Full Moon Magic


Full Moon Magic


The full moon is on Monday August 7th and we are
blessed with an Eclipse on the full moon that will
stir things up for the next six months. But wait
there is more to come on August 13th we will have
the planet Mercury going into a retrograde station
until September 5th.
We are all influenced when Mercury is retrograde.
Several times a year it appears that the planet
Mercury is going back backwards, that is what we
call Retrograde (Rx) Mercury. This time is usually
associated with confusions, delays and
frustration. The planet Mercury rues
communications, travel, contracts, your car and
small appliances that you may own. It’s important
when Mercury is retrograde remain flexible, allow
more time for traveling and avid signing
contracts. Make sure you review all of your plans
at this time and if you are traveling recheck your
plane reservations as well as your hotel and car
In a retrograde Mercury watch out for car problems
and delays. Some people blame Mercury retrograde
for bad things that happen in their lives. Don’t
let it happen to you. Mercury retrograde is great
time to clean up your paperwork put your files in
order and finish up projects you have started.
When Mercury goes retrograde I deepen my practice
of Qi Gong and all the internal exercises and
meditations. Don’t miss out on a great
opportunity. Make a list of what needs to be done
and stay on top of it. From August 14th-September
5th this is the time to start doing your Qi Gong
and meditations regularly. Consistency is the
magic word. Practice more and you will be amazed
how your life will change for the better. . Join
me and hundreds of members in the Qi Gong inner
Here is what my friend Brenda says about the full
moon on the 7th of August
“The Moon is certainly having her day. It is a
Full Moon at 2:11 pm at 15 degrees Aquarius 25
minutes. It is not just a Full Moon it is a Lunar
Eclipse that has more power and we will feel it
for 6 months. Aquarius is the sign of social
conditions. It is networking, group energy and
also friends.
What group do you belong to? Have you found your
audience that appreciates what you do and who you
are? Basically, it is all about friendship. You
will realize many things today and most of all
where do you belong? Mercury will go retrograde on
Saturday so we are gearing up for that. Mercury is
in Virgo now so we are thinking about getting
things organized. The Moon is favorable to Jupiter
in Libra today so cooperation is easy.”
-Brenda Brush
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S.- the Qi Gong inner circle is a special
program for those of you who want to go deeper
into your Qi Gong meditation practices.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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