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The Little Red Rooster Is About To Get You


The Little Red Rooster Is About To Get You


We are moving out of the Monkey year end of
January. The Monkey year was a lot of jumping
around from branch to branch. I am a Monkey and my
energy was high all year. In fact, sometimes, the
energy was too high for my liking. One of my
teachers told me that a Monkey in a Monkey year
has a tendency to get over-amped. His antidote was
to wear red to calm down the energy. Maybe this
was just a Chinese wives’ tale, but I bought a
pair of glasses with red frames and, it worked. If
you are a Rooster born in a Rooster year, wear
white and that will help to keep you balanced.

On January 28, 2017, on the second New Moon, at
8:00 AM, the year of the Red Fire Rooster begins.
The Year of the Rooster will be a powerful one,
with no middle of the road when it comes to moving
forward. It’s a year that you want to look your
best and be clear on your intentions concerning
love, money, and business. Stick to practical and
well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than
risky ventures. It will be a good year if you are
loyal, committed, and hardworking. In the Year of
the Red Rooster, we can count only on ourselves
and on our own abilities.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, in 2017, the
Rooster is the patron element of Fire, which
automatically endows it with the color red. Some
of the traits of the “Red Fire Rooster” are fury,
aggression, pressure, belligerence, egoism, and
despotism. The Rooster is an incredibly
multi-faceted image. Apart from the obvious
irascibility, impulsiveness, emotional
instability, and fury, he also possesses the
following qualities: pedantry, accuracy,
generosity, and courage. Some people born in the
year of the Rooster often combine in themselves
all these emotions all at once.

Your actions over the course of the year will be
important. The sensual and psycho-emotional
spheres in 2017 will undergo substantial changes.
It’s important to point out that the Rooster is
quite a jealous creature, as everyone who has
lived in the country will tell you. How fiercely
this leader-egotist defends his hens! But remember
that jealousy may destroy relationships quite a
bit, even marriages and family unions that had
seemed quite tough. You needn’t take it as a
unique “test of fate.” There is no kind of subtext
whatsoever here.

It is necessary to be especially attentive to
one’s words and actions this year, the rooster
always strives to take part in any conflict. He
loves to criticize and isn’t ashamed to do so.
It’s important to understand this image, because
in 2017, communication will have decisive meaning,
in part, in the process of solving conflict
situations. The Fire Rooster will teach you a lot
about aggressive and diplomacy.

As a whole, 2017 will be successful for
businessmen, athletes, soldiers, and for people of
action. If you are used to acting first and then
thinking, if thoughtfulness drives you into a deep
melancholy, and dynamic action gives you strength,
then the Red Fire Rooster will appeal to you.
Initiative, industriousness, generosity, and
honesty are the key positive features of this time
period. Fanaticism, egocentrism, and coarseness —
these are the weaknesses which you should rid
yourself of as soon as you can. It is said in
China that the year of the Fire Rooster is a time
when everyone receives what he deserves.
Take the time to learn and practice internal
exercises in this Fiery Red Hot Rooster year.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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