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The Power of the Lunar Eclipse


The Power of the Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse will be here tomorrow, Thursday,

August 18, 2016. It will be at 26 degrees
Aquarius. When there is a Full Moon in Aquarius, I
seem to have friends show up unexpectedly from all
parts of the world. Things seem to work out for
everyone, making situations better than ever. This
also happens on a global level for the next few

This Lunar Eclipse is very positive and exciting
for change. New discoveries and relationships will
send you on a special assignment to find plans for
a brighter future. It’ Lunar Eclipsess a great time to focus your
attention on your home, family, and all your
relationships. Now is the time to be in touch with
your own needs, as you can clearly see any
relationship imbalances causing disharmony, and
put them back in balance, or root them out once
and for all. This Full Moon will complete a
six-month cycle of your projects and goals, and
it’s now time to start anew.

Beginning September 1st Solar Eclipse, your slate
is clear to begin new projects. This is the best
time to get your life in order. Acknowledge all
you have accomplished over the last six months. As
you gather your harvest, get ready for what’s to

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health care for over 30 years and a master of Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in neurology under the direction of Professor Sun at the prestigious Heilongjiang, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin P.R. China.
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