share her war stories on how
this or that doctor isn’t giving her what she
needs. This is the worst scenario and the most

The last patient has been getting alternative 
treatments regularly, eats a strict vegan diet,
detoxed his body, practices gratefulness for his 
life and everyone who is in it. Over the last 6
months he has had no pain, no discomfort, and no 
adverse effects from the cancer. He is not clear
 of the cancer by a long shot in fact they say it’s
 growing. He hasn’t noticed anything except weight 
loss but continues to follow a strict diet and
 alternative treatment program. Now, his doctors 
are suggesting chemotherapy that he is starting
this week. Although he is a little reluctant to
 move into traditional medicine they say it may 
keep him alive a little longer. Today he asked his doctor this,” If I were your father what would you advise me to do?’ His doctor advised to keep doing what he is doing and wait to see what happens.

It’s a Tough call.

From my observation, attitude is the key in going 
through a disease process. Surgery is one of the
 worst options and I’ll tell you why.

  • First of all, your body doesn’t know if a skilled 
surgeon or a hoodlum on the street has cut you,
the body just knows it’s been cut and has to 
divert energy into healing the wound.


  • Second when you get cut, most likely it disturbs  the meridian line and it interferes with the normal
 flow of Qi causing more underline problems in the

I am not saying all surgery is bad, but if you can 
avoid it without endangering your well-being, you 
are better off. The anesthetizing will lower your 
immune system as well. Medicine should be about
 boosting your immune  system, not killing the
disease but it’s not. That’s why it is so very 
important to do whatever you can to keep your 
immune system strong.

Eat more fruit and veggies, practice loving 
kindness, thankfulness, and gratitude. Don’t hold 
on to things, practice forgiveness, stay hydrated
and if you want to live a long healthy life, learn
 the Internal exercises like the Recharging Qi Gong 
exercises. It will build your immune system, keep
 you flexible and you will be able to handle stress
 much easier.

A 30-day practice will change your life forever.


I’ll send it to you today!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi




The Lunar Eclipse will change your life

April 14th, 2014

The 15th of April seems to have much more going on
than just taxes in the USA.

April 15, 2104 will be a Total Lunar Eclipse
visible over east Australia, the Pacific, North
and South America.

The Lunar Eclipse emphasizes the completion of
something. It will be in the 7 house of
partnerships. This will affect partners in both
business and personal.

Get ready! Change is on the way or reorientation.
As an eclipse affects the three bodies: the sun,
moon and earth, it is bound to affect us mentally,
physically and spiritually.

On the material plane this could seem like one
wins and the other loses out. Looking at the
forces of energy from a bigger view there always
has to be one door shutting before you can open
another one.

Something must end to open up to the next
experience. For years I trained in martial arts,
lifted weights and ran, now I practice the healing
arts, do internal exercises, focus on anti-aging
and longevity techniques.

I had to let one door close to open the other.
The Lunar Eclipse deficiency is a very powerful
full moon. Eclipses are meant to bring change to
your life, teach you what you need to learn and
make you grow. You may discover alternative ways
to make your life better and open up to new
possibilities. Flexibility is the key word, even
though an oak tree is strong, its rigid, it can
break in the storm and yet the bamboo will just
sway in the wind.
Be flexible and open, emotions can flair up and
health issues can be in the forefront. This is the
time to be centered, grounded, focused and most of
all flexible.

I spend a lot of time training and I have been
keeping up with my practice for years. It keeps me
centered, grounded, focused and flexible.

The Flying Crane Qigong will do the same for you
all it takes is to start. I guarantee it!


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s workshop is filling up quickly

if you are thinking of attending contact me ASAP drwudhi@gmail.com


How to open the Chakras and Meridians within weeks

April 13th, 2014

images-1At least a few times a week I receive letters from
students and patients letting me know how they are
doing with their practice and the treatments they
received. Mary Ann wrote this morning and I am
very grateful that people from all over the world
are receiving the benefits of the programs,
classes and treatments that I am able to share
with them.

Here is what Mary Ann said:

“I received my copy of the Flying Crane Qi Gong
yesterday and intend to play it all day.

The Flying Crane Qi Gong is wonderful! I do it 2
times a day. I also do your Qi Gong meditation
each afternoon and I do the Spiritual Digestion
breathing each evening.

I’m starting to feel real good. I can’t believe
it! The depression is
Lifting and I have more energy. I think my shallow
breathing habits had
taken their toll. All of this practice gets the
circulation going and is
countering the “bad” vibrations that are being
given off by the organs not
receiving sufficient nourishment from the blood,
if that makes any sense. I
have ways to go yet. Anyway, I’m better.
Many Thanks.”

