Ancient Chinese Exercises
To Reverse Aging - As Taught
By A Real Chinese Master

Nearly thirty years ago, at 6 a.m., I took a cab into China Town and walked up three flights of stairs into the Masters studio. There were about twelve of us and although we were in New York City, looking around you would have thought that we were in ancient China and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

There were pots of incense burning, loud gongs were being struck and a Chinese master who barely spoke English appeared dressed in all black. I definitely felt I was one of the fortunate.

Although the Master spoke in broken English we were glued to every word he said and every movement he made. What I would soon discover was that these unusual exercises were MUCH MORE than what meets the eye. The benefits of this type of training were deep, VERY DEEP.

Much more than the benefits of ordinary exercise
and more profound than tai chi or yoga - but far easier
to learn.

At first I thought I was looking at something that couldn't possibly work. He claimed that these simple exercises, movements and sounds would clear the body, mind, and spirit of blocked energy and keep you from aging.

I observed him closely following every movement and repeating every sound. His energy field was so strong I could feel it from twenty feet away. I didn’t understand how he could be generating so much energy just sitting there. But he did.

He began to teach. I was totally mesmerized by what was happening. I truly wanted to learn more about this type of training but I quickly found out that the Master was only allowed to teach people from his own clan. There were no classes offered outside of his clan at that time. It seems that the master promised his Grand Master that he wouldn’t teach outsiders until he taught the complete system to his own people and he was just finishing the last teaching to his number one Chinese student. We were the fortunate ones and the first to receive these teachings.

The Master agreed to teach us and this changed my life and the direction I was going.

For years I searched far and wide for whatever I could find on longevity practices. I read how it trained the body and the mind differently, opened up the spirit and allowed the internal organs to function with Qi continually flowing into all of the organs.

This type of training had a de-stressing, anti-aging effect as well as a way of improving your memory without even trying. What I could observe from this type of training was more balance, harmony, tranquility, peace of mind along with the development of "life force" or Qi.

In the West many of us do exercises every day. Jog, lift weights and play tennis. Some of us even do Kung Fu and other martial arts. All of these exercises are great to make you look good on the outside

But what are they really doing?

If you notice you don’t see any old weight lifters and as far as running, that beats up the body quicker than you could imagine. Stress on the knees and the feet, not to mention the lower back. Most of these exercises heat up the internal organs and over time will cause your internal organs to atrophy.

If you could imagine taking a beautiful lush plum and putting it in the sun for 30 days, what would you end up with?

Nothing more than a dried up prune. The same thing happens to our body over time. Excess stress, heat and the aging process will dry up our internal organs and where does it show up? It shows up as wrinkles on our face and the aging process begins! But, you can reverse the aging process, pull heat out of the organs and make yourself younger. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese found ways to reverse the aging process without any drugs or medicine. They developed the system to pull toxic heat out of all of the internal organs, the heart, the spleen, kidneys, lungs and liver. When people come into my office for a treatment many times I will put them on formulas and I teach them exercises to pull these toxins out of the internal organs.

There is a series of 6 simple exercises
that will affect your body, mind and spirit.
They are called the “Healing Sounds”.

I have developed a system that combines the techniques of neural linguistic programming (NLP) that works that VAC system (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic).

These super learning techniques will transform the body and mind instantly. It uses an ancient technique from alchemy to change lead to gold or in this case change sickness and aging to vibrant health and longevity.

What you will get in this program:

  • Complete description and booklet
  • A detailed video download
  • Longevity meditation practice

Order NOW And Change Your Life For The Better

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Dr Wu Dhi


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