Jerky Legs At Night?


Jerky Legs At Night?

They call it Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). If you
are having trouble sleeping due to unpleasant
sensations in your legs which make it difficult to
stay asleep, you most likely have RLS. This is
usually from a magnesium deficiency and the
exercises you haven’t been doing. My patients have
found magnesium cream works well and is quickly
absorbed into the skin, as well as practicing the
exercises that are specifically designed to stop
jumping legs and get better night’s sleep: Dr.
Wu’s Restless Legs Syndrome Relief Program

Dr Wu’s Restless Legs Syndrome Relief Program

In most cases, doctors do not know the cause of
Restless Legs Syndrome; however, they suspect that
genes play a role. Nearly half of people with RLS
also have a family member with the condition. I
believe it could be both lifestyle and diet that
families have been doing for generations. That
reminds me of a story of Grandma’s pot roast and
why people do the same thing over and over and
never ask why.

A young woman is preparing a pot roast while her
friend looks on. She cuts off both ends of the
roast, prepares it and puts it in the pan. “Why do
you cut off the ends?” her friend asks. “I don’t
know,” she replies. “My mother always did it that
way and I learned how to cook it from her.”
Her friend’s question made her curious about her
pot roast preparation. During her next visit home,
she asked her mother, “How do you cook a pot
roast?” Her mother proceeded to explain and added,
“You cut off both ends, prepare it and put it in
the pot and then in the oven.” “Why do you cut off
the ends?” the daughter asked. Baffled, the mother
offered, “That’s how my mother did it and I
learned it from her!”

Her daughter’s inquiry made the mother think more
about the pot roast preparation. When she next
visited her mother in the nursing home, she asked,
“Mom, how do you cook a pot roast?” The mother
slowly answered, thinking between sentences.
“Well, you prepare it with spices, cut off both
ends and put it in the pot.” The mother asked,
“But why do you cut off the ends?” The
grandmother’s eyes sparkled as she remembered.
“Well, the roasts were always bigger than the pot
that we had back then. I had to cut off the ends
to fit it into the pot that I owned.”

There are other factors associated with the
development or worsening of Restless Legs Syndrome
which include:
• Chronic diseases. Certain chronic diseases and
medical conditions, including iron deficiency,
Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and
peripheral neuropathy often include symptoms of
RLS. Treating these conditions often gives some
relief from RLS symptoms.
• Medications. Some types of medications,
including anti-nausea drugs, antipsychotic drugs,
some antidepressants, and cold and allergy
medications containing sedating antihistamines,
may worsen symptoms.
• Pregnancy. Some women experience RLS during
pregnancy, especially in the last trimester.
Symptoms usually go away within a month after
• Other factors, including alcohol use and sleep
deprivation, may trigger symptoms or make them
worse. Improving sleep or eliminating alcohol use
in these cases may relieve symptoms.

Dr. Wu’s program is an effective natural program
to relieve your RLS. These easy-to-follow
exercises and nutrition formulation will end the
misery. This program has worked for thousands of
patients to help in dealing with pain and provide
relief of various symptoms.

RLS symptoms rob your body from needed healing
sleep! The program will increase the blood vessels
in the area and widen them, increasing blood flow
to the area and reducing the skin barrier
function. It works faster while the increased
blood flow itself brings nutrients necessary for
cellular repair and carries away waste. The
exercises are designed to help eliminate and
suppress RLS symptoms QUICKLY AND SAFELY.

If you have been suffering from RLS, or have a
friend who has been suffering from this condition,
let them know about the program today.

Dr Wu’s Restless Legs Syndrome Relief Program

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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