How the News Affects your Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is the
organ responsible for the smooth flow of emotions
as well as Qi and blood. It is the organ that is
most affected by excessive stress or emotions.
When we are bombarded by negative energy that
pisses us off, it is definitely a stimulus and
gets our emotions raging. There is plenty of
energy but, if this energy isn’t directed
properly, it will eventually drain you and suck
your energy away.

Save Your Seed Part I

Grow a food garden. It can be in pots, on the
ground, or in raised beds.
Collect rainwater. Buy organic, non-GMO foods.
Collect and save your own seeds and share them
with your family friends.

Are GMO’s Killing You?

The companies involved in these GMO guarantee that
they are safe and will cause no harm to your
health. I believe this is a BIG Lie. But the ones
who say it safe are the ones selling the GMO
products in fact the head of Food and Drug
administration (FDA) worked for Monsanto. Sounds
like the fox is in the hen house.

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