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A Good A$$ Wipping is better to Watch than to get

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Carla is an amazing woman who is in the fight
business. She was married to an Olympic gold medal
boxer that showed her the ropes and is now the
principal promoter of the MMA and a wonderful
high-energy lady. We met last summer when she came
into my office for a treatment. Carla was feeling
down as she lost her husband just six months ago.
She told me he was a fighter until the very end. I
was sorry I never got to meet Howard for he was an
inspiration to many athletes. I looked up on
Howard just to know a little more about the guy
who inspired so many young fighters…

“Howard Edward Davis, Jr. was an American amateur
and professional boxer. Growing up on Long Island,
Davis first learned boxing from his father. After
being inspired by a movie about Muhammad Ali,
Davis embarked on his amateur career. He won the
1976 Olympic gold medal. He was also awarded the
Val Barker Trophy at the Olympics, beating out
such boxers as Sugar Ray Leonard, Michael Spinks
and Leon Spinks. He turned professional after the
Olympics and went on to compile a professional
record of 36–6–1 with 14 knockouts. He retired in
1996. After retirement, he became a trainer.
Eventually, he worked as boxing director at
American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida, where
he trained both amateur and professional boxers
and MMA fighters. He was also a motivational
speaker and a musician.”

A few months ago, I went to one of the MMAs as
Carla’s guest and it was awesome. I was with a
group of young fighters, upcoming stars soon to
make it big time. I totally support Carla DavisFight night
and the MMA, an organization that directs young
athletes to be their best. The family now has a
Howard Davis Foundation with the mission to
preserve the Howard Davis, Jr. legacy. All funds
will go to create programs and scholarships for
sporting organizations that provide a better
environment for children in low-income
neighborhoods, things that Howard Davis, Jr. was
passionate about. The Howard Davis, Jr. Foundation
will also support and create athletic programs
aimed for children and launch campaigns to get the
word out about the state of cancer in America. As
a strong believer in alternative methods to fight
cancer, Howard Davis, Jr.’s mission during the
last year of his life was to make these medicines
available to those who desperately need them.

The 21st of October is the next fight in Miami,
and Dr. Wu Dhi and his crew will be there. Check
it out. If you make it to the fight, be sure to
come over and say hello.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I had a young fighter ask me what I think
made the most difference in my career. It is,
without a doubt, the internal exercises like Qi
Gong, Nei Gong and Shen Gong.

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The Ostrich Effect Can Kill You If You Are Not Careful

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The Ostrich Effect Can Kill You If You Are Not Careful

People say this all the time and it baffles me. I call it the Ostrich Effect when they stick their head into the sand and say, I don’t want to know what’s going on with my health. Some just can’t take the stress of knowing what’s going on with their health and would rather choose to ignore it. Well, a disease isn’t going to ignore them. To me, it sounds like they are being selfish and self-centered to the point that they don’t care how it will affect their family and friends. Sickness, like health, is something that we will all experience. It is part of living on planet Earth, that one has to take responsibility for their existence, or they will perish sooner than their time. I have been searching for years for ways to detect imbalances in the body and have used many different diagnostic techniques blood tests, stool, saliva, pulse, and tongue diagnosis, applied kinesiology, and many more. One of the systems that I use often and get a great amount of success with is Computer Regulation Thermography (CRT). It allows one to see what is going on in the organs, meridians, and internal systems that are affecting the body. CRT can give you a picture of your health six months before any symptom show its ugly face. The test will help you get to the bottom of health issues, and we can change the direction of your health long before it’s too late. Remember, symptoms are just the warning signs to let us know it is time to change our lifestyle and diet patterns. If you or a loved one is suffering from a minor or chronic problem, call my clinic today at 305-407-0120 and schedule an appointment. Together, we can unravel your blockages and get you on a program for your optimum health and longevity. Call my office today at 305-407-0120.

Your Health is Your Wealth!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. We have appointments open on September  10, 11, and 12 from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM as all treatments have to be done in the morning.

