Longevity Walking Add Years to Your Life

hen you walk backwards it brakes up different
patterns in your body and mind. The more different
possibilities you add to your body and or mind
makes you more flexible, improves your balance and
gives you a new way of looking at the world.

How to Stay Thin

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off
it’s easy if you are willing to make a life style
change. But if you are not about to change your
eating habits you may just be on the yoyo program
where you loose a few pounds and gain them right

An Unwanted Hitchhiker

People come into my office
all the time and report that their doctor says
that there is nothing wrong with them, and their illness is all in their head
but they still feel rotten. sometimes it’s an energy problem and
it can affect their entire household.

How to Balance your Body

When there is an imbalance in the water element
the fire element goes wild. As we all know if you
make a fire the heat will rise. In the body if
there is too much heat it goes upward as well and
will disturb the mind, hence the insomnia.

The Mini Cooper blues

Once your health is gone it’s very hard to get
back. Every day I hear story after story about
people’s health problems and 80% of the older
people who are in their late 70’s and up say if
they knew they were going to live so long they
would have taken better care of themselves.

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