65-years young Medical Qi Gong Master Reveals …

Dr. Wu Reveals How To Use Recharging Qi Gong To Look and FEEL Half Your Age!

How To LOOK and FEEL Half
Your Age!

Eliminate Your Fear and
Live a Long,
Powerful Disease Free Life

Dr. Wu Dhi’s secret Chinese Medical Qi Gong exercises will eliminate the root cause of aging and turn back your biological clock.

Enjoy the flexibility of a dancer, martial artist or ageless yogi with just a few minutes of simple “recharging exercises” each day.

Dear Friend,

My name is Dr. Wu Dhi - or Dr. Woody, for short.

I'm 65 years old but I'm told I don't look a day over 40. I have no ailments, injuries or illnesses and I've been this way for over 30 years.

In fact I'm not just a man who is never sick - I'm also a man who is vitally alive and potent. This means that, along with the rest of my vital organs, ALL my sexual organs are functioning the same as a man in his 20's.

Now, things weren't always this way ...

Dr. Wu Dhi
Dr. Sherwood Swartz
Acupuncture Physician,
Master of Medical Qi Gong,
and 65 years young


As a kid my health was far from perfect. I was plagued with two different illnesses that seemed to feed off each other.

I was extremely hyperactive and struggled in school. I couldn’t focus or sit still to save my life. I felt stupid and inadequate while in reality I was a very bright child.

The pain I felt from being rejected lead me to being constantly sick. I don’t remember a time as a kid when I was without a severe cough or shortness of breath.

My parents tried scores of doctors but never saw any improvement in my condition.

At a bare minimum I would have surely been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Chronic Bronchitis.

The cold dark winters in a rough neighborhood of Detroit made my life hell year after year.

As a shy and sickly kid I had more than my fair share of butt kicking’s and my nose was broken more times than I care to remember.

It wasn’t until I began to study and practice Yoga and Martial Arts that I truly felt healthy for the first time in my life.

The Martial Arts brought focus and discipline to my life and the Yoga opened my lungs for the first time.

The common thread between these two disciplines was the concept of a vital life force energy or Qi.

It was the discovery of Qi and being able to actually feel it coursing through my body that changed me forever.

Finding my body renewed and healed by this force I dedicated my life to learning all I could about Qi and later Qi Gong Medicine.

Without these secrets I would have surely died
along with my brother.

By contrast my younger brother took a different path in life. As a child he was rarely sick and he had no need to study Yoga or Jiu-Jitsu.

He was a boxer, and it was an effective means of self defense on the streets of Detroit, but it sorely lacked the direct knowledge of the internal force.

While I traveled the earth studying with the worlds greatest masters on three continents to learn the secrets of Qi from all the great schools of Tibet, China, and India, he stayed at home minding the family shop in a dark corner of downtown Detroit.

My brother was incredibly successful in business and finance.

He took the family business to a new level but all the while he grew more and more angry inside.

His internal organs suffered, and his body started to become sick and weak.

He did not see the any reason
to develop internal power
and only focused on his
external strengths.

By the time I was forty five my brother had already passed me in physical age.

Even though he was five years younger than me he looked ten years older.

The vibrant health he enjoyed in his youth had vanished.

For forty years I dedicated a small portion of each day in meditation and the ancient healing arts while my brother spent the last twenty years of his life in therapy and taking the latest poisonous prescriptive medications.

On numerous occasions I pleaded with my brother to follow my example or at least let me treat him.

He refused.

Traditional western doctors were sucking him dry
and killing him faster.

At age fifty my brother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a particularly nasty form of cancer that is formed by malignant plasma cells and creates tumors in the bone marrow.

By this time I was already treating a handful of patients with cancer and other terminal illnesses and seeing results.

Cancer patients would unexpectedly go into remission and people with compromised immune systems were getting stronger under my care. (T-cell counts of 350 going to way over 700 in less than six months of working with me.)

Still my brother would not allow me to treat him.

I can only chalk it up to stubbornness.

A few years later he died in his sleep.

Nobody was surprised.

My younger brother died of Old Age at 53.

This is the story of two brothers with the same genetics and same parents but two vastly different paths in life and two vastly different destinations.

My brother took the path that leads to rapid aging, damaged internal organs, and an early grave.