Your Head in the sand

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The Core of the Five Elements

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Five Element Theory is one of the major systems
within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This
system has been used for more than 2,000 years as
a method of diagnosis and treatment. Essentially,
the five elements are used to help explain the
cause of particular diseases and to associate
signs or symptoms to particular organs and

The Earth element is the center of all the
elements and is the ruler of the stomach and
spleen. It is often depicted as the center of all
the organs and the basic of all health problems.
The Earth element feeds the fire element or the
heart, the water element or the kidneys, as well
as the metal element ruling the lungs, and the
wood element of the liver. If the earth element is
out of balance, it affects all the other elements
and all the organs they rule. If you think about
it, whenever you visit a friend or someone comes
into your home, food is offered. What you are
actually saying by offering food is let me nourish
you. We are feeding the stomach, the earth
element, that feeds all the other elements and
organs. The problem is that, when we get blocked
up, the toxins accumulate in our cells, blood,
tissues and organs. Then, they are stored there
for any length of time, and all kinds of health
problems rear their ugly heads.

I hear from patients all of the time complaints
about gas, bloating, constipation, headaches,
indigestion, fatigue, and weight gain. They are
mostly due to energy not moving, and the body is
not getting the nourishment. Basically, our
digestive tract is a large tube running from the
mouth to the anus. If you put in good fuel (food)
and clean water, everything does its job and moves
through the tube unobstructed. If you have a
blockage, illness can happen quickly. That’s when
a detox program can save you from getting sick.
Flow, openness, and movement are precursors to
longevity. Detox is short for detoxification and
involves the removal of toxic substances from your
5 Elements As we age, our bodies are exposed to so many
toxins that our natural fight mechanism breaks
down  and we experience some form of dis-ease.
With obesity becoming more and more of a major
health concern, there has been a renewed focus on
the link between the build-up of toxins and weight
gain, especially with belly fat and waist size.
Globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight
adults, and at least 300 million of them are
obese. Don’t let your diet plug you up, make you
sick and fat.

Oxy-hydrate is an amazing product
that I have been recommending to my patients, and
hundreds of them are getting great results. It
oxygenates your body and puts more moisture into
your intestines. Oxy-hydrate magnesium peroxide
compound contains detoxifying properties that are
revolutionary in health care. A natural
detoxifier, Oxy- hydrate works with nature’s own
powerful detoxifiers oxygen and minerals to create
the perfect detoxification. These two natural
elements remove toxins, heavy metals, and other
pollutants from the body quickly and with no
adverse side effects. Oxy-hydrate aids in the
eradication of harmful substances from the body,
yet will not harm friendly intestinal flora. It
naturally increases bowel activity as it
detoxifies and oxygenates the entire colon. It
breaks down the hardened deposits built up on the
colon walls and facilitates easy, regular
elimination. Best of all, it is not a harmful
laxative. The innovative formula helps to put
needed moisture into the intestine, unlike other
products. Get yours today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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A Healthy digestive system Keeps You Younger & Full of Energy

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

A Healthy digestive system Keeps You Younger & Full of Energy

One of the questions I always ask a patient is,
“How is your digestion?” and, for the most part,
they report that it’s OK. Then, I take their pulse
according to Chinese medicine and look at their
tongue to see what else I can find out. Both
tongue and pulse diagnosis are very accurate in
determining the treatment. Looking at the tongue
gives a general idea as to which organ is most
affected and the prognosis for resolving it. The
tongue is the only muscle in the human body we
can see. I look at its length, size, shape, color,
and any details about the coat. Each one of these
things tells me something different. The tongue
reveals the quality of blood circulating in the
body, how the lymphatic system functions, the
presence of yeast or other growths in the body,
how a person is digesting, and any longstanding or
constitutional conditions.

When you visit your Western doctor, the nurse
usually takes your pulse, but it’s only a minor
diagnostic tool used mainly to determine heart
rate and blood pressure. However, it is very
important in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I
feel the patient’s pulse and notice not only the
rate, but also many other qualities such as its
length, width, amplitude, how deep and close to
the bone, how close it is to the surface, and its
force. Pulse diagnosis gives information on the
state of balance of the body as a whole, the state
of Qi, yin and yang, blood, the state of
individual organs, and even the person’s overall

Many times, I’ll find that the stomach and spleen
pulse are out of balance. That’s when I start to
ask more questions about my patient’s digestion
and general energy level, like “How often do you
have a bowel movement?” Some people think it’s
normal to only go three or four times a week.
Well, guess what? They are constipated. You should
move your bowel a few times a day, but not all
doctors agree. Bowel health is an important topic
as changes in bowel movement can be a sign of a
health problem. But before you begin to worry
about how “normal” you are, you have to know what
a regular bowel movement is for you.

