Whoever Said You
Have To Age....LIED!

Over six centuries ago, a Chinese Health System was discovered that not only doubles your strength and flexibility, it boosts your immune system and empowers your thinking.  It also gives you a foundation for a long and healthy life no matter what your chronological age.

Dear Friend,

Around 30 years ago, I was introduced to a remarkable system of internal exercises- called Crane Style Qi Gong.  When doing these practices, no matter if I was angry, depressed, in a bad mood or just plain exhausted, in a matter of minutes my physiology and vibration changed 180 degrees and I was full of energy and power.

Understand it’s not like I was ever a couch potato.  I was a human exercise machine.  I ran and swam daily, hardly ever missed a day at the gym and after my workout, usually got in a few rounds of tennis.  My marshal arts were also part of my daily routine since I was very young.

Whether it was Kung Fu, Aikido, Jujitsu, Tai chi - I was always on the move.  All of my practices were very intense, strong and full of testosterone.  Even the herbal formulas I took were keeping me “revved up”.

Around My 33rd Birthday, I Realized That A Lot Of
My Training Was Interrupted By Injuries.
The Recovery Time Was A Drag... 

It would sometimes take days or weeks of down-time before I could go back to the gym.  Once, going down hill on roller blades, I hit a rock on the road that sent me flying ass-over-appetite and rendered me unable to workout for six weeks. That was a bummer.  I was always hyper-tensive, yang, or aggressive, in Nature to say the least.  I was like a hard block of steel, that when struck had a tendency to break which would throw off my training for two to three weeks.

In the late seventies, I moved back to Michigan for a year and was working for my family’s business.  I was also training in Aikido five nights a week and unlike the previous training, this was hard-core inner-city Detroit training.  I was getting my ass whipped.

One night I was invited to a gathering of healers and meditation students. That’s when I met Master Chin Wang.  He had just moved to the USA from Red China - didn’t speak a word of English.   But he did an exercise that was slow in movement, like Tai Chi, but had an energy component to it that I had never experienced before. I began training with him and within two weeks, the energy vortex in both my hands lit up like a glowing star. I had so much power running through my body that I felt super-charged.

Above: Dr. Wu Dhi Demonstrates Flying Crane Qi Gong Forms

I practiced Flying Crane Style Qi Gong both day and night and could feel the changes immediately. My down-time from injuries went down from two to three weeks to two to three days.  I recovered at light-speed.  It was like being in my early twenties.  I made Flying Crane Style Qi Gong the foundation of my practice.  I have now been practicing it for over 30 years. I can guarantee you its great results.  All of my students experienced its incredible energy.

"Flying Crane Style Qi Gong Is A Combination Of Many Forms..."

Flying Crane Style Qi Gong is a combination of many forms. It was developed in China over time and has now spread to every corner of the world.  I share this practice with every one of my students before I start them on more advanced exercises. Flying Crane Style Qi Gong is very easy to learn and opens up the chakras and meridians in minutes.

Flying Crane Style Qi Gong has five sets to it.  Each set opens up a different meridian in the body. It brings forth energy from both heaven and earth.  Balances the chakras, nourishes the internal organs and grounds you, instantly putting you in a very meditative state.

Benefits of Flying Crane Style Qi Gong:

  • Alleviates Pain

  • Loosens Stiffness In Your Joints

  • Improves Eyesight

  • Improves Hearing

  • Embellishes Your Sense Of Smell

  • Increases Your Sex-Drive

  • Boundless Energy

If there was a form that I could show you that would be the quickest to learn and give you the biggest bang for the buck, it would be Flying Crane Style Qi Gong.

I have taught this to hundreds of students and patients over the years, who suffered from psychological problems, problems with relationships, families, schools and name-calling throughout their lives. Once they started to practice Flying Crane Style Qi Gong, these twisted patterns that caused diseases such as cancer, heart conditions, diabetes and mental and emotional disorders disappeared without any medication or conventional therapy.

Now I’m not saying, one should throw away the medicine cabinet and fire your Doctor, But I am saying when you start doing Flying Crane style Qi Gong you will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency. When this happens, you’ll start feeling like a million bucks.