I took the path that leads to a long life.

A life that is happy and free of disease or suffering.

The saddest part of this entire story, and the reason I am telling you this, is that in the end, I know that my brother could have changed his daily routine only slightly and he would still be alive today.

My field of Medicine, Medical Qi Gong, recognizes that Body, Mind, and Spirit are all connected and driven by Qi energy.

When the body is stressed or injured the flow of energy is obstructed.

If the flow is not opened back up disease, illness, and premature aging will all begin to set in.

The flow of Qi can be seen
and measured by the
quality of the life we live.

When we are open to the flow of Qi we are vital, virile, and vibrant.

When the flow of Qi is limited, your life becomes limited, you become stressed out, burned out, and bummed out.

For many the flow of Qi has been choked to a trickle of energy or it flows like slow moving muddy water.

The good news is that:

  • No matter what your age
  • No matter what your lifestyle
  • No matter what kind of shape you are currently in
  • No matter how you've been injured or what ailments you have
  • And no matter what you've been told in the past

You can always increase the flow of Qi and become stronger.

I can show you how to increase the flow of Qi until it courses through you like a mighty river.

Great Masters from the East, including India, China, and Tibet, have taught those willing to listen, and then act; how to effortlessly fend off the effects of stress and aging.

While the idea of a Life Force Energy, or “Qi”, is virtually ignored in the traditional western medical culture, Medical Qigong recognizes that the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions are all connected and driven by the same force of Life Energy.

In Qi Gong Medicine we use movements, sensation, breathing, and visualization to increase and guide the flow of essential Qi.

I am calling on four thousand years of experience.

Some say it’s even longer than that.

There are Chinese books on medicine that are four thousand years old and still being used today.


Because they work and produce results!

These ancient healers, and their long succession of living masters, have shown those willing to listen and act, how to let the genie out of the bottle.

I have studied directly with the masters, I have absorbed these teachings, and I have put those healing methods and formulas in to action countless times.

I've successfully administered to over ten thousand patients in the course of my career as a healer and teacher.

I have spent months at a time working in China and treating as many as 80 people a day with acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have worked on Movie Stars, Musicians, Professional Athletes, Heads of Multinational Corporations, and Foreign Presidents.

I have worked with people of all ages from the beginnings of pregnancy to those that exceed their life expectancy.

The knowledge that I have gathered over those 33 years of intensive study and practice would fill many, many books, perhaps even an encyclopedia.

All my patients without exception experience an increase in their vitality and wellbeing after being treated by me.

My practice keeps me way too busy to write an encyclopedia, and you don’t have time to read it anyway.

In my practice I can use needles to open the flow of the Qi or prescribe a natural formula to charge you up.

The best treatment of all is the Prescriptive Qi Gong Exercises I teach called “The Recharging Qi Gong”.

These exercises literally heal and strengthen you from the inside out.

By following these easy to perform exercises for a few minutes a day you can easily:

  • Rid your body of energy blockages that make you slow, sick, and tired

  • Enhance your memory and mental focus

  • Discharge unwanted negativity and stress

  • Increase your power, and strength building capacity

  • Raise your libido

  • Increase the electrical charge and vibration throughout your spine

  • Get that radiant and youthful skin tone - how to make your skin glow how to radiate energy when - how to light up a room - radiate a youthfull glow that people with notice even when your back is turned

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Increase the flexibility in your joints, tendons, and muscles

  • Improve your digestive function and nutrient assimilation

  • Normalize your blood pressure

  • Improve the circulation in your entire body

  • Open the energy field around your body

  • Improve your respiratory function and lung capacity

  • Build tremendous stamina, and dexterity

And that's just the beginning...

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“Dr. Woody's Practice and care enabled me to compete in a martial arts tournament. A few months ago I tore my left hamstring.

"Though it has not been an easy recovery, thanks to his acupuncture and energy healing I not only competed but took first place in both categories of traditional forms and weapons."

Joycelyn Bejar


Joycelyn Bejar
Joycelyn Bejar

"Dr Woody Swartz has been my doctor for over ten years.

"During this time I have suffered various ailments including mercury poisoning, Kidney deficiency and weakness.