I wish I could share all the letters like this
with you but if I did that’s all you would get
since they come in daily. I want to thank all of
you for your feedback and as one of the old
culture heroes once said at the end of his variety
show, with a drink in hand “Keep those cards and
letters coming in.”
-Dean Martin

I want to share my personal experience of
practicing the Flying Crane Qi Gong.
I started practicing yoga when I was 16 years old.
I learned it from my mother in-law, Beverley. She
is gone now. Here is how it happened; I met her
daughter in High school, I was 16 and Lynne was
14. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was so
beautiful and my first girl friend. We really
liked each other and puppy love was so exciting. I
borrowed my dad’s car and drove over to see her
and meet the family. I asked her mother if I could
take Lynne out on a date.

The answer was NO! You can’t…

In fact I can still remember her words, “If you
think I am going to let my 14 year old daughter
get in a car with a 16 year old boy, you are out
of your mind. No way Jose!”
This was not the answer I was looking for.
This was really disappointing to both of us, “but
ya just can’t stop love!” My girl friend told me
that every Wednesday night her mother had a yoga
instructor come to the house to teach yoga to
everyone. If the entire family didn’t show up for
the classes, there was hell to pay.

Lynne asked me if I wanted to join the class. This
really seemed like a great opportunity to sit next
to her and I told her I love yoga. To tell you the
truth, I didn’t have a clue what it was, but as a
teenage boy I had alternative motives and was
there for class every week.

In fact, I came over early to bring flowers as
offering for the class. Just sitting next to my
girlfriend for an hour or so was sooo exciting and
the exercise was OK too.

After a few months of classes, her mother let us
go out for an hour to pick up dessert for the
family and we took full advantage of that hour and
even came home with the desserts.

As time went on I began to be accepted by Mom and
looked forward to those yoga classes and those
delicious and exciting dessert runs.

I eventually married that girl and kept practicing
Hatha and Kundalini yoga for the next 17 years; it
was really a transformational and growing time in
my upbringing.

By the time I was 33 I had a strong spiritual
background. I was renamed “Yoga Singh” by Yoga
Bhajan the founder of the 3HO foundation who,
started Kundalini yoga in the USA. I then went on
to run the Ashram for “Ma Yoga Shakti “ in
Telluride, Colorado.

Eventually I separated from my childhood
sweetheart and began a 33-year study and practice
of Tibetan Buddhism and Taoist magic practices.

That’s when I was turned on to Qi Gong and after
practicing for just a few weeks, my hand chakras
opened up and I could feel the energy coursing
through my meridians and chakras. Unbelievable! I
have been practicing yoga for years and as soon as
I started working with Qi everything fell into
place like tumbling dominos.

Don’t think for another minute, should I start
practicing Flying Crane Qi Gong?

Of course you should! It will open up new
possibilities in your body, mind and spirit.

Get started now


I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


I will be bring Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson to Florida
in late July for a 3 day workshop in Taoist Magic
and Medical Qi Gong.
Stay tuned for more info and exact dates.

Can Buddha take you on the wrong path?

April 11th, 2014

The Bodhi Fest came to Miami and I wasn’t going to
miss it! I heard there is a 7-foot Buddha carved
out of gemstone quality jade that I want to see
and spend some time there doing my meditation
practices. Jade is considered the Gem of heaven
and is a symbolic link between humankind and
spiritual. The mineral is associated with
longevity, beauty, wealth and love.

In China, jade has traditionally been held in
near-mystical reverence and demands a very high
price. The massive boulder of jade was discovered
in the arctic circle of Canada in the year 2000.
Over the next 5 years artists and professional
carvers worked on a 7-foot awesome jade to carve
the Dark Green Jade into a Buddha and it’s in

The day was filled with surprises and unexpected
events. I took off early for the Morikami museum
in Boca Raton. It’s about an hour from my house.
It was a beautiful day and a lovely ride, it’s
always nice to get out of town and take a short
road trip. The Morikami Museum and Japanese
Gardens is a center for Japanese arts and culture
and has a series of six different gardens,
waterfalls and Japanese art works, all inspired by
a different historical period and style of
Japanese gardening .

Well guess what? The Jade Buddha wasn’t there. I
assumed it was but it turns out that it was at the
Japanese center about 20 minutes from my house.

You have to be flexible and read the instructions
to get where you want to go. I did spend a few
hours at the museum in Boca practicing and
meditating, as long as I was there. It’s really a
beautiful place and that’s where I shot the DVD on
Flying Crane Qi Gong.


After a nice lunch and some green tea at the
Moeikami I left and drove to the second Japanese
center, this time I made it to the right place.