Many people wrongly believe that having regular
bowel movements means you move your bowels every
day. However, everyone’s bowels are unique to
them, and what’s normal for one person may not be
normal for another. You can have a bowel movement
anywhere from one to three times a day at the
most, or three times a week at the least, and
still be considered regular as long as that’s your
usual pattern. “More or less frequent would be
considered abnormal, but not necessarily cause for
alarm,” says gastroenterologist Arthur Magun, MD,
clinical professor of Medicine at the College of
Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in
New York City. Arthur, I know you are a
specialist, but I have found from working with
people over the years that, if we can change their
patterns to at least having a good, well-formed
bowel movement a day, their overall health and
vitality improve as well as their skin tone and
even their energy level.

If you increase your intake of veggies, drink more
water, exercise, and worry less, your overall
digestion and bowel movement will improve. I also
suggest that my patients take a supplement and lay
off the toxins a lot better.

Poor digestive health leads to cancer and many more diseases

Poor digestive health leads to cancer and many more diseases

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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The Cast is Off

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

The Cast is Off

After breaking my wrist 5 weeks ago, they put my arm in a cast,

I learned
that there are many things that I can do with my
less dominant hand, such as tightening up my belt,
buttoning my shirt, and pulling up my fly. Over
the years since I was 12, I have been physically
practicing martial arts, biked long distances,
worked out at the gym 6 days a week, swam, snow-
and water-skied, mountain climbed, and
rollerbladed. I also spent years practicing
internal exercises, including yoga, Qi Gong, and
Tai Chi, and never broke a bone in my body. Some
say I was just lucky, but I believe it was because
I always kept in excellent shape my entire life.
My brother used to call me a health fanatic and a
workout junkie, long before the workout craze
happened in the USA. I have always put health as
number 1 in my life, and for a good reason. Our
health is our wealth! Do you k now how much money
Steven Jobs, Kirk Kerkorian, and Walt Disney left
when they died? They left it all, every single
cent they made. As long as you have your health,
you can work, make money, and have fun. But, if
you lose your health, you lose everything. That’s
why, I have dedicated my life to my health and the
health of others.


whole-bodyscan method for discovering hidden?dysfunct

Every day, I see people with a
host of dis-ease, some of it is from mental
imbalances, others suffer from toxic overload, and
a bunch of them come to?the office with
physical injuries. There is always more to
dis-ease than meets the eye. Every single dis-ease
has a multitude of?components to it, and
most doctors are only?addressing the
physical. If the medical doctor runs all the
tests, does a thorough examination, and finds
nothing, they are more than likely to?refer
you to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and you
may be medicated unnecessarily.

The other night, I was at a party and struck up a
conversation with a group of people about health
or, should I say, sickness. We were talking about
the article in the Health & Wellness section of
the Wall Street Journal by Brandon Thibodeaux, and
here is what it said, “What if the doctor is
wrong? When a CT scan showed multiple tumors in
Dawna?Harwell’s pelvis, abdomen, and spine
in 2008, her doctors in Dallas told her she might
have ovarian cancer, which can be especially
deadly. A biopsy came back with inconclusive
results, and Ms. Harwell wasted no time in seeking
a second?opinion at MD Anderson Cancer
Center in Houston. “I went through every test in
the book,” says Ms. Harwell. Still, doctors
couldn’t be sure what she had. Finally, she
underwent a surgical procedure to diagnose her
case. It wasn’t ovarian cancer after all, but a
rare form of lymphoma. The?47-year-old ho rse
trainer in Collinsville, Texas underwent a
rigorous regimen of chemotherapy that ended last
spring. At her first six-month checkup in October,
she received a clean bill of health.”