"Dr Swartz has treated me on a regular basis, and I have had awesome results from his acupuncture treatments, medical qigong, herbs and assorted treatments.

"As a wonderful bonus, I have found his innovative treatments also enhance my mental outlook.

"I am totally thrilled with the treatments and recommendations he has offered over the years, the results speak for themselves."



I realize that you may not be able to come see me –
so I’ve put together an easy
to follow program called the "Recharging Qi Gong."

Out of all the thousands of exercises that I know, and have practiced at one time or another, or used to help a patient; I have selected 36 special exercises.

These exercises are simple, easy to learn, and I have put them in a program called “Recharging Qi Gong.”

These 36 exercises form a heretofore secret core that keep me, and a few select others I have taught, fit enough to fight, and healthy enough to heal.

They will keep you tuned up, and in immediate touch with your inner source of power.

At a bare minimum you will:

Warm your entire body.

Clear your body of stagnant energy.

Open the energy field around your body.

Increase your strength, and your strength building capacity.

Increase the flexibility in your joints, tendons, and muscles.

Improve your respiratory function and lung capacity.

Build tremendous stamina, and avoid physical injury.

Some time ago, I shifted the entire focus of my medical practice to Medical Qi Gong.

I did this after a long and thoughtful re-examination of the healing process.

I could use acupuncture, or herbal formulas, as they are both effective cures, and they relieve symptoms.

But one day, after an intense meditation session, the answer became crystal clear.


“With no shortage of choices available in my area, I have found Dr. Swartz’s treatments to be so exemplary, so peerless, that I travel from California to Florida in order to see him.”

Santa Rosa, CA

The best cure is not a cure at all.

The best way to heal, and the fastest path to a long, powerful and disease free life, is to awaken the sleeping giant within you.

You have a tremendous healing force imprinted in your genes, and it’s time to wake that force up.

That’s what “Recharging Qi Gong” is all about.

This program is packed with powerful secrets about the unification of Movement, Breath, Sensation, and Visualization.

These are the most powerful
prescriptive exercises and meditations you will find anywhere.

There are literally hundreds of books on Qi Gong in the marketplace.

Almost every last one of them is virtually worthless because they don't give you the underlying secrets that make the Qi Gong work for you!

What I am going to reveal in my program isn’t found in any of those worthless dust gatherers, and soon after practicing the 36 exercises in “Recharging Qi Gong,” your body is going to start rewarding you, not the other way around.

That’s right.

Today we have it all backwards, and it’s time to get it straight.

By practicing “Recharging Qi Gong” you are going to hook yourself up to your own inner power plant, one that is capable of burning for a hundred years or more.

Not only that, but your new recharged power plant is capable of:

  • Lowering your resting heart rate.

  • Normalizing your blood pressure quickly, and safely.

  • Balancing cholesterol and hormone levels.

  • Relieving headaches.

  • Easing eye strain.

  • Relieving allergies.

  • Balancing your emotions.

  • Increasing your bone density.

And more...

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I have very high stress in my profession and was experiencing low energy,anxiety, and all to frequent digestive disorders.

"Through consultation with Dr. Swartz, I have learned methods to relievemy anxiety, increase my energy, and eliminate digestive problems, greatlyimproving my physical health and quality of life.

"I am now able to conduct both my professional and personal life with more balance.

"Thank you, Dr Wu Dhi."

Linda Bloch
Attorney At Law
Detroit, MI

"Dear Dr Wu Dhi,

I am a 57 year old physician with a challenging lifestyle. My work week is 70-80 hours, and that doesn't leave much time to take care of myself. It's been a little over a month since I received your Recharging Qi Gong DVDs. I am doing them almost daily. My energy is increasing all the time. My strength and flexibility are more than they have been in many years. The exercises have contributed to a growing sense of wholeness and well being. And after a recent night of love, the only thing my girlfriend said was, "Dr Wu Dhi is a great man". I thought I deserved some of the credit.

Thanks, Dr Wu Dhi."

57 year old physician

The 36 exercises are easy to learn and practice.

The benefits can be felt from the first day you use them.

The more you practice them, the higher your benefits will be.

  • Your posture will improve very quickly, and you’ll have increased balance and dexterity.

  • Your stress level will go down, down, down.

  • You will activate your body’s anti-cancer fighting cells.

