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The Power Of The New Moon


The Power Of The New Moon

The New Moon or the “dark moon” comes around two
weeks after the Full Moon. About a day after the
New Moon, the moon becomes visible again; this is
the “crescent moon.” Some of us see the crescent
moon as a symbol for Islam. But, here is how the
story goes…

The use of the crescent moon and star as symbols
actually pre-date Islam by several thousand years.
Information on the origins of the symbols is
difficult to confirm, but most sources agree that
these ancient celestial symbols were in use by the
peoples of Central Asia and Siberia in their
worship of the sun, moon and sky gods. There are
also reports that the crescent moon and star were
used to represent the Carthaginian goddess, Tanit,
or the Greek goddess, Diana. Diana was known as
the “virgin goddess of childbirth and women.” The
early Muslim community did not really have an
acknowledged symbol. During the time of the
Prophet Muhammad, Islamic armies and caravans flew
simple, solid-colored flags (generally black,
green, or white) for identification purposes. In
later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to
use a simple black, white or green flag with no
markings, writing, or symbolism of any kind. It
was not until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent
moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim
world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople
(Istanbul) in 1453 CE, they adopted the city’s
existing flag and symbol. Legend holds that the
founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, had a dream
in which the crescent moon stretched from one end
of the earth to the other. Taking this as a good
omen, he chose to keep the crescent and make it
the symbol of his dynasty.

The New Moon is the darkest and the best time to
view other celestial objects like planets, meteor
showers and, maybe, even flying saucers. The moon
does not radiate its own light, but the moon’s
surface reflects the sun’s rays. The New Moon will
be here on 19 October at 26º Libra. If that
touches your astrology chart, you should become
very popular at this time. This can be socially or
in business. This New Moon makes us extremely
sensitive to the collectives’ emotions. At this
time, people make the news because you love to
hate them, or you love and hate them in equal
measure. The New Moon will bring eternal optimism,
but it can also be quite the emotional roller
coaster as well. The aspect makes people
extravagant and overreact in the most dramatic
manner to the smallest setback. Those touched by
this New Moon can totally overestimate their
capabilities, but nothing seems to put them off
their goals. Protection is BIG here; we are
incredibly nurturing, warm and generous to those
in our care at this time.
There is a great alchemical formula that works
great for achieving your short-term goals using
the “dark moon” to bring you whatever you want to
manifest. A few days before the New Moon, write
down what you want to accomplish in the next two
weeks and put the paper aside. As the moon becomes
full, the energy will pull your wishes into
reality. Whatever you wrote down will be energized
as the moon gets brighter and brighter, and many
of your short-term goals will be manifested.

I have found that there are many formulas that
work well to manifest what you want as long as you
are in flow with the universal principles. In the
Magic Square program,
you will learn how to balance every aspect of your
life. Get your program now and balance every
domain of your life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi



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