Evidence is mounting that
second?opinions—particularly on radiology
images and?pathology slides from
biopsies—can lead to?significant changes in
a patient’s diagnosis or in recommendations for
treating a disease. Some?malignancies,
including lymphomas and rare cancers?of the
thyroid and salivary glands, are?notoriously
tricky to diagnose correctly. Test results can be
inconclusive, or return false results. After a
decade of annual mammograms, more than half of
women will receive at least one false-positive
recall on a breast cancer screening, a recent
study found. And nearly half of malpractice claims
at Harvard University’s medical institutions that
resulted in serious patient harm or death in the
past five years were diagnostic errors, according
to its liability company, Crico/RMF. Thomas Feely,
Vice-President of Medical Operations at MD
Anderson, says as many as 25 % of?patients
who arrive at the Center with diagnoses?for
certain cancers, such as lymphoma, may receive
a?different diagnosis. Overall, 3% of MD
Anderson?patients each year end up with a
significant?change that affects what
treatment they receive. “When you get cancer, the
first thing you may want?to do is jump to
get treatment with the first?person you talk
to,” Dr. Feely says. “But taking?the time to
get a second opinion about the?diagnosis you
have and a careful evaluation of?what
treatments there are can be lifesaving.”

Kim Henderson, a paralegal in Houston, came to
MD?Anderson to be treated for cervical
cancer after?being diagnosed elsewhere.
Pathologists performed?another biopsy that
revealed she had a noninvasive?precursor to
cervical cancer—and not the far more?serious
invasive type as previously
believed.?Although she still needed surgery,
her doctors?told her she could skip the
radiation and?chemotherapy that had
originally been part of the?treatment plan.
“I felt like it was a miracle and I was
spared?from this unnecessary treatment,”
says Ms.?Henderson, who had lost a sister to

Primary care doctors can misdiagnose
common?symptoms. In a study, 202 patients
most commonly?complained about abdominal
pain, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath and
rash. Incorrect diagnoses?included: Benign
viral infection, 17%;?Musculoskeletal pain,
10%; Asthma/Chronic obstructive
pulmonary?disease, 6%;?Benign skin
lesion, 4%;?Pneumonia, 4%;?Final
correct diagnoses for patients
misdiagnosed?initially included: Cancer,
16%;?Pulmonary embolism, 6%;?Coronary
artery disease, 5%;?Aneurysm,
8%;?Appendicitis, 6%. (Source: University of
Iowa; Journal of the?American Board of
Family Medicine)?

Second opinions are important for other
diseases?as well. National Jewish Health, a
Denver medical?center, found in a study that
more than half of?patients it diagnosed with
chronic obstructive?pulmonary disease had
previously been misdiagnosed?with asthma,
leading to inappropriate treatments.

Cancer is on the rise in the United States, and
the?three traditional treatments are:
Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, and Surgery.
These may be the only tools that the medical
doctors have in their toolbox, but if you
can?avoid the cut, burn, and poison
treatments, you may be better off. There are way
too many misdiagnoses?these days, and
treatments are given according to?what
doctors find, no matter if it’s accurate or not.
The recovery from the treatments is a long, hard
road and could be worse than the disease itself.

I would recommend having a Computerized Regulation
Thermography (CRT) test to find out where the
imbalance is in your body first. It will give
you?information that can save your life. The
teeth are checked, and most Western doctors don’t
even think about teeth. Next, the glands, breasts,
and organs?are checked. If there is a
blockage, it will show?up on the computer
and, then, we can explore the?different
options for treatment. It could be
a?combination of both Western and
alternative?medicine, but, at least, you
will know what needs to?be treated. The test
will let you know what has to be changed?in
your lifestyle, diet, and exercise, or if you may
benefit from acupuncture, Medical Qi Gong,
herbal?medicine, or homeopathic treatments.
There is a?group called the “Best Answer for
Cancer” that uses?low-dose chemo. This is
another option.

The CRT will be a good way to find out
what’s going on from a different
perspective. It is?a safe, radiation-free,
non-invasive, painless, and cost-effective
whole-bodyscan method for discovering
hidden?dysfunctions and infections and
monitoring?treatment progress. It can see
problems?before they manifest into a
palpable mass, or health problems that
may?be irreversible.

