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Cultivating Qi


Cultivating Qi
Tucson, Arizona – I was up early and out of the
door with my son and grandson. Damion is a realtor
and has a passion for photograph, and so does Sam.
And much as myself, they like outdoor activities.
When I raised my kids, we did it in Telluride, a
small town in Colorado that is in the Rocky
Mountains. Skiing, hiking and biking were a
natural way of life. Although we left the high
country, being active became a family tradition as
well as gardening and staying healthy in body,
mind and spirit. I’m out West for a week of
activity and cultivating the Qi at the Tucson
Mineral Show.

Yesterday, I ran into a friend who sells Tibetan
ritual objects, and I had the opportunity to do a
practice to clear his space and open up the flow
for more business. In our personal lives and
business, we run into blockages now and then that
cause energy to stagnate. You may feel it in your
health, wealth and happiness. Blocked energy can
cost you money and a loss of relationships. But
the biggest and most harmful is your health.

I’ve been hiking with my son in the desert every
day this week. We walked an average of seven or
eight miles a day; that’s a long walk when you
come up from sea level and everything is flat. But
it’s a good one for sure. On our walks, I practice
cultivating and storing energy in the Lower
Dantain. When you cultivate Qi, you don’t
necessarily have to be doing a structured form.
You first need to learn form. It’s the same when
you are learning how to play the piano. You need
to learn structure and, after you got it down, you
can go free style.

Get your body, mind and spirit in alignment and
you’ll be humming along for years to come. Get
your copy of the Qi Gong bundle now.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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