I know this because this is exactly what happened to me.  As well as the lives of those I’ve taught. One after another, people began to feel more strength, more power and more vitality.

Not only did they get stronger, fitter and more flexible – but they developed a laser-like focus, an ability to handle pressure that would previously have stressed them out – and while all of this was happening, others wondered what they were doing that made them change so dramatically.

Read What Myron Had To Say:

myron allen
Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 3:47 PM
Subject: flying crane qi gong
To: drwudhi@energymedicineflorida.com

afternoon dr woody i want to share with you my recent experiences with the crane qi gong i've owned it for about two months now and recently i noticed that i have more stamina when i run this past weekend after the first mile i felt no fatigue i turned around to run back home and started to smile i couldn't believe what was happening secondly i was performing the above qi gong and i mentally saw myself in hawaii under a waterfall of life giving water performing the exercises and BOOOM!!! dr let me tell you i felt this blissful energy that permeated my whole  body unbelieveable it's been an hour now and i still feel this calm inside and out thanks for your qigong keep up the great work

This is the best news you may ever read – it’s like a symphony for all the healthy cells in your body and medicine for those that need to heal.

Do these exercises and energize yourself in ways you’ve never thought possible. Everything else in terms of your health will just fall into place.


Flying Crane Style Qi Gong will give you incredible power, flexibility and strength. These exercises will rejuvenate you. These exercises will change who you are at a CORE level so that improvements in life become effortless rather than challenging.

If you listen to and follow along with me in what I am revealing to you in my new program, Crane Style Qi Gong – you will begin to do the right thing – even if you don’t feel like you want to.

What I’m recommending you do will be absolutely stunning to you each and every day- you will see and feel the changes.

If you’re uncomfortable with getting stronger and healthier, don’t bother reading any further.

But do know this.  More than 220 million people worldwide have diabetes. One in three get cancer and the number of heart attacks and strokes is staggering. However...

If you follow these simple exercises the chances of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes will be slim.  The odds will be stacked in your favor.

Now am not saying that you’ll get a deadly disease if you don’t follow my suggestions, because I cannot assure that.  I can tell you, though, if you do follow this program, the chances of heart attack, stroke and cancer will be greatly reduced.  If you already have these issues, the chances of you recovering from them are in your favor.

So push the button and order Crane Style Qi Gong – NOW.  Once you’ve placed your order, sit back and relax for you’re going to receive in the mail a package containing two DVD’s and one CD – the two DVD’s will have never-before-seen workouts that will begin to change how you look, feel and function.

The first DVD will include the entire Crane Style Qi Gong set plus the incredible “automatic move”, which opens up all the blockages in the body, mind and spirit.

The second DVD will be a step-by-step instructional program that teaches you the internal workings of Qi Gong that I have learned and practiced for three decades.

And there’s more, you will also receive the Qi Gong meditation CD, which I have distilled from 40 years of meditation practices drawn from the Tibetan and Taoist traditions. This alone is worth the price of the entire package.

I’m currently limiting the number of people I will make this information available to– because it will also come with a certificate for a live conference call with me in which I will answer your questions and guide you to success.  These teleconferences alone are priceless.  They will change your life inside and out.

The fee for the Crane Style Qi Gong package should be over $1,000.00.  Why?  Because I have spent decades learning what I’m practically giving away.

That’s why, right now, I’m going to make the program available to only 500 people. Those of you who act NOW will get my all-NEW exercise DVD and the DVD where I tell you about the one small change I want you to make that will make a HUGE difference in your life. And you get a ticket to a LIVE teleconference call that I hold for you. And you get all of this for the ridiculously low amount of $39.95 plus S&H.

I anticipate having 500 people enroll in the program pretty immediately. So jump on this offer NOW, and stop the aging process and start turning back the hands of father time NOW.

That’s it, you know what to do.  Push the button and place your order.

I wish you the best in wealth, health and happiness, 

Dr Wu Dhi

P.S.  Once Again, we’re talking about effortless success.  No guess-work, no mess.  Just do the exercises I teach and you will be amazed at how awesome you begin to look and feel – inside and out.


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