There were monks chanting prayers and hymns as
well as tribute songs for universal peace and the
sand Mandela by Tibetan Monks.
The Chinese Lion Dance, Tibetan Snow Lion Dance,
Thai, Vietnamese, Philippine and Indian Persian
Folk Dance, Tibetan Monks Cultural Dance, Arts and
Crafts, Organic Food, Plants and Exotic cuisine, a
Dragon Boat Display, performances by Japanese
Taiko drummers, Yoga and martial arts
demonstrations. This was really a lot of fun and a
gathering of the spiritual community.

The purpose of exhibiting- the Jade Buddha is to
take a moment to reflect upon Peace; Peace for the
Universe; Peace in Personal Relationships; Peace
for Families and Friends; Peace at Work; and most
importantly Peace in one’s own heart and mind.

As I said, making the connection to the jade stone
is a link between Humanity and Spirituality. Jade
is believed to have great medicinal properties for
the kidneys, which aids in blood detoxification,
and works with the heart and nervous system. These
healing properties have kept Jade on a different
level among all the gemstones.

When we make a mistake, make the wrong choice or
go to the wrong place don’t fret! There is always
an opportunity for your growth. I spent the entire
day in meditation and my focus was personal
growth. I practiced the Flying Crane Qi Gong at
the Morikmi museum and opened up even more when I
was with the Jade Buddha. My day was all about

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


If you haven’t learned the Flying Crane Qi Gong as
yet, what are you waiting for?
Get on the program–you will be glad you did!

Dr. Wu DhiIMG_6581

The Future of the brain is here

April 7th, 2014

imagesIn our near future science will be able to
download programs into your brain, just like they
did in the movie ‘The Matrix”
That’s very cool!
Developing the brain is definitely part of
longevity and anti- aging work. Looking at the
work of Japanese born scientist Michi Kaku, you
would think it’s a sci-fi movie but it reality in
his bestselling book “The Future of the Mind”

Kaku open up new possibilities for the future of
our brain as well as his research on The
Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and
Empower the Mind.

In his interview he mentioned Pantheism and I had
to look up the meaning of the word.

“Pantheism is the belief that the universe or
nature as the totality of everything is equal to
divinity or that everything composes an

If you didn’t know what Pantheism philosophy is
all about, you’re not alone, neither did I. It is
derived from the Greek roots pan (meaning “all”)
and theos (meaning “God”).
Pantheism is the view that the Universe with all
its divine extensions, planets, suns, galaxies,
thrones and creatures is what people and religions
call “God”

Chinese Taoism believes pantheism is comparable
with the Tao, it is always spoken of with profound
religious reverence and respect.

The Tao Te Ching never speaks of a transcendent
God, but of a mysterious and numinous ground of
being underlying all things.

“Heaven and I were created together, and all
things and I are one.”
The Tao is: the ant, the grass, the clay tile,
even in excrement: “There is nowhere where it is
not… There is not a single thing without Tao.”

When we train in Qi Gong, we align ourselves with
the universal energy, we become one with the flow
of Qi and heal our body, mind and spirit and our
universe opens up to life itself.
This is a good formula to follow in order to open
up your mind and body to new possibilities.

Start out by doing the Flying Crane Qi Gong for 30
days in a row.


If you miss a day start over until you have
disciplined your body/mind to finish the 30 days
in a row. The first time I did the 30-day program
it took me 4 months before I could do the 30 days
in a row.

One time I did 28 days and fell asleep early one
night and missed my practice. Although I was close
and I hemmed and hawed over it for a few days, I
got right back to it and I started again and
finished the 30 days in a row, no missed days no
excuses. It’s challenging and will produce a ton
of growth.

When you complete your 30 days in a row, contact
me and I’ll share the next step on the path with
Here is an interesting video I saw that corresponds to what I am saying to you:




I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

If you don’t have a copy of the Flying Crane Qi
Gong Program,
Order it Now!

I’ll send it out today!


The quickest way to Health

April 4th, 2014

UnknownI was brought up in Detroit, Michigan and around
this time of the year it was my job to turn over
the soil to get the garden ready to plant. As a
teenager, this wasn’t my favorite job and just
because the calendar said it was spring time it
sure didn’t bring warm weather. It was still cold
in Michigan, usually in the 50’s and maybe if we
were lucky in the 60’s. This year in Michigan it’s
been a lot different.

My oldest son still lives there, he called last
night and said, “Dad you would think that I am
living in the Arctic Circle or the North Pole, the
temperature went down to 11 degrees last night and
it’s already April.”

