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Is a Spiritual Hitchhiker Draining Your Energy?

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Josh called the clinic and asked if he could
specifically speak with me. For the most part, I
let the front desk person take all of my calls and
I”ll call back at the end of the day. The
secretary said,”Doctor, it’s an emergency and he
needs to talk to you ASAP.” When I picked up the
phone, this guy was dead serious about what was
happening to him. Josh told me that he has been
working for one of our government agencies and
travels all over the world. He wouldn’t tell me
what branch of the government or what he did.
Although I wanted to ask, I refrained. When he
returned to Miami, he knew something was wrong. He
said he saw a battery of traditional medical
doctors, and they didn’t find a thing. There’s
something there that is disturbing my energy and
my sleep, and medicine isn’t going to do a thing
for me. He knew it because this happened to him
one time before when he came back from the Desert
Storm in 1991. It sounded to me that he picked up
a spiritual hitchhiker on his last trip. A
spiritual hitchhiker is a spirit who was in a
human body not too long ago, and has decided to
look for a new home.  I think Josh was the pick
of the week. They’ve chosen to find what could be
considered an easier solution to their problem
rather than taking on a new body for themselves,
they jump into an existing body, which is already
occupied. It’s like having an unwanted guest in
your house…or an unwanted hitchhiker in your
car. Sounds a bit weird, but these things happen.
There are many spirits that we denied their
existence, but they still are here in reality,
whether we believe it or not.

An accepted reality in Medical Qi Gong therapy is
the body’s relationship to both the physical and
the spiritual worlds. Sometimes, they cross. One
can be a target and an easy host if you are in an
extremely stressful situation, taking drugs,
overly drinking spirits, or even on a trauma,
especially if it is life-threatening. I see
patients with these kinds of problems all the
time. You would imagine this is sci-fi stuff, but
it really happens many more times than you would

How can you protect yourself from having a
hitchhiker jump on your back and suck your energy
away? First, you need to be practicing things to
keep your energy-body strong and vibrant. If you
are wondering what exactly that means, write me at and let me know how I can help
you. I’ll steer you in to the right direction and
make the teaching available to increase your

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Some years ago, I had a similar situation
happen to me. I contacted my teacher and he agreed
to let me study with him until I cleared up theHitchhiker
mess I got into. You can always get out of a jam
if you know the right place to go to.

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Are You Open or Closed?

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Are you open or closed?

That’s a good question.

You may believe you are open, but are you really

open? If we look at the different ways of being a

closed system, it would include a cause and effect

model – a need to always be correct, change would

be a threat, political hierarchy and the power of

guns and force would be your norm. When we start

to move from a closed system to the opening, we

start to change; instead of identity as position,

we open to identity as process. Instead of cause

and affect, an aggregate of conditions starts to

manifest, and the gun and control power opens up

to an organic power.

The closed system is actually a lie.

If you are closed, you want to control

everything and everyone. When opening, we change

to live life to its fullest. In an open system, we

become more evolved and involved in life and more

aware of life. When you are really open, the cause

and effect model transforms and evolves into

something exciting and brand new. A miraculous

display of appearances changes and transforms to

pure energy. Your life opens up and you start to

live a life of miraculous flow and thrill.

Where are you right now – closed, opening, or

open? Choose to be OPEN. Get involved in life.

Learn all you can learn about your health. Eat

organic. Learn the internal exercises. Stay and

choose to be happy.

