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Ancient Chinese Teaching

Warning: The Teachings I’m About To Show You Are So Powerful That They Were Used Only By Emperors and Royalty For Centuries.

These Closely Guarded Secrets Are So Powerful That Swordsman and Soldiers Have Died While Protecting These Secrets, Rather Than Give Them Away. In 1974, By A Stroke Of Good Fortune, I Discovered These Secrets And Am Going to Show You How To Get Your Hands On Them Before It’s Too Late…

Dear Friend,

Many of you have written me and asked if you could acquire a copy of the workshop that I taught in Miami a few months ago on the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret.

I don’t share these teachings with the public, but if you have been a loyal reader of Dr. Wu’s health tips I have agreed to share these.

If you recall I send out this email before to tell you a little about the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret.

What do you tell the person who
feels unloved? Who feels beaten down?
The person who lost hope and doesn’t
feel acknowledged? Read on…

Linda knows that I am an acupuncturist,
but when she came into the office the
first thing she said was, “Doc I don’t want any needles stuck in me, but I need your help.

I feel alone and unloved by my husband-
and the kids only want me to do things

for them and they don’t give back.
Not even a thank you!

I think they feel
that they are entitled to all my time
and energy. Can you please HELP?”

She Was Surprised When I Told Her The Answer Was Right In Front Of Her…

“Linda, it was back in 1974 when
I first learned about a Chinese system
known only as the “Ancient Chinese Healing Secret” that helped
me, as well as many of my students
and patients sort things out to bring
their lives back into balance.
It’s a rather simple system,
but very profound and most powerful
at the same time.

The Master’s that I studied with,
were skilled in Black Hat Fung Shui –
the most mystical and spiritual
of all the Fung Shui practices.
That’s where I received the path
teachings and the bulk of my knowledge.

They say that the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret formula
goes back to Emperor Yu who was the first Emperor of China and was credited with the discovery of the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret.
It has been said that the Emperor was trying to tame the unruly Yellow River.

He saw a giant tortoise emerge from
the river. On the shell, there was a
pattern of nine lines near the head,
one line near it’s tail,
four lines near its left foot,
two lines near its right fore foot,
eight lines near its left hind foot,
six lines near its right hind foot,
and five lines in the center.

These lines contain the keys to the
magic square. The patterns found were
so unique that in any direction-
horizontal,vertical, or diagonal,
the numbers all add up to fifteen.

This is said to represent the fifteen
days in each of the 24 cycles
of the Chinese Year.

From the discovery of this Ancient Chinese Healing Secret
evolved the I Ching, Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki, Geomancy, Chinese Astrology and Chinese numerology.

There are many hidden secrets in the use of the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret; the one that I practice and teach my students comes from the deep roots of the Chinese Medical Qi Gong.

Once you understand how it works,
you can balance your health,relationships, wealth, career, success patterns, family, and open up your inner creativity.

Interesting enough everything in the formula must move through spirit to make it work.

The keys to success is in the balance of the spiritual energy.

The Balance You’re Seeking

Is Right In Front Of You

Last November 13, 2010
I taught this powerful workshop
on The Inner teachings of The

Use and practice of the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret.

How to successfully work
with this ancient system to help
balance the nine domains of your life.

The class included:

  • The internal formulas
  • How to work the 9 patterns
  • The internal exercises of Medical Qi Gong Yin set – a powerful exercise to strengthen the internal organs and facilitate the integration of the teachings into your every day life.

If you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You work with people
  • You want to transform Stress
  • Increase your power of attraction
  • You want to be More Powerful…

This workshop is a must.

Here’s What You’ll Get

The 2 DVD set plus a one hour conference call with me Dr. Wu Dhi on the teachings of the Ancient Chinese Healing Secret: The Magic Square is valued at $295.00.

For a limited time offer for members only
this program with the conference call is $99 +S & H

We can only offer this low price to a very small group. We only printed 97 copies of this DVD set, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. In fact, the next time you read this website, this page will probably be gone. Act now…

The Answer Is Right In Front Of You.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late.

Workshop DVDs with FREE Phone Consultation:

____Magic Square Workshop DVDs $99.00 plus S&H

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