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Women Absorb Energy And Retain DNA Of Every Man They Have Sex With


Women Absorb Energy And Retain DNA Of Every Man They Have Sex With


This morning, I ran across an article that was
quite interesting. It reminded me of what my
Master said about our sexual encounters and how it
can affect your karma. According to a study by the
University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research Center many years ago, scientists
discovered that large minorities of women have
Y-chromosome gene sequences in their blood. At
first glance, this seems strange. Men are born
with Y-chromosomes, but most women are not. Where
did the male cells in women come from? These must
have come from somewhere…

The most obvious source is a fetus. Nearly every
woman who has ever been pregnant or had a baby has
cells from her fetus circulating in her
bloodstream. These cells filter through the
placenta and reside in the mother’s bloodstream
and organs for the rest of her life. This
condition is called microchimerism, which xplains
why women with sons would have Y-chromosome
sequences in their blood. But, that’s no reason
why they would have a male chromosome without even
having son. They found that it was through sexual
intercourse. There remains a good possibility
that cells from a lover may be transmitted during
sex. Those cells may hang out forever in the
recipient’s body, taking up residence in any organ
and remaining as imprints of past lovers.

My Master cautioned me about this many years ago
saying that, the more sexual partners you have,
the more karma you accumulate. You may not like
what I am about to say, especially if you have had
a horde of past lovers. Imagine, every time you
make love to someone, you create a psychic cord
between you and your lover. All of them now and
from the past. This energetic cord ends up
absorbing your lover’s karma and the karma of all
their lovers as well. Yes, you are all connected.
What exactly does that mean? Let me explain… You
make love to Karla, she is exceptional. Karla has
another lover unbeknownst to you – let’s call him
Joe – he is a bad dude. So, you making love to
Karla, you get her karma and the bad guy Joe’s
karma as well.

There is much more involved in making love than
what we all expected. There is no casual
love-making; you are absorbing your lover’s DNA as
well as his karma. Energy cords could affect your
emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical
health. Anytime we choose to engage in a casual
sexual relationship with someone, whether it is
for just one night or long term, we create energy
cords with that person. Having casual sex is not
bad; it is simply an experience but with
consequences. One of the most powerful energies
available to humans is sexual energy. In that
moment where we physically connect our body with
that of another person, we are connecting at much
deeper levels. These powerful connections,
regardless of how insignificant you think they
are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within
people who do not practice any type of cleansing,
be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise. The
more you interact intimately with someone, the
deeper the connection and the more entanglements
you create. Sex has always sparked many emotions
as well as one’s creativity.

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