I have been doing this kind of work for over

thirty years and have been able to keep my body,

mind, and spirit twenty years younger than people

my age. Yes, I have slowed down the aging process

and I can do the same for you. Get involved! There

are many options: you can read my blogs

(, watch my YouTube

channel (, join the Qi

Gong Inner Circle (,

join my coaching program and work with me



There are many options available; just get

involved, and I’Open or Closed?ll do all I can to get things

moving better for all of us.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are you on the Path or Lost in the Woods

Monday, November 16th, 2015

The most esoteric of all the Buddhist teachings
come from the Bon tradition, which is also the
oldest. Last night, I had the honor to listen to
Lama Khemsar Rinpoche speaking on karmic
defilements. You may be wondering what is karma
defilement, anyway? I didn’t know exactly what
defilement was either until I heard the Lama

Years ago, the “Lama on the Mountain” spoke about
them as klesha. Kleshas in Buddhism are mental
states that cloud the mind and manifest in
unwholesome actions. Kleshas include states of
mind, such as anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy,
desire, depression, etc. The three kleshas of
ignorance, attachment, and aversion are identified
as the root or source of all other kleshas, and
are referred to as “The Three Poisons”. They cause
one to wander repeatedly and hinder one from
attaining enlightenment. IMG_2364. He spoke of confession, but not
the type of confession that you receive from your
priest. A heartfelt confession that you do to and
with yourself, and never engage in the activity
again. This sent a hot, flaming dagger directly
into my heart. How many times have we said, “I’d
never do this or that again”, and repeated the
pattern over and over again? These habits or
patterns get engraved into our system, and
breaking free is a task worth more than we will
ever know. I have spent half of my life trying to
free myself of these poisons and, yet, they keep
creeping up like unwanted weeds in the garden. But
let me tell you this. I will never stop practicing
and training to weed out the bad, and work for my
growth. That’s why, I teach, practice, and will
always encourage you to work towards your
awareness, growth, health, and enlightenment.

If you are seriously on the path, consider joining
me and the people who have joined my private
coaching program.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Who is Enslaving You

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Who is Enslaving You?

We all want to be free and not enslaved by our
job, family, government, or the dogma of the
church. How do we gain our freedom and keep it?
Every day, we are being programmed by
advertisements, TV, and unjust laws to keep us
unconscious and asleep. For the most part, we are
numb to what’s really going on.

Spiritual freedom is more than just religious
freedom. Freedom of religion or freedom of belief
is “a principle that supports the freedom of an
individual or community, in public or private, to
manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice,
worship, and observance; the concept is generally
recognized also to include the freedom to change
religion or not to follow any religion. In a
country with a state religion, freedom of religion
is generally considered to mean that the
government permits religious practices of other
sects besides the state religion, and does not
persecute believers in other faiths.”

On the other hand, s

Who enslaving you

Who enslaving you

It is the awakening
of your awareness to transcend all limitations in
your life. Spiritual freedom starts with the act
of surrender and a deep commitment to the divine
presence within. You choose to be more aware,
awake, creative, happy, free, joyful, growing,
loving, kind, and to be open to the unknown.
Spiritual freedom is real freedom no matter what
happens in life. If you are spiritually free, you
are free from any man-made incarceration or
slavery. You are free from the addiction and the
attraction to things, free from being identified
with any position or condition.

How do we get free? How do we gain spiritual
freedom? It comes with the practice of meditation
and internal awareness. Some years ago, I had an
audience with His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse
Rinpoche, a Vajrayana master, scholar, poet,
teacher, and head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan
Buddhism. I asked him what practice should I be
doing, and he told me to practice “Oṃ ma
ṇi pad me hūṃ”, a mantra to free
myself. It is a six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra,
particularly associated with the four-armed
Shadakshari form of Avalokiteshvara, the
Bodhisattva of compassion. When said properly, it
will free you from worry, struggle, and blame, or
“The Three Poisons”.

I have put together a program for my students to
give them the teachings and the power of the
mantra. You will be amazed how much you will get
out of these teachings. Click on the link and
learn more.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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Are Fears & Stress Killing You?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

In the Chinese medicine, there is an emotional
quality to each and every organ in the body. I
have found that most of the patients I see who
have pain in their lower back and their knees have
a restriction or blockage in the kidney meridian.
The emotion that the kidneys hold is FEAR. FEAR is
capable of causing one to misinterpret danger and
draw unrealistic situations into the body and
mind. This can cause a person to believe that
something negative is about to happen to them and
it usually does.