  • You will increase the flexibility of your spine.

  • Your digestive organs will grow stronger.

  • You will improve the range of motion in your hips.

  • You will become a much clearer thinker.

  • Your metabolism will increase.

I could go listing benefits for a long time. But you’re smart, I think you get the picture.

It’s really pretty simple.

In fact it’s very simple, if you follow my advice.

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“I have Dr. Woody’s phone number on my on my portable phone and when I need him I call him and he is always there. His nature is very nurturing and healing and just giving him a hug makes me feel better.

What I am really trying to say is that he takes care of the whole me.”

Esther Falankoff
Aventura Travel

Here’s one thing I will guarantee.

If after purchasing my program, you don’t do any of the exercises; I will personally guarantee that you will not get any benefit.




Now you may ask, “Dr. Woody, why would you say that?”

Because I’ve learned over 40 years that I can only give advice, I can’t force anybody to take it. Some of my patients have been ignoring my advice for a long time.

They tell me all kinds of stories about doing the exercises, about changing their diet, and about quitting smoking; but the truth is very clear.

They didn’t do what I asked.

If they did, they wouldn’t need to see me nearly as often, and in many cases they wouldn’t need to see me at all.

Well…it would be nice if they came around to say hello, but that isn’t the point.

The point is that if they actually did the exercises, like most of my patients, they would feel terrific, and not need another session.

For example, as we age, a lot of us have trouble with the kidneys. There is a special exercise for that on page 88 of the program, and the exercise is remarkably powerful.

It is so powerful that just a few repetitions every day will transform you.

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This exercise strengthens the kidneys, increases blood flow to the kidneys, helps tone your reproduction organs, improves your sexual energy and function, cultivates the emotion of gentleness, and boosts the function of Jing (Sexual Qi).

If you don’t do it, nothing will change.

You’ll be stuck in a doctor’s office waiting to get a prescription that will treat the symptoms of your kidney problem, and probably cause you a half dozen more, which will be treated with another drug you didn’t need in the first place.

Medical Qi Gong isn’t just about relieving symptoms, and getting you out of the doctors office as fast as possible.

It is, at its very core, about making you incredibly vital.

It’s real goal is to take you beyond ship shape, to take you into new territory, to open the flow of your inner energy, and to turbo charge every cell in your body.

Recharging Qi Gong” opens your body up to the healing flow of energy that is already present in your cells.

And here’s a big kicker…

If you’re already healthy, you are going to start soaring right away. You are going to go to the next level of fitness like a bullet train.

  • No more feeling tired

  • No more being overwhelmed

  • No more brain fog, or confusion

  • No more “focus” problems

  • No more “senior” moments

  • No more pressure, stress, or anxiety

All these things are the result of a lack of energy.

It means your power plant isn’t functioning the way it should.

And no amount of sleep is going to make you better.

In fact, the more you sleep, the more you are exacerbating the problem.

If you don’t do something to free up the flow of energy,
one or more of your organs
is going to blow.

You have now come to the same proverbial fork in the road that I offered to my brother long ago, and you have to make a choice about which road you are going to take.

One road leads to your body going to hell in a hand basket, endless visits to doctor’s offices, being pricked, poked, and prodded, subjected to questionable therapies, and being put on more drugs than you can shake a stick at.

The other leads to a long, powerful, and disease free life.

You can control your life, or you can outsource it.

I think you all know the consequences of outsourcing.

The small amount of time that this Recharging Qi Gong program takes is certainly time you deserve.

The world has had your time.

Other people and events have had your time.

Now it is your time.

The cumulative effect of these secret Recharging Qi Gong exercises goes way beyond what is readily apparent.

There are obvious external physical benefits, things that can be seen with the eyes.

But that only hints at the greater benefits that cannot be seen. The internal benefits awaken the sleeping giant that is your personal Qi, which can be used to touch all the aspects of your life.

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Dr. Woody Swartz attended to me over four years. I am 41 years old, a carrier of hepatitis C, and I suffered a heart attack after giving birth to my child. In addition, I also suffered a head injury.

"Dr. Swartz developed a treatment plan for each of my ailments.

