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The BIG Move


The BIG Move


I am charged up and full of ENERGY!!

Last Friday we closed the office in Aventura and
the entire crew worked hard all day packing. Julie
my personal assistant is a star. She got it all
together, boxed up, labeled and color-coded. By
the time we left the major stuff, like: files,
computers, herbs, vitamins, homeopathic medicine
and all the cool machines I use to keep my
patients and students healthy together were packed
and ready to go.

A BIG Thank You Julie.
We are all ready to go to the new clinic.

Early Saturday morning I met with the other
doctors to wait for the movers and our BIG move to
a newer clinic. I love the energy ; it’s a great
place for healing and cultivating Qi.

Whenever we make changes it ‘s hard. Our mind
likes things just the way they are, no matter if
it’s good or a bad. On the other hand our habit
body likes things just the way they are…
We are creatures of habit and we do the same thing
over and over usually with no awareness. Our habit
body acts just like a robot doing the same tasks
again and again. Change and movement for the
habit body is good, for our growth and development
and change is an important ingredient.

I found this in the Huffpost
Written by Amber Rose Monaco

“We all know that change is hard. Change is hard
because you brain is wired to do the same thing
over and over, regardless if that activity is good
or bad for you. We also know how challenging it
can be to go through change, but the positive
consequence is really awesome.
I fully believe change is good for you. Even when
it seems tough, you are learning and growing as a
person. Change happens slowly, but it happens.

Here are five reasons why change is good for you:
You are pushed out of your comfort zone.


1.Life in the comfort zone is easy. You simply
follow a routine and you can predict the
consequences. Outside of the comfort zone, your
assumptions are challenged. Your opinions,
mindset, and belief system are tested. You must
find new ways to articulate who you are and what
you believe. The idea of doing the same thing over
and over without question is discouraged. Getting
out into the world and doing something new and
different is a fostered approach to life.
You get to experience more.

2.Change is good because you have the opportunity
embrace new experiences. New perspectives are
waiting for you at the doorstep. Opportunities are
plentiful. When you look back on your life, all of
the really amazing things are because of a new
experience you had. All of those vacations you
took and all of the people you have met have
taught you more than you ever learned in school.
These experiences now make up who you are today.

3.You get to find out who you really are.
When you are going through a transition, your mind
expands in way that is hadn’t in the past. You
find out about what you can handle and what you

4.You learn about your limitations. You
figure out what your are really made of. Learning
about yourself, including what you cannot handle,
helps you to figure out a better path to take in
life. You are open to the possibility of learning
that what you have been doing in the past isn’t
suiting the future.

5.Makes you more flexibility and adaptable.
Without a doubt, change makes your more flexible
and adaptable. You learn to embrace chaos in a way
that seems foreign but acceptable and achievable.
Then, you are armed with more confidence as you
walk into the next uncomfortable situation. You
begin to thrive in new situations because you have
proven to yourself that you can, not only handle
change, but FLOURISH.You have more fun.

When you are open to change, you are open to
saying YES to more. You are open to more
experiences and opportunities. You have the
opportunity to meet more people too. When you add
all of these things together, you are going to
have a more robust life and you’ll have a ton of
fun figuring it all out along the way — there’s no
doubt about it.


I couldn’t have said it better!

The moving company got there on time and we put in
a full day, and then some from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
with just a short break.
They move everything out and in its new home and
now the real work begins.
Setting up the computers, phones, files Internet
where to put all the staff, get new chairs for the
waiting room, as well as what new things are we
going to need etc. etc.
I am changing the lighting in the treatment room
and my office to a softer healing light and adding
the five-element color therapy lighting. The
treatment table is covered with a mattress filled
with hundreds of healing magnets that have an
advanced scientific technology that combines
natural materials that works to boost the healing

We are all excited to be able to serve you with
all the new advanced technology and methods of
improving your health and well-being.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. Call Julie 305-407-0120 today to set up your
consultation and treatment.

The New address is
2390 Miami Gardens Dr. Miami, Fl.33180

PSS. There are some Big advantages in getting at
least one treatment
a month or one treatment bi-weekly as well as a
Big savings

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