I had a good friend who employed a small staff
that ran his medical office. One of the women who
works there had so much fear in her body that she
keeps bringing tragedy after tragedy into her
life. She continued to make choices and decisions
that restrict her rather than nurture her.

Let us consider what fear is for a moment. Fears
can be real; for instance, when facing a
threatening attack, or seeing an out-of-control
truck billowing towards you, or standing on a
cliff and the wind was blowing at 50 miles per
hour. In these situations, we have to quickly
evade what’s going to happen and act on it. The
action is based on our fear of what is about to
happen. These are healthy and normal fears.

On the other hand, fears can also be unrealistic
and unhealthy. Fear can be broken down into 4


Things, like anxiety and worry, take the place of
clearheaded thinking. The focus is on imagined
fears, the supposition that something bad is about
to happen. These false fears can be more dangerous
to your health than the real threats, and cause
stresses to the entire body and mind. It’s easy to
unravel these false stresses with the right
training and education, but this isn’t taught in
schools. When you go to your doctor, most likely,
he’s going to put you on medications for anxiety,
stress, or fear, and you will be stuck in the Big
Pharma dilemma for the rest of your life. Doesn’t
sound very good, does it?

Well, you can avoid getting stuck in a rut if you
choose to, but it’s going to take some work on
your part as well as mind. Are you ready to take
charge of the situation? If you are, I have a
solution that hundreds of my students and patients
have chosen over drugs. The Turn Stress into Power
program will teach you how to protect yourself
from stressful situations and false fears. Don’t
keep chasing your tail and hoping that an angel is
going to come down from the sky and fix you, or a
pill is going to be your savior. Re-Educate your
Body, Mind, and Spirit, and make the changes
today. Order the program NOW!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Shamanic Solstice Practices

Friday, December 19th, 2014

When I get up in the morning, it’s been pitch
black and, when I leave my office at the end of
the day, it’s also pitch black. I haven’t seen the
sun in days! Well, here is what’s happening. Late
dawn. Early sunset. Short day. Long night. For us
in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter solstice
which falls on December 21st, marks the longest
night and shortest day of the year, and, until
then, the days won’t start getting longer.

In the Shamanic cultures, there are many
ceremonies honoring the Return of the Sun. I
usually make a harmonizing puja fire at the
darkest day. The fire pujas involve making an
offering to the ten directions, and the three
times, past, present and future. I include an
offering to the protectors of the way, all
sentient beings, and elemental spirits. I’ll put
incense, wine, and sweet foods into the fire as
well as prayers for health, wealth and happiness.

If you want to learn a lot more about making these
kinds of special rituals, join me and the members
of the Qi Gong Inner Circle and learn,
study, and grow. You will receive some amazing
teachings that aren’t available in books, on TV or
any ordinary class that you might take. The
students of the Qi Gong Inner Circle receive a CD
or DVD every month with incredible information to
build your internal power and enhance your
spiritual digestive system. Join

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Power of the Blog

Monday, October 6th, 2014

When I write a blog it effects me and the thousands

of people who read then from all over the world.

This morning Jonathan from Dublin, Ireland

took the time to drop me a note and

this what he said; “

I must really thank you for

that wonderful introspective question this morning

“What am I grateful for? It’s a wonderful question

that turns one’s mind to positive thinking.”

I am very grateful for all your emails, thank


Jonathan thanks for your note. I’d like to share

some more information on gratefulness.

They say that gratitude is in the center of the

Triad of Realization.

The Triad consists of “WORK”; the work is to

develop Lucidity and Awareness.

Extra Attention=The Essential Master Key. This is what true Warrior-ship.

Is about when we are using the example of Warrior, Healer Priest.

The three stages of our development to becoming whole.

The second point of the Triad is “triad ”;

Opening to Grace, Abiding as a Hosting Presence.