Dr. Carola Cuenca from Santa Cruz,
California?who specializes in CRT and
natural low-dose medications will be doing the
test in my?office. All tests have to be done
in the?morning when the body is still cool;
this?only allows us to test 3 people a day.
I?highly recommend taking this opportunity
to?evaluate your immune system and to keep
you?disease-free. To schedule an appointment
for your CRT?exam, call my office now at

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi?

P.S.Dr. Cuenca will be in Miami from
October 5th to 11th. I am now?scheduling
appointments for October. Call my office and
reserve your spot today: 305-407-0120.

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally in 30 minutes and End Stress

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally in 30 minutes and End Stress

I have a lot on my plate at this time as usual. I
like to stay active with my training, making
videos, seeing patients, and writing. I am not one
to watch TV, go to bars, or just hang out and do
nothing. Today, I got a call from an old friend,
and she asked me if I took my blood pressure
lately. I thought it was strange for her to ask me
that out of the blue. As soon as we hung up, I
took my pressure. And as sure as I am sitting
here, as long as I can remember, my blood pressure
has been 120/80.

There are two parts or two separate numbers
referred to as blood pressure (BP):
systolic/diastolic. If the top number is high, it
refers to the systolic pressure (that’s anything
over 150 and up), and the diastolic pressure is
the second number anything over 85. Why do we get
high blood pressure? For most adults, there’s no
identifiable cause, and this kind of hypertension
is referred to as Stage 1 or primary hypertension.
It just tends to develop gradually over many
years. On the other hand, stage 2 hypertension is
a little different. Some people have high blood
pressure caused by an underlying condition. This
type of high blood pressure, also known as
secondary hypertension, tends to appear suddenly
and cause higher blood pressure than do primary
hypertension. Various conditions and medications
can lead to secondary hypertension, including:
• Obstructive sleep apnea
• Kidney problems
• Adrenal gland tumors
• Thyroid problems
• Certain defects in blood vessels you’re born
• Certain medications, such as birth control
pills, cold remedies, decongestants,
over-the-counter pain relievers and some
prescription drugs
• Illegal drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines
• Alcohol abuse or chronic alcohol use

I don’t have or do any of that, so why the heck is
my BP high today? Pain! If you have been reading
my blogs, you know that I broke my wrist last
week. Although it’s healing well, it inflamed and
pinches me now and then. That could be the reason
for the BP spike. As soon as I was aware of it, I
began doing the exercises in the Turn Stress into
Power program and, within an
hour, my pressure was back to normal.

If you are in pain, or have a tendency to run full
out and be one of those obsessive-compulsive
types, chances are you will raise your blood
pressure as well. It could lead to a multitude of
unwanted problems. How can you control it without
meds? Get a copy of the Turn Stress Into Power
Program and start practicing.
You’ll be glad you did.


Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally in 30 minutes and End Stress

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Even if your blood pressure is normal or low,
the program will equalize and balance your body,
mind, and spirit.

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Congress Shame On You

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Congress Shame On You

Congress passed a bill giving Monsanto the upper
hand in the food fight. This bill that was just
passed stated that the mandatory labelling of all
GMO is not going to happen.Monsanto spent millions
to block this.

We all have the right to choose what we want to
eat. No matter if it’s a hamburger or an organic
carrot. No one should deliberately be able to put
something in our food that would injure us or go
against our beliefs. If you were Jewish or Muslim,
you would be furious if someone put just a little
pork in food and just refused to label it. I guess
people assume that what you don’t know won’t hurt
you. When someone deliberately gives you something
that you don’t want, it’s a dishonest act of
violence on you and your family. That’s the end of
your trust in them and anything they say or do.
They are hiding from you what is unwanted or
harmful for the purpose of their own personal
gain, or they are just evil in nature.

When I lived in Telluride, Colorado in the
seventies, my entire family kept strict vegetarian
rules. We didn’t eat any animal products at all –
no chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, or any other animal
products. One summer night, we took the family
down to the Gypsy Moon restaurant for dinner. We
picked that restaurant because one of our friends
was cooking there, and he knew our diet habits.

My wife asked him, “Is the soup vegetarian?”

The chef replied, “Of course, it is.”

