What’s the difference between Insane and Out-of-Sane?

There is a group of people in the society that
only eat organic food. They don’t trust the grocery stores or even the health
food stores.
That group of counter-culture
believe in global warming, even such conspiracy
theory as Chemtrails,
homeopathic medicine, and avoiding GMO products.

Can Qigong Improve your Life?

In Chine medicine, the memory depends on
three organs: the heart, kidneys, and the spleen.
The spleen houses intellect and influences memory.
The kidney houses willpower and is responsible for
memory, in the sense of memorization of everyday
events, names, and faces. The heart controls
memory because it houses the mind. If the Qi and
blood of the heart is nourished, the mind will be
strong. If not, one develops insomnia and can’t
quiet the mind.

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