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Here They Come Again


Here They Come Again

The Lucky Boy Motel can be your demise or your
ultimate success. Last Sunday, I left the house
around seven o’clock for my evening practice. I
usually walk down to the ocean and start my
internal practices. But, that evening, I decided
to walk around the neighbourhood. Instead of
heading east to the ocean, I walked to the west.
It’s around four or five blocks to US1, a major
thoroughfare. They say that highway runs for over
2,000 miles. I never paid too much attention to
that street, but I thought I’d find a cool park to
practice in, or maybe a 100-year-old Banyan tree.
I walked along the highway and came up to an old
motel, “The Luck Boy,” a motor court built in the
fifties. I had to stop and laugh seeing its bright
neon sign boasting that they had TV’s in every
room. I thought the word “Luck Boy” implies the
guy was going to get lucky either by gambling or
with a lady. When I returned home a few hours
later, I did a little research on the phrase and
was I shocked. According to the Urban Dictionary,
“Lucky Boy” is a pedophile, often used inside
prisons and penitentiaries. Creepy old man
Caruthers who lives up the block is definitely a
Lucky Boy. Creepy! I wonder what the guy who named
that place was into.

What the name of that little motel, “Lucky Boy,”
reminded me is for the gratitude I have for my
life. I live the life I have been given, and I am
grateful for what I do and how I have chosen to be
young at heart and healthy through my actions. My
health doesn’t come from luck; it comes from hard
work, diet and practicing internal exercises and
meditation. It takes more than luck; it takes
action and the attitude of gratitude. All of us
can change and have what we want when we want it.
First, make an attitude adjustment, then have
gratitude for who you are and what you have, and
take action. Do them all and you are guaranteed

I have been following the ancient Chinese system
of Feng Shui using the Magic Square to move
through all the domains of life, to keep every
aspect moving with lightning speed towards where I
want to be. I often teach workshops on the Magic
Square and, a few years ago, I presented a two-day
workshop that we recorded on video. The Magic
Square has helped hundreds of thousands get things
rolling in all aspects of their lives. You can
still order a copy and you’ll see the difference
on how quickly you’ll get exactly what you choose
for yourself.


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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