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How Fear can Increase your Sexual Power


How Fear can Increase your Sexual Power

An engineer, a college professor, a doctor, and a
rabbi decided to take an adventure together and
hike into the Cypress Swamp in Florida. Sounds
like the start of a joke, but this was as real as
it gets. The four of us took off early Monday
morning and headed southwest to a place unknown to
me – the Everglades City. It’s a city that got
lost in time, although they are known as the
world’s capital of stone crabs. Crabbing is what
they do and there isn’t much else going on. We
spent the night at the Rod and Gun Club Hotel. The
place was built in 1864 which hosted prestigious
personalities like Presidents Roosevelt, Truman,
Eisenhower, Hoover, and Nixon. I love those kinds
of places that have deep-rooted history. We got a
good rest that night as we were all excited about
this adventure into the swamps early the next
morning. I was imagining a dark green, smelly,
mucky place filled with snakes, spiders, and
alligators lurking all around. But, I was
pleasantly surprised that the swamp waters are
crystal clear and filled with rich bird life,
including large wading birds such as the roseate
spoonbill, wood stork, great blue heron, and a
variety of egrets. I must admit there was a
mixture of fear and trepidation, anticipating the
mosquitoes, snakes, and alligators. The mosquitoes
we learned were nothing to worry about this time
of the year since there is a balance of nature
that happens. A little fish living in large
numbers in the swamp hungrily dines on mosquito
larvae, which the carnivorous bladderwort plant
has a passion for devouring. Yes, there are snakes
and alligators living in the swamp, but they are
shy and most depart before ever being seen. Our
walk was between beautiful 900-year-old Bald
Cypress trees. It is a place of immense natural
beauty and isolation from Florida’s developed
areas. The swamp was so quiet, something you don’t
get to hear quite very often living in Miami. We
walked for around two hours taking in the beauty
of being with nature. It was like a beautiful
meditation filled with colors, smells, and feasts
for the senses. As we were leaving the swamp, I
spotted a rather large alligator and her twelve
babies just a few feet away. I was really happy
that we were also just a few feet from dry land.
Mama gator went one-way, and I weren’t going to
follow her.

When you take an adventure that invokes fear, it
opens up a place in our body-mind. The fear is
then dissolved and you come out of the experience
stronger and healthier. On the opposite side of
fear, there is gentleness. The element of fear,
according to the Five-Element Theory, is stored in
the kidneys and the urinary bladder that affect
our hearing, knees, and back as well as our sexual
power. Build the kidneys, be gentle, and cultivate
sexual energy. You will live a long life and
become sexually powerful.

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I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. Check out some more info on swamp walks.

Can Fear dampen your sex life?
Can Fear dampen your sex life?


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