Angels And Demons – How Are They Affecting You?


Angels And Demons – How Are They Affecting You?

In my practice of Medical Qi Gong, I see things
that most people never see and don’t want to.
There are many different dimensions on planet
Earth that we either aren’t aware of or choose not
to acknowledge. When you are a Qi Gong doctor, you
have to be open to all the worlds that live in a
parallel universe with us. There are three types
of angels and demons that exist:
1. Workers or soldiers: they are the lowest
level; they can connect to humans and influence
their lives for better or worse.
2. Ministers and generals: they are considered
to be medium-level sprits and influence church
congregations, prayer meetings and even group
healings. On the demonic side, they influence
murders, group suicides, sex deaths and violent
3. Rulers or kings: they are of the highest
level and affect large groups of people. They
affect land masses, countries, societies and
governments. They say these spirits have magical
powers and affect the various realms as well as
the elements. According to ancient belief, they
often choose one person and use them as an
energetic doorway in order to affect the physical
realms. I hope we aren’t experiencing this first
hand with our newest government in the USA.

Once the spiritual connection has begun, the
entity influences many people, who act as
surrogates. How can you stay grounded at this
time? Practice, practice and practice more.

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I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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