A New Look And Big Savings


I have had a website since 2007 and have sold
thousands of products over the years. But, as you
know, having a website is an ongoing process, and
I have tried different webmasters from all over
the world. Each one adds their own flair to the
website. As the years go by, there is a stack of
info piled upon and piled on. I didn’t even know
this was a problem until I decided to update. I
decided to switch over to WordPress to make things
easy or, at least, I thought so. I hired a local
webmaster and he bought a template for fifty bucks
and said it was all fixed. Wrong! It was far from
fixed and only made more of a mess. Finally, I
found a code writer who had to copy my entire site
and slowly untangle years of so-called webmaster’s
work. I am sure they all had good intentions, but
the site was just a cluster of fixes here and

Well, we finally got things going and the new
facelift is coming together. Take a look
www.rechargingqigong.com. It’s still a work in
progress. Soon, all my products will be
downloadable which will save on time, shipping,
artwork and making the CD’s and DVD’s. What a
relief! Now, I can concentrate on getting you more
quality information at a much more affordable
price, delivered within a few minutes.

At last, I will be getting back to sharing this
important spiritual and healing work. I thank
all of you for your support.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you want a hard copy, they will still be
around for a few months.

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