Stop Smoking at Last


Stop Smoking at Last !

At least a few times a week patients come into see
me to get their first acupuncture treatment, just
to t check it out, some rebook and others are
just window shopping and want to see how it feels.
I had a gentleman come in a few weeks ago
suffering from neuropathy, ( numbness and
tingling) in his feet which was driving him crazy
and the traditional treatments were not helping .
I suggested that he gets a few treatments a week
for the month. But he didn’t have the patients to
go trough a series of treatments. Now he is just
relying on pain pills for his problem. I heard
that last week he took a few too many pills and
lost his balance and when he hit the ground his
hip broke, sad news sing the blues.

I was talking to his daughter the other day and
she said he is having a hard time healing, because
he smokes a pack and a half everyday. I called him
and suggested he gives up the cigarettes and he
didn’t want to hear about it at all and asked

-What’s wrong with smoking? –

smoking robs the body of oxygen and prevents self
repair, suppresses appetite and kills your taste
buds. It also disturbs digestion.

Tobacco alone is not deadly many cultures use
tobacco for rituals, meditation and even money.
The native American smoked for rituals but only
the Chief smoked regularly.

The harmful parts in tobacco are the chemicals and
agents they use for flavoring. Untreated tobacco
will burn out by itself , but the big tabacco
companies add extending agents to make a cigarette
keep on burning until it’s gone.

Even though I pointed out all the bad stuff that
cigarette smoking brings with it . I hear this all
the time,

“But I not ready to Quit smoking”.

There are two main reasons people don’t quit

1.Smoking habits

2. nicotine addictions

If you are still smoking there are detoxification
programs that will help free you from the
addiction and the habits and I can help you with
the acupuncture stop smoking treatment. The
treatment can free you of most addition.

Call now and be smoke free. 305-407-0120

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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