They had a tough winter and it’s still going on
and on and on.
I still grow a vegetable garden every year in
Florida. It’s one of the tricks I do to relax and
keep myself grounded. But it takes some

Before you just go throw some seeds in the
ground and think you are going to get that organic
salad you have to get the soil ready. It needs to
have the proper nutrition and the pH needs to be
balanced. If the soil is too acidic, you’re not
going to have very good, tasty and healthy

It’s the same with your body:
If your diet consists of acid-forming foods; your
internal garden isn’t going to produce good
You can easily measure your pH from saliva and
urine using litmus paper. These two factors will
provide some indication of your biological

How to test your pH
Your pH can be measured using a simple at-home
test that measures the acidity of your urine.
Use the first urine of the day, that’s the best.
The pH paper I suggest measures pH from 5.7 to 8.0

This paper measures the acid-alkaline state of any
liquid. Readings at the low end of the scale
indicate an acidic state, and those on the higher
end a more alkaline state.

1.First thing in the morning, tear off an inch
of paper from the roll.
a.Testing with urine: on the paper or collect
urine in a cup and dip the paper into the urine in
the cup.
2. When the test paper is moistened, it will take
on a color. The color relates to the acid or
alkaline state of your body.
3.The ideal urine reading should be between 6.5 to

If you can’t find the test paper I have it in my
office, call Nelly and she can take your order
305-407-0120. It’s $22.00 and that includes
shipping in the USA or go to my PayPal account:
Drwudhi and let me know how many you want and I’ll
send them out.

If your pH is too acidic you can, increase your
intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.
Your pH should start to balance and you will be
more alkaline soon. Be patient and determined.
Remember, your pH indicates your reserve of
alkaline minerals. It can take time to build up
these reserves.

“Over-acidification” is a root cause of disease.
It makes no difference what type of medicine you
do it can be allopathic, homeopathic, herbal, in a
balanced acid-base state the remedy will work more
effectively, and your body will function more
efficiently once you are alkaline.

The main elements that cause acid is your diet and
lifestyle. Too much protein, stress, smoking,
emotional imbalance s and the lack of fruits,
vegetables can make you acidic.
Foods like meat, fast foods, dairy, drugs and
coffee make the body acid, stay away from them.
Stress and poor lifestyle choices, like lack of
sleep will cause acidity and drugs are even more
acidic than protein.

At night, the blood transports these stored acids
to the liver and kidney for processing and
elimination. Hopefully your elimination organs
are in tip-top shape to pull toxins out. The urine
should be acidic first t hing in the morning, but
the rest of the day it should be alkaline.

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Biological Terrain may
be a false feeling of well-being. You might
believe you’re healthy with no symptoms at all.
However, over time as acidification increases, you
will become irritable, tired, experience greater
difficulty sleeping complain of aches and pains
and have a poor appetite. These are just some of
the warning signs of acid accumulating. But there
is more to it than that you may experience other
symptoms like:

•Gallbladder pains,
•Frequent headaches
•Shortness of breath
•Neck pain
•Enlarged tonsils
•Bad breath
•Wet clammy hands
•Pale skin
•Skin rashes

Some of my women patients who are acidic look pale
as if they just saw a ghost and have scant, heavy
or irregular periods and show premature signs of
aging, and the tanning booths and Botox ain’t gona
fix that.

Once you have a balanced terrain, you will notice
your symptoms disappearing and you will feel good
again and have a lot more energy.

Change your eating habits for 90 days and you will
notice a huge difference in your health. Eat more
organic fruits and vegetables, reducing the
consumption of protein and processed foods, No
lunch meat!

Decrease stress in your life and be cautious about
the use of all prescriptive drugs (Look at what
the side effects are) you can maintain a balanced
biological terrain and feel great.

Pick up my Turn Stress into Power program


to help you handle your stress and get on the mend
with the Recharging Qigong exercise program.


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


Who the Heck wants to be an Emotional Wreck?

April 3rd, 2014
Liz has been an emotional wreck for the past few years
She’s an excessive compulsive bundle of nerves
and seems to be angry with everyone she meetings.
Liz was hoping that her perfectionist,excessive compulsive
behavior would resolve all her problems,
but it seems like she has just burrowed herself into a deeper
hole and this really made her angrier and more emotional then ever.When our emotions are imbalanced they change the way the energy
(Qi) flows in our meridians.
Our Emotions impact how Qi moves in our organs,
and a strong emotional behavior can alter the Qi and the relationship
of the five elements in your energy, spirit and your mind.
This can shorten your life.