So, we all had a bowl. As we were eating, we
detected a strange taste, and asked the chef
again, “Is the soup 100% vegetable-based?”

That’s when he told us there was just a little
chicken stock in the soup. We were so pissed off
that he lied to us, we left never to trust him
again. Although we never lost his friendship, we
lost the trust in him forever.

The reason I am telling you these stories is, just
last week, the senators that we voted into office
let the American people down. Maybe it was out of
ignorance or greed, but they abandoned us and are
allowing companies to lie and use dishonest
business practices. They are counting on people
just being stupid as they pull the wool over our
eyes. I am talking about Monsanto, the makers of a
very toxic poison called “Round up”, and the
largest owner of seed companies in the world.
Their net income in the three months through last
November increased to $368 million or 69 cents a
share, from $339 million or 63 cents a year
earlier, Monsanto said today in a statement.
Profit excluding a discontinued business was 67
cents, beating the 64-cent average of 17 estimates
compiled by Bloomberg. Revenue rose 6.9 percent to
$3.14 billion, topping the $3.07 billion average
of 15 estimates.

But why does Monsanto want to keep the American
people in the dark over labelling? I read a
statement explaining the reason why: people will
not buy their products, and it’s all about
their money. They are not thinking about your health,
only their profits. It sure isn’t for the greater good
of peoples health.

Studies show that 93% of Americans support
mandatory labeling of genetically-engineered (GE)
foods. GE foods are labeled in 64 countries
including the entire European Union. The U.S. is
now one of the only developed countries in the
world that doesn’t require labeling. Don’t you
wonder why?

Things Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To Know About

You’ve heard the controversy about
genetically-engineered foods (GMOs), whether
they’re safe to eat. And the question of safety is
nowhere near settled, despite what the companies
that create GMOs would like you to think. But the
rest of the story about GMOs is far more complex.
For biotech companies, the real purpose of GMOs is
power and control over the food supply and,
ultimately, it’s about profits. The undeniable
fact is that GMOs are bad for our environment, our
food system, and the people in it.

1.GMOs increase the corporate control of our
2.GMOs don’t live up to the hype.
3.More GMOs means more chemical use.
4.GMOs and organics can’t coexist.

Poisoning -your -food


There are plenty of good reasons to be concerned
about GMOs. But for consumers who are concerned,
it’s not always clear in the marketplace where
these crops end up. and it looks like they
are putting a lot of money to block the labelling.

I support the right to know what is in our food.
We all should have this right to choose what we
want to put in our bodies. We have all heard the
statement, “We are what we eat.” Knowledge is
power. If we are kept ignorant, we can easily be
led around like sheep, about to be slaughtered.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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New Detox and Weight Loss System

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

New Detox and Weight Loss System

More new healing equipment just came my way. Yes,
indeed, this has been a lucky week! I just
received an increasable piece of equipment from my
friend, Simon. He’s doing his residency at Mount
Sinai for the next 3 years, and he wanted to make
sure this equipment was in use helping people to
stay healthy. The images is a modern German technology that uses the
wisdom of the ancient Chinese combined with a form
of deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. It
works on clearing the negative information signals
that is radiated from an unhealthy system.

Our bodies are set up to filter out all harmful
substances through our liver, kidneys, intestine,
and our skin, but like any filter system, after
years of exposure to toxins, things start to plug
up and break down. Normally, our bodies are
prepared for this, and expel toxins naturally to
keep us healthy and disease-free. Where the
problems start to arise is when the body’s
capacity reaches its limits. Too much waste from
rich food, unclean water, and air we breathe block
the natural elimination system. If we are exposed
to toxicity over and over, our body will naturally
protect itself and place the toxins in storage
depots, fatty or connective tissue. This is
normally only intended to be a temporary solution,
but in our modern lives, these storage depots are
not getting emptied out. You can see it all around
you. People are toxic and FAT. All diseases,
particularly those that have come to the forefront
in modern times, are traceable to functional
disorders in our system. Besides the usual waste
products, we now have the added burdens of heavy
metals, herbicides, and pesticides as well as
chemical residues, all of which accumulate in our
body. Cleansing the organism of these highly toxic
substances is not easy since our bodies were not
designed to cope with these poisons. We can only
store these toxic substances. The functional
disorders that these substances cause, which can
range from a slight burden all the way to total
blockage, from rheumatism to multiple sclerosis,
arthrosis to cardiac insufficiency, allergy to