“Who’s Living You Now?”

The last leg of the Triad is “ASKING”; true,

responsible asking. Asking from the core of your

Being and being Congruence of Body, Speech and Mind…

And… in the center of the Triad is “GRATITUDE”

The True, Heart-felt Gratitude.

Grateful for the possibilities of your Life.

Grateful that you can deliberately “DO”.

If this type of WORK sounds like your kind of work

Join me and the members of

The Qi Gong Inner Circle

and I’ll send you a new teaching every

month. Yes every month I send out a CD or a DVD to

the members of the Qi Gong Inner Circle on waking

up from the illusion.

Join today

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. The Qi Gong Inner Circle started in May of

2007 and has been going strong ever since. Are you

ready to change your life for the better?

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Changing your Karma

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

In 1978 I first traveled to Venezuela to work with
a group of new age psychologists that were mostly
family therapists. I traveled with my Master and
another student and that was it, only the 3 of us
on that first trip. I had to look at a world map
to see where it was as I had no idea where
Caracas, Venezuela was located.

You could have imagined how surprised I was when I
got a call from my Master saying that he need me
to travel with him to work with a group of people
and assist in tea ching classes in communication
skills, like NLP and Erickson hypnosis techniques
and work on people using a technique called “Body
Mind Clearing” this is a combination of a few
different modalities- (Applied kinesiology, deep
tissue work, NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, guided
fantasy and both the Tibetan Buddhist and Bon
system of meditation).

These psychologists were working with the late
Virginia Satir, the “Mother of Family Therapy”

Satir suggested that they work with us to
incorporate the body, mind spirit into their
therapy. Satir’s work was done under the umbrella
of “Becoming More Fully Human” and so was ours.

This trip was the beginning of a big
transformation in my life. Venezuela at that time
was a fully democratic with a two party system,
the 3 oil companies that were in full swing and
life was beautiful, I revisited and shared the
teaching for many years, I made many lifetime
friends and travel ed everywhere, without any
feelings of fear. This was long before Chavez took
power and lead the country into socialism. He
Closely aligning himself with the communist
governments of Fidel and then Raúl Castro in
Cubaand the socialist governments of Evo Morales
in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, and Daniel
Ortega inNicaragua,. Enough politics for now,
I’’ll get back to it later.

To jump forward around 10 years I was in La
Jolla, California coaching the president of Pro
Golf of America when I received a phone call from
my Master again.

I have no idea how he knew I was there or where he
got my number, but he did. He asked me this, “are
you ready to change your karma forever?” I was a
wee bit in shock, but I said, Yes, What do I have
to do?

I was told that I needed to move to Caracas in 3
days and run the Ashram, if you didn’t know what
an Ashram is it’s a spiritual hermitage or a
monastery. There were 45 students that need a
teacher and were expecting me. I guess he told
them that I would be there before I was asked.

Those Masters know what the student will need long
before the student does. My instructions were to
teach the group meditation, healing and
communication skills for the next 6 months and
prepare a retreat at the end of the training and
he would arrive.

Three days later I moved into the center and began
teaching; my original plan was to stay for 6
months. It changed into a 3 year, three months
and 3 days a real life changing retreat for me.
There is a saying, “ The reward for good work, is
more work.” This journey was one of the most
important times in my spiritual growth as well as
a life changing experience for the students. It
definitely changed my karmic address as well as
the students who worked with me.

Are you ready to change yours? If you are, I can
get you going on a path that will open up doors
that you never even knew were there.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

If you are not able to travel, let me know and we
can start out with private Skype call and build
from there.

PSS. SOS unnamedbeware of what is happening in Venezuela the Gov is squashing their freedom and killing collage kids. .

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Happy New Year 2014

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Today on the 1st of January 2014 something very
rare will happen.

We will start the first day of the New Year with a
New Moon!

This almost never happens, in fact 19 years ago
was the last time we had a New Moon on New Years
day. You can use the energy of the Yin moon to
your advantage to get what you want.

