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Super Powerful Full Moon


Super Powerful Full Moon

A full packed full moon is coming on the 31st of
January. This is a blue moon, a Supermoon with an
eclipse. It’s called the WOLF Moon, so-called
because it was believed to make wolves howl with
abnormal and frightening force.

This is the second Supermoon this month. A
Supermoon occurs when a full moon coincides with
the moon’s closest approach to Earth. Because the
moon’s orbit of the planet is not a perfect
circle, it is closer to the earth than usual. This
can make the moon appear up to 14 % bigger and 30
% brighter than a normal full moon.

The power of the full moons energy is starting to
increase, as the moon gets fuller and with the
Eclipses in the sign of Leo there are more
extremes, and we’ve certainly going to see some
intense examples of both good and bad.

It’s time to go beyond criticizing and blaming.
January’s eclipse—and indeed, its action-driven
energy all month. This Super Blue moon combined
with the Eclipse summons us to “be the change we
wish to see in the world.” This full moon is
happening in fiery Leo, it’s time to take your
power back.

The full moon is in the Fire sign Leo, the king of
the jungle is dramatic, passionate, bold, and he
gets things done. The full moon is a time of
illumination, a time of power, and a time of
manifestation, the sign Leo feels right at home
with all this power. This dynamic full moon is
packed with energy to help us get clear on our
vision for the year ahead.

Our universe is charged up more than ever
during this eclipse portal.
This is a powerful time,
Focus on what you truly want,
What ever you invoke and focus on now
will have lasting effects for months to come.

Here are a few ways to stay in the eye of
the hurricane so to speak and to use the energy of
this full moon
eclipse to your advantage:


1. Practice your Qi Gong, it will keep you
2. Meditate, it will sharpen your focus
3. Take walks in nature, it will open up your
4. Pay attention to what’s happening around you.
5. Stay hydrated.
6. Avoid negativity and arguments.
7. Smile a lot.
8. Guard your sexual energy.
9. Stay flexible in body, mind and spirit.
This is a time of intense energy. Use it or it may
use you.

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how to turn your Stress into Power.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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