In other words, to stay healthy you need to detox…

The Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) assists to
detox the body in the most efficient way without
causing a toxic overload or healing crisis. Here
is what it does:
1.Petechial suction massage, a modern form of
cupping that sucks toxins out.
2.DC (direct current) treatment
3.Bioresonance Therapy, in the form of
Subtraction Loesch Therapy (SLT), which takes the
signal of the patient at the front of the roller
and returns it inverted at the back.

The effective principle is that pressure, actually
a partial vacuum, mechanically loosens clogged
deposits and toxins in the tissues and diverts
them through the lymph system. The direct current
causes the tissues to reverse polarity, or to
change equalization – a prerequisite for orderly
cell repolarization.

Since our bodies always show two aspects, the
physical and the energetic, waste products cannot
just be considered in one form. In fact, our
body’s complex systems act as “jammers” that can
significantly disrupt the flow and exchange of
information. This leads to an irritation of the
neuronal system, which is tightly coupled to the
hormonal system. Besides hormonal disorders, then,
regulatory problems can arise in “extra demand”
situations, starting from the pituitary gland.
This leads, in turn, to regulatory chaos, which
oftentimes creates the basis for allergies.

Using the MRT device extinguishes the toxins’
pathological frequencies, thereby, relieving the
oscillatory system. This way, both the material
and the energetic aspects are fully dealt with.
There are three components of the MRT responsible
for the great effectiveness of this modern matrix
detoxification and regeneration procedure:

1.Reddening of the skin permits diagnostic
conclusions to be drawn. The treatments are
usually spaced one per week over a six-week
2.The tissues in the treatment region become
stronger and firmer with each treatment, and
sensitivity diminishes markedly.
3.The loosening of back musculature which
accompanies every treatment session also
eliminates stress-induced pain, wherefore acute
lumbago or sciatica and tension headaches also are
welcome indications for acute treatment.

MRT opens up the organism in a beneficial manner.
Regulatory ability is dramatically improved,
blockades are removed, the lymphatic system is
activated, and the immune system stimulated. All
of these positive effects happen simultaneously
during each treatment. No other form of therapy
can claim this. And yet, the treatment is simple
and can be performed with no great effort.

If you are in Miami, come in for a treatment.
Detox your body and lose weight effortlessly.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Schedule your weight loss detox sessions now.
Call 305-407-0120.

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New Addition to the Clinic

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

New Addition to the Clinic

Killing Cancer Cells

I usually don’t tell you much about my treatments
or what I am up to at the office, Whole Life
Health and Wellness Center. But just recently, I
added two great new treatments that no one has in
Florida. One of the newest pieces of equipment
available in my clinic is called “The Indiba” that
comes from Europe where it is used in most health
facilities as an aid to cancer treatments. There
are two incredible applications that this advanced
technology offers: one, it is for cancer patients
and, the other, for anti-aging and beauty. This
magnificent machine uses a special frequency of
electronic energy to stimulate and warm tissue.
The effect is to destroy cancer cells while
stimulating and supporting normal cells and immune

The Indiba is a Hyperthermia Therapy

Hyperthermia is a type of treatment in which body
tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113
oF) to damage and kill cancer cells, or to make
cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of
radiation and certain anti-cancer drugs. Local
hyperthermia treatment (heat applied to a very
small area, such as a tumor) is a well-established
cancer treatment method with a simple basic
principle: If a rise in temperature to 106 oF can
be obtained for one hour within a cancer tumor,
the cancer cells will be destroyed.

Through the Indiba method, energy from a
radio frequency current is directed towards the
depth of tissues between the electrodes. In
contrast with heating obtained via external heat
sources, it avoids the need to go through the skin
barrier and wasting a large proportion of the
generated energy. The treatment can be used on
eyes, varicose veins, scalp, and other sensitive
areas which can be successfully treated.
Vasodilatation is induced resulting in improved
blood circulation. The patient does not experience
the unpleasant sensation of being treated with an
electric current and, consequently, there is
normally a high patient tolerance of the
treatment. Moreover, there are no known side
effects or contraindications with this method,
which is absolutely harmless.


