How To Be A World Citizen

September 30th, 2016

Being a world citizen comes with some

responsibilities and duties as a member of our

global community/world. The term “citizen” refers

to an identity between a person and a city, state

or nation, and their right to work, live and

participate politically in a particular geographic

area. When combined with the term “global”, it

typically defines a person who places their

identity with a “global community” above their

identity as a citizen of a particular nation or

place. The idea is that one’s identity transcends

geography or political borders and that

responsibilities or rights are or can be derived

from membership in a broader class: “humanity”.

This does not mean that such a person denounces or

waives their nationality or other, more local

identities, but such identities are given “second

place” to their membership in a global community.

Extended, the idea leads to questions about the

state of global society in the age

of globalization. The term “world citizenship” has

been used in education and political

philosophy and has enjoyed popular use in social

movements such as the World Citizen Movement and

the Mondialisation Movement.

Are you a global citizen? What did you do today to

make our planet a better place?

Do you pay attention to the amount of energy you

use? Do you conserve water and start eating less

meat? Do you buy local produce, stop using

disposable plastics and start composting? There is

something you can do every day to make this planet

a better place to live.

If you notice, someone is very talented in their

field, no matter if it’s science, art,

mathematics, singing or playing music, the world

accepts them as a world citizen. This should be

your goal to be the best of the best no matter

what you do and the world will recognize you.

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Dr. Wu DhiBeing a World Citizen

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