"His skillful treatment with acupuncture was simply amazing. He also used a light beam generator, which truly energized me and brought me peace. Dr Swartz had me work at home, and prescribed daily detoxifiers for my liver. After six months, with a twice a week office visit, my liver counts went from the highest level possible to normal.

"My recovery from the heart attack and head injury was slow, but Dr. Swartz was kind, caring, and magical in his treatment. His plans and techniques are the most incredible things I have ever encountered.

"I could feel improvements after each session.

"He is a Medical Qi Gong Master, and I recommend working with Dr. Swartz on any ailment.

"I encourage you to work with Dr. Swartz, he is truly one of the best.”

Elizabeth Ganzi

Recharging Qi Gong contains the core secrets of Chinese medicine.

It was originally reserved for seasoned Qi Gong practitioners who were working at an extremely deep level to develop their meditation and movement to a super human level.

I have taken it off the reserved list, and have offered it to you, so that you can get on the fast track to a long, powerful, and disease free life.

When I first took this medicine out of the box, prescribing it to a few of my patients, they all got immediate results by practicing the exercises in the program just a few minutes a day.

Recharging Qi Gong is designed to make your body happy. When your body is happy, you are happy.

My patients would pay me any price I asked for this program.

They know that it works wonders.

They have seen firsthand how it works on their own bodies.

They are the best messengers that anyone could ask for.

Along with the Manual I have included two (2) instructional DVDs with the Recharging Qi Gong program that give you detailed instructions on practicing the exercises as well as a DVD that you can use to follow along with daily.

In the end, I decided that I would price the program for less than what one office visit would cost.

3 Easy Payments of $97

The Recharging Qi Gong
Recharging Qi Gong
Manual & DVDs

And of course, I wouldn’t be Dr. Woody if I didn’t throw in more than you expect.

FREE gift number 1 - , I’ve got an audio CD on 3 Internal Secrets of Qi Gong.

On this Audio CD I give you 3 guided meditations as well as the core instructions of the 3 Internal Secrets of Qi Gong that turn regular movements into healing magic.

Without it you're just going through the motions. This is a must for any Qi Gong student, that’s worth $29.

The Recharging Qi Gong
Free Gift #1
3 Internal Secrets

FREE gift number 2 and FREE gift number 3 - , I have two live radio interviews, "Compassion, the Path to Mental Well-being."

This is a radio interview I did at the request of some of my meditation students and reveals the underlying principles of what is often understood as Buddhist Psychology.


"The Five Elements of Transformational Power" where I explain the foundation of Eastern Medicine (Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian), take live and very candid calls, and answer all kinds of questions.

That’s a $69 value.

Free Gift #2
Path to Mental Well-being

5 Elements
Free Gift #3
5 Elements of Power

FREE gift number 4 - , I have an audio CD on "The 10 Secrets To Sexual Vitality". Your Sexual health is an indicator of your overall health. If you’re not sexually healthy, regardless of your age, this is an introduction on how to get back on track.


But for this I’ll say it’s a $99 value. Sex always costs more.

The Recharging Qi Gong
Free Gift #4
10 Secrets of Sexual Vitality

The Recharging Qi Gong

So altogether the package is worth $373.

Even at full price it's a bargain, not only am I giving you the keys to a long life, I'm giving you all the things that make life more enjoyable and pleasurable.

But I’m sticking with a little less than the cost of one office visit.

3 Easy Payments Of $97.

That’s less than a dollar a day each year to get on the fast track to a long, powerful, and disease free life.

It’s the cheapest and most effective health insurance policy you will ever see.

I know scores of people who spend more than that on prescriptions for one month, and that’s a shame.

Because with every drug you take, you are diminished.

Get on my program now, and I’ll see you smiling at the century mark.

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Wishing you Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

Dr. Woody Swartz

P.S. Here’s a little note from my friend Matt Furey, one of the nations experts on fitness, and the power of the mind. He’s one of my patients.

"Dr. Swartz is the man I call when I want a treatment that takes me to the next level of health. He works on me as well as all of my family members, including my two kids. Every session leaves us recharged.

"I've also learned some very powerful chi kung exercises from Dr. Swartz that anyone who is looking for "the edge" would be wise to learn right away."

Matt Furey

Donna Eden

Matt Furey and Dr. Sherwood Swartz

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