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Anti-Stress Booster Summer Special!


Anti-Stress Booster Summer Special!

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the top
holistic practitioners in the United States,
vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is
part of the B vitamin family. B vitamins help
support adrenal function, calm and maintain a
healthy nervous system, and are necessary for key
metabolic processes. Vitamin B12 is important in
DNA synthesis and in maintaining healthy nerve
cells. Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include
fatigue, muscle weakness, shortness of breath,
dizziness, numbness, heart palpitations, bleeding
gums, mouth sores, nausea and diarrhea. Symptoms
may present themselves slowly and may not be
recognized for some time and, then, out of
nowhere, they show their ugly head. A deficiency
of B12 can produce pernicious anemia, which can
lead to memory loss, confusion and even dementia.

When a patient comes into my office stressed out,
and they just seem to have too much on their plate
and are not able to handle it, they have no energy
to get up and go, and they are usually lethargic.
These are symptoms of adrenal fatigue. One of the
first things that I suggest is replenishing their
vitamin B resources. When the body is
overstressed, we burn up our vitamin B reserves
quicker than one could imagine. These can easily
be replaced in minutes with a few injections that
easily restore the vitamin B12, and your stress
seems to fade away.

For the month of July, I have a vitamin B12
special – an injection a week for six weeks for
only $100! It only takes a few minutes to increase
your energy, strengthen your immune system and
lose weight easily! This will only last for the
month of July, so, if you are in South Florida,
come on in! Call and make your appointment today
at 305-407-0120. If you are not in my area, be
sure to contact your own doctor and get on the

De-stress yourself!

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi


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Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health care for over 30 years and a master of Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in neurology under the direction of Professor Sun at the prestigious Heilongjiang, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin P.R. China.
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