• Increase in blood and lymph circulation
• Increase of oxygen pressure
• Decrease in carbonic acid production and
tissue acidity
• Increase in internal temperature
• Revitalization on a cellular level
• Increased local activity of the immune system

The other increasable treatment that The Indiba is
used for is aesthetics. It reduces wrinkles and
expression lines. It improves the appearance of
the eye contour, stretch marks, and saggy arms.
Patients love how it reduces bags under the eyes,
gets rid of that DOUBLE CHIN, and those SADDLE
BAGS and BUTTOCKS. The Indiba treatment
Detoxifies, Regenerates, Revitalizes, Oxygenates,
Moisturizes, Smoothes, and Rejuvenates the skin on
the deep layers and shows a remarkable difference
in only a few weeks of treatment.
This is a great addition to my clinic and it will
help people with immune deficiency disorders, and
will keep you younger-looking without toxic
chemicals injected into the face.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi


Change your body


Healthy body Healthy Mind

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Is Your Cup Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Friday, January 9th, 2015

UnknownI was really surprised today when Judith walked in
to the office. I haven’t seen her in twenty years.
She’s an actress and a model and very pretty.
She’s been in that business since she’s seventeen,
but now she’s just about fifty. When you’re in the
modeling business, you have to work for long hours
and stay as skinny as a rail. One of Judith’s
downfall is she got addicted to diet pills
(Speed). In one point of her life, she was
crushing the pills and snorting them. You can
imagine what this did to her internal organs.
Although she still looks very pretty on the
outside, her liver, spleen, and heart are like
that of a seventy-five-year-old woman. She has no
energy, wants to sleep all the time, and
experiences constant night sweats. Her husband
left her and she’s not a happy camper. Some
people’s glasses are half-full, some half-empty.
She always comes from not enough. If you haven’t
noticed it yet, whatever you think about the most
is what is attracted to you. If you think about
health and longevity, a good life, a happy
relationship and a pocketful of money, that’s what
you’ll attract. But, if you’re the type of person
who comes from the dark side of life and thinks
that you will get sick, die early, be forced to
live in poverty, that’s what you pull in. So, when
Judith came to see me today, after I balanced out
her physical body, I started to talk to her about
the Law of Attraction. She said she never heard of
it before and she definitely didn’t practice
pulling in the best stuff in her life. Her mother
is sick, her sister passed away, her husband left
her, she no longer has a job, and she was hoping
that someone will adopt her and solve all of her
problems. Sure enough, someone d id! Now, she’s
literally a slave in her own home. She’s been
forced to do things that she never thought she
would. It’s an unfortunate situation but this
happens to many of us who don’t take charge of our
own lives. So, we spent some time going over the
Magic Square and, instead of focusing what she
doesn’t want in her life, we touched on nine focal

1. Her career and exactly what she wanted, not
what she didn’t want. She had that down pat.
2. Dual Cultivation or her relationships. It was
high time that she decided exactly what she wanted
in that relationship instead of being pulled
around on a very short leash.
3. Family – She hasn’t seen her mother in some
years. We made a plan that she would get more
involved in family by visiting, calling, sending
letters, and contribu ting to her family often.
4. Finances – She had no idea how much money she
has in the bank or how much she’s spending.
5. Relationship to Spirit – what practices she
does, what meditations, and to at least start
acknowledging the Spirit.
6. Travel and Influential People – where does she
want to go and who does she want to meet?
7. Projects – what she has been working on and
what she will leave as a legacy when she leaves
this planet?
8. Self-cultivation – her exercise, diet, and what
she wants to study.
9. Success – what is it to her, mentally,
spiritually, physically and emotionally?

In the Magic Square program,
there is an ancient formula to balance your life
on every domain an d to bring you health, wealth
and happiness. Don’t delay! Get this program and
turn your life around. Have your cup filled to the
brim and enjoy the gift of life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Remember that tomorrow, I will be teaching at
the Unity of the Bay in Miami a special workshop
on how to turn your stresses into power.

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