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The Yin Healing Power of Water


The Yin Healing Power of Water

I have been living in Florida for more than twenty
years, but I was brought up in Michigan. Most of
my life, I have been surrounded by water. I have
found that being around big bodies of water is
when I function best.

Water has the quality of yin; it is very calming
and, at the same time, very powerful. Most people
have the wrong notion that, any liquid that is
water-based such as, coffee, tea, and Pepsi, does
just the same as drinking water. Well, that is far
from the truth. Would you ever think of washing
your face with a bottle of Pepsi, or using coffee
to clean your clothes? Of course not, that is just
ridiculous. The reason for this is that water does
much more for us than simply being a lubricant.
Water is part of our source of energy or Qi. The
body needs electricity (Qi) to function, and the
properties of water are necessary. Water is
female; it possesses many qualities: cool, light,
soft, healing, reflective, and a transmitter. The
more water there is in a particular area, the more
auspicious it becomes for gathering and collecting

Water is considered our most essential nutrient.
The body must be rehydrated daily in order to
sustain optimum health. Most of us lose two and a
half quarts of water per day. On a daily basis, we
lose a pint of water just by exhalation, another
pint by perspiration, and around three more from
urination and defecation. When you become
dehydrated, your health is compromised. You can
lose brain activity, have poor muscle tone, muscle
pain, increased toxicity within the tissues, and
symptoms of senility.

When you exercise or when it is hot, we lose even
more water. Living in Florida where it is hot, I
exercise daily. When I work on patients, I
generate lots of heat. I am drinking water all day
long. It keeps me healthier and younger.

The reason I live close to the ocean is because it
is considered an auspicious, energetic location
where the Earth Dragon Qi is highly concentrated.
The ocean has a strong cleansing and purifying
effect to the body’s Qi. Practicing Qi Gong on the
beach disperses negative emotions and regulates
the internal organs.

If you are interested in learning a very powerful
Qi Gong, call my office at 305-407-0120 and give
Julie your name and e-mail address. You may
contact her at
I will let you know when the next class is. If you
are not living in South Florida, you can get the
DVD’s. If you are coming to Florida, you are
invited to join in as a guest.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi



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