Let the New Moon bring in all your desires in life
without struggle, worry or blame.

Have you made New Year resolutions? Well guess
what? On the average, only 8% of those goals are
achieved, that’s not very good.

Want to increase your odds of achieving those
goals? Here is a true formula of Moon Magic that
works like a lucky charm. Set your goals in 8
different domains and your chances of achieving
what you want will increase by leaps and bounds.

The new moon represents new beginnings.

The importance of the New Moon is the opportunity
to start a new life and refresh your dreams,
wishes and desires.


The power of the Bagua and the ninth position on
the octagon is the center; you, life, vitality.
Set those goals today and get a guide to your
success with the magic square program.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. This program will teach you the secrets of the
Magic Square

Dr. Wu Dhi

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How your life can be turned around in a split second

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

How your life can be turned around in a split second


When we moved there my kids were just babies and
the town had a population of 400 people, around 75
young adults who escaped the big cities and the
rest of the population was made up of miners,
ranchers and mountain men.

What an exciting place to live and bring up a
family! I spent my days playing with my family and
hiking, skiing, sledding, and doing yoga and
meditation. I was brought up in Detroit, Michigan
and although I did some camping now and then I
never saw anything like this, we lived in
mountains with thousands of acres of nature all
around us. We would get 2 or 3 feet of snow in a
single night and the skies sparkled with a million
stars at night.

The town was a magnet for new age people and the
summers were filled with tourists, spiritual
teachers, and healers.

I was teaching Kundalini yoga and practicing
Polarity therapy, a form of energy medicine. One
summer a Rolfer came to town to work on people and
I signed up for the 12 sessions, (Structural
integration). The work was done on my body twice a
week for 6 weeks and let me tell you it was
intense. Rofling is a form deep tissue massage
created by Ida Rolf somewhat painful physically
and very confronting mentally and emotionally.
It was a refinement of my entire body from head to
toe. My life changed afte r that although I still
seemed the same outwardly on the inside I was

My friend Jerry from another city came to visit
that fall and it was just starting to get cold at
night. I asked Jer if he would help me get some
firewood and off we went into the mountains to
chop down trees. Neither one of us really knew
what we were doing, but we had a pickup truck and
a chain saw and needed wood to heat the house for
the long winter. As we drove up the mountain we
saw plenty of dead standing trees but nothing on
the ground. I decided to fall one of those dead
trees and let the t ree fall on the road and make
the job easy.

Everything was going well or we thought it was,
the tree fell right in the perfect place, yes I
missed my truck, but the tree jackknifed and slid
back and knocked me out cold. The next things I
remember I was being driven to the doctor office
with blood everywhere.

I can remember going in and out of consciousness.
We got to the doctor and he sewed me up and
everything was fine, I healed well, but something
shifted in my matrix. Within six months I left
Telluride and began the study of Tibetan Buddhism
and advanced healing techniques for the next 35

As strange as that sounds to some folks my life
changed that quick!
The old me was opened up with the intense body
treatments and the tree killed what was ever left,
and that old part of me no longer existed.

I wasn’t able to explain it to my family or
friends, but I had to start an entirely new life
and devote myself to healing others and my
spiritual growth, that is why I spend my days
writing, making DVD’s, seeing patients and
practicing and training. I am telling you this for
good reason. There are ways that you can open up
your life for the better and make a difference on
this planet. No you don’t have to leave your
family and join a spiritual group, you don’t have
to travel to Asia or sit with Guru’s or Lamas.
You can just begin by practicing, loving kindness,
having gratitude and beginning to train regularly.
If you are interested in some advanced training
join me for a one on one weekend of coaching.

and start the transformation or increase your
Take the first step on the path to the new you.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Call my office and set up an appointment

Once we have a time and date set up we can go over
what’s ailing you and create a custom program to
get what you always wanted

Dr. Wu Dhi

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