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How Language Can Change Your Life


How Language Can Change Your Life

In the eighties, I lived in South America for
three years, and it changed my life forever. I was
brought up in Detroit, Michigan and I don’t
remember hearing any other language except
English. When I moved to South America, I’d go to
dinner with friends and the conversation would
start out in English, and then changed to Spanish,
then French and German, and back to English and
Spanish. My head was spinning and I realized that
I was living in a bubble most of my life. Having
been brought up with only one language limits you
mentally, physically and spiritually. It is just
like exercise; many people go to the gym, play
sports, and run. That is their idea of exercise.
All thought these exercises keep the body fit.
However, they do little for the spirit and the
mind. The internal exercises work not only on your
physical body, but also on your energetic body as
well as your spiritual body. You know when someone
is touching you, it affects your physical body.
But, did you ever have anyone step into your
space? Even though they haven’t physically touched
you, they are too close for comfort. And our
spiritual body is affected by different events.
Like, if you hear there is an earthquake somewhere
and thousands of people are killed, it affects
you. Or, something happens to your aunt who lives
in California and you live in New York, it affects
you in your spiritual body. There are many
examples of this that we just don’t think about.
To be balanced, you want to work all three bodies
mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
That’s what the internal exercises do. One of the
programs that I insist that all of my students
learn is called the Qi Gong bundle. This is a
series of three different DVD’s that you can
download and begin your practice today.


Dr. Steven Chang once said, “If you practice
external exercises, you must practice internal
exercises. But, if you practice internal
exercises, you do not need to practice external
exercises.” In the internal exercises, you are
strengthening your internal organs and making
yourself younger, stronger and healthier.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi


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