My Biggest move in 22 years


My Biggest move in 22 years

I have been treating patients in Aventura Florida
for the last 22 years with great success and
satisfaction. For the last 16 or 17 years my
office has been in the Fresh Market Plaza building
on Biscayne Avenue in Aventura Florida in fact I
have been practicing in beautiful Aventura since I
went into business. First I was with a colleague
and friend Dr. Simon Astor at Healing Earth
Holistic center and then Iluma Health Center.

Simon is now practicing Western Medicine at Mt.
Sinai hospital in Miami Beach and doing a great
For the last 10 years I have been working with Dr.
Andrew Sands at Whole Life Health and Wellness
Center in the same location. I enjoyed working
with both of these fine doctors and now it’s time
for a change.

We are moving the entire office to a location just
6 blocks northwest at 2390 NE 186th street, also
known as Miami Gardens, Miami 33180. Our phone
number will remain the same 305-407-0120.
The new building has more room to teach classes
and lectures and I will be announcing the classes
and lectures very soon.

The BIG move will take place this coming Friday
January 26 and we will re-open to serve your
health needs on February 7th. 2018. Making a move
between a lunar eclipse (January 31st.) and a
solar eclipse (February 15th) is a bold move as
the energies are strong.
We will re-open on February 7th. in the new
location with some exciting new treatments to
enhance your health and longevity.
This move is happening in the sign of Aquarius, a
very creative sign. How does this express itself?
Aquarius is a very cerebral, thinking things
through, analyzing and thinking several steps
ahead. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and that is
about intellect and thinking when we speak. In
this new office I will be focusing on enhancing
brain health and longevity. Yes of course if your
back is sore or you have a cold or the flu I’ll do
my best to heal all of your aches and pains.
Aquarius ruling planet Uranus is also known for
making sudden changes and this is true. As we move
forward and the pace quickens our brain health is
more important than ever. Every day I see more and
more patients with memory loss, depression and
fear of loosing their individuality. If you find
yourself thinking about something more then what
is usual for you we need to look into tuning up
your brain. You may feel edgy and stuck like
something is about to change but you don’t know
what it is. This could partially be a chemical
imbalance from the foods you are eating or the
lack of nourishing your brain. It’s high time that
we focus on brain health that will enhance your
entire system.
January 31st is the first Eclipse of the year.
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse It is also a Super Moon
and it is a Blue Moon (the second Full Moon of the
month). This is a lot of emotional energy with a
Super Moon and this affects our mind/body and
spirit. The new office will give us all a new
opportunity to grow in new ways and rejuvenate
mentally, physically and spiritually.
When we are faced with adversity there is a lot of
powerful that’s cuts like a doubled faced sword,
some of us will simply go over the top, into
overload. This power can be channeled into an
opportunity to make you stronger, healthier and
wiser. Our meditation and Qi Gong classes will
start by the end of February contact Julie at
305-407-0120 to receive a schedule and to book a
treatment to distress and re-channel and re-charge
your energy.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi
PS the New office address is 2390 NE Miami Gardens
Drive Miami, Fl. 33180


Dr. Wu Dhi

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