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We all seek out and hope to mate with each other.
This is a normal process to perpetuation of our
species. It also explains that certain features
are extremely enticing to the opposite sex because
they indicate signs of fertility and health.

Our need to exist and to perpetuate that existence
drives us like a bee to honey. If you like it or
not, you are just like a wild animal, but with a
certain degree of sophistication. As humans, we
don’t think of ourselves as just a production
machine to produce babies, or being a wild animal.
But evolution and biological urges drive us to
mate and reproduce. We are driven by the pleasure
of sex as well as the natural urge.

Imagine you are gazing into your lover’s eyes. You
may be thinking that you have risen higher than
that lustful sex machine that you believe you have
transcend with that urge filled with lust. But, in
truth, it’s just nature’s way of packaging that
drive to reproduce our species. Two human beings
courting each other are essentially the same as
two wild animals at mating time. We have a
certain way of giving off a scent and a signal,
which comes down to this person healthy enough,
young enough to bear offspring. By the same token,
the accouterments of human courtship – romance,
flowers, music, and moonlight dinners – are really
just nature’s way of getting two people together.

Nature is ruthless. Nature must prevail. So,
nature finds the means to get a male and a female
to mate. This, basically, is the scientific
approach to physical attraction. All this sexual
excitement is a good thing, but as humans, we want
more than just the act of “cumming and going”. We
want satisfying sexual experiences. images-3

In Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Qi Gong program, you will learn how to
enhance your sexual experience and be a better
lover. You will get that feeling of Boundless
Energy and Whole Body Orgasms. You will learn the
Power of Magnetic Attraction without Drugs,
Sprays, or Love Toys. The techniques in Dr. Wu
Dhi’s Sexual Qi Gong program are practiced by
Masters for Longevity and Increased Sexual Power,
and so can you.

Don’t delay for another day. Get it on the way you
always wanted.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health care for over 30 years and a master of Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in neurology under the direction of Professor Sun at the prestigious Heilongjiang, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin P.R. China.
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