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Longevity Walking Add Years to Your Life

hen you walk backwards it brakes up different
patterns in your body and mind. The more different
possibilities you add to your body and or mind
makes you more flexible, improves your balance and
gives you a new way of looking at the world.

Who is in charge of your Future?

Many years ago I made a decision to focus on my
longevity practices. I studied what the ancient
Taoists were doing, what herbs to take and what
diet to follow. I studied and practiced yoga, Qi
Gong , Nei Gong and Shen Gong. I read all the
books I could find on Longevity learned the
meditation practices and the best exercises to
insure a long and healthy life.

Honor our Warriors

I spend a lot of time putting together programs and teachings to educate all of us about our health, what the best exercises are and what nutrition would be the best for us in order to give us a healthy and happy life.

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