Are your communications off?

ercury is about short trips, siblings and
transportation. Speaking, writing, books, online
communications and learning are all within
Mercury’s domain. Mercury rules communication and
transportation, these two areas are most
influenced during a Mercury Retrograde.
Use this time to do activities to renew, repair,
review, renegotiate, and research.

Moon Magic

If you haven’t heard of Sky lanterns
they are one of the most well known festivity
activities in the world. They hold so much
significance for people in the Asian culture and
are said to imply good luck and prosperity.

The Flu Shot Myth

If you want to
avoid colds and flu’s forever, you need to work on
your immune system. The cold and flu season is
here. It’s time to boost your immune system
naturally to stay healthy and strong throughout
the season.

New Break Through in Staying Healthy and Beautiful

Last year one of my major suppliers of homeopathic
injectables pulled out 80% of their products from
the USA market. They said it was just a business
decision but I am sure there is a lot more to it.
To say the least, I was not too pleased to get
that news. I have been working with these
homeopathies for over 20 years and just when I
really got to understand the medicine and the
philosophy it is no longer available in the USA.

It’s time to train

It’s a time for The Performance of positive deeds,
which are greater to those practiced at any other
time of the year. As well as making offerings to
ancestors. These good deeds become a great
blessing enabling one to reach “the other shore.”
The Autumnal Equinoxes, are the Ideals for
reflecting on the meaning of life.

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