If you are experiencing anger, it will impact your liver and
effect your temperament. The Liver can overreacts on the Earth
element and causes the Spleen to experience the emotion of worry.
This will drain your brain, causing the Qi to be stagnant.
Once you realize that emotions cause the Qi to move or stagnate
you can start to make some changes in your life style and health.
To create balance in the organs and control the emotions you
can study Qi Gong, meditation, and pay close attention to your
diet and nutrition, avoid drugs and get treatments of
acupuncture and Medical Qi Gong
I have found that when a person is in tune to energy
and their physical body Medical Qi Gong is the
preferred treatment to address any imbalances of organs or
the deep seeded emotions.

One of the increasable techniques used in Medical Qi gong
is vibrational sound. For example the liver sound is
Sheeee when vocalized properly this will break up blocked
energy stagnation in the organs, release emotions
and prevent the constitutional imbalance.
Medical Qi Gong will assist in keeping the energy of
Yin and Yang in proper balance.
Clearing excess heat in the liver, cool the body down and
release the potency of the explosive emotion of Anger.
We all want to be balanced mentally physically and spiritually,
who wouldn’t want to be?
You can achieve balance but it takes practice and education.
Just imagine for a moment that you could feel good and be in
perfect balance in just a few weeks without much effort or money.

Sounds good doesn’t it. Well what are you waiting for?
Disease, illness and old age will hit you sooner or later.
Take charge of your health and get the Recharging Qi Gong program
Balance your life and have many years of boundless energy, better sex
and good health.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Are you a Doer or a watcher? Doers Do!
watchers watch life slip away.

Get your program today and Start Training

Dr. Wu Dhi

Building Inner Strength

April 1st, 2014

I left work late on Friday, came home, jumped in the shower,
changed my cloths and got ready to meet a friend for dinner.
There’s a cute little restaurant that I like not to far from my
house, they have some really taste treats that I knew we enjoy.
It was a beautiful night with a warm spring breezes blowing
from the east.
We decided to sit outside and appreciate the view,
the people walking by and the meal.
My friend just arrived to Florida from the cold north
and was delighted to sit outside and the suck up the
Miami Beach energy, this is the best time of the year
to be in Miami, there is a lot to see and do.
The next morning she woke up with a cough, the chills
and an aching body.
She was hit with what we refer to in Chinese medicine as a
‘wind invasion’

It didn’t take more than ½ hour sitting in the wind before
it happened and later that evening;
the wind was ‘stuck’ in her body.
First there was a general discomfort beneath the skin,
on the tops of her legs, and a general feeling of uneasiness,
and an aching back.

All these symptoms were due to the wind having penetrated
her ‘defenses’, the Wei Qi, that’s the ‘energy field’
that flows just beneath our skin and protects us from
this sort of ‘invasion’.
When an invasion like this takes hold, it will develop
into a ‘common cold’ every rapidly.

You may be asking yourself, does the ‘wind’ literally
penetratethe body and remain there?
The energy of the wind stimulates the energy beneath our skin
and this excitation is transferred to the part of our energy
that lies just beneath the skin.
The ‘agitation’ in the energy beneath the skin causes
the aching in the back, the uncomfortable feeling on the tops
of the legs and the general feeling of discomfort and discomfort.

The usual cure in this situation is to ‘release the exterior’
to let the pathogen out.
There are various ways that you can do this.
Acupuncture works very well, or jump in a hot bath for
around twenty minutes with Epson salts,
make it hot enough to induce a sweat.

I didn’t experience the same problem,
even though I was exposed to a cold wind as well.
I have a strong Wei Qi and the wind couldn’t penetrate
through me body’s defensive.
I am sure it’s because I train everyday doing the
Recharging Qi Gong.


Once you get on the program and start practicing you will
strengthen your Wei Qi Field and avoid most of those sickness.

I wish you the best in your Health. Wealth and happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS wind invasion is a common problem that will cause
a multitude of health problems.
Keep your Wei Qi strong and you can avoid most
of the colds, flu’s and neck pain.
Train daily and build a body of steel.
Start the program today



Dr. Wu Dhi




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Dr. Wu Dhi was born Sherwood Swartz but mostly
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and titles over the years as is appropriate in those
schools. Among these names was Wu Di, very similar
to the pronunciation of Woody, in China the name
means ‘has no enemies’. Wu Di was later renamed by
a Tibetan Lama to Wu Dhi with an ‘h’. Although this
may not seem like that much of a change from Wu Di
or even Woody for that matter, it is in fact a high
honor to receive such a name directly from a Lama.
Dhi in this case is the Sanskrit seed syllable ‘Dhi’ and
associated with the great wisdom holder Manjurshri.

Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health
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Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in
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