The Power and Danger of your Words


The Power and Danger of your Words


The Power and Danger of your Words

My Master always harped on us about what we said
how we used words.
As a young student I had no idea of the
significance of how our words affect our lives.
Years later and after loads of studies in
communications, spiritual work and years of
meditations, I realize how powerful the spoken
word is both verbally and the self-talk that we
all do. Every day it becomes clearer that our
words shape our lives and creative energy patterns
that either enhance us or can trap us and take
possession over your life and make you a slave.
Your words and thought forms are very powerful and
can give you a lifetime of joy and happiness or
make you a slave.

I have discovered that Energetic thought- forms
are created from our unintentional or
unconsciously created thoughts. These thought
forms could create a spiritual larva that can form
from severe emotional or spiritual imbalances.

A spiritual larva is considered an unintentionally
created self-induced thought-form that can cause
many different mental disturbances, fantasies,
delusions and emotional disorders. They are
manifested from the emotions of fear, anger,
grief, sorrow, and worry.
It is important to realize that all thoughts
whether kind or wicked are composed of internal
belief structures that create and mold energy. A
patient’s negative thought forms could effectively
influence the progression of an external pathogen
by weakening the person’s immune system.

Over the last 30 some years I have been treating
patients with such imbalances of weak immune
systems that stem from both spiritual larva and

If you have a health problem that your doctor
can’t find a cure for or they say your condition
is untreatable by drugs give me a call
305-407-0120 and we can discuss your case.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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