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Medicine Buddha Empowerment


Medicine Buddha Empowerment


Last week, Lama Glen was in Miami and gave the
Medicine Buddha Empowerment to a small group of
people at a healing center not too far from my
house. The Tibetan Buddhists consider the Medicine
Buddha Empowerment to be the most powerful
blessing for healing, dispelling sickness, and
awakening the innate healing wisdom that lies
within every individual.

If you aren’t aware of what an empowerment is, it
is a ceremony in which a Lama (Buddhist priest),
on the basis of his own spiritual attainments and
understanding of the proper rituals that have been
handed down in an unbroken lineage for thousands
of years, places his student in connection with a
particular Tantric deity. The result of this
teaching “empowers” the student to visualize that
deity and recite the deity’s mantra (a prayer).
The actual empowerment empowers the student to
seek to realize the non-duality between their own
mind and that of the deity. The practice of the
meditation on the Medicine Buddha is a powerful
one but it is said to be much more effective when
one has received the Medicine Buddha Empowerment
with it.

The Tantric practices are also called secret
practices. They are secret because some people
have a thick layer of ignorance and doubt, which
is difficult to penetrate. If you reveal these
Tantric practices to them, it will be like placing
pearls before swine, and it may even give them a
wrong view of the teaching and inhibit their
spiritual growth in the future. That’s why,
esoteric teachings cannot be revealed to those
with limited understanding and egotistic pride.
The empowerments develop the body, speech, and
mind. To develop the body, there is the creation
stage of practice. To ripen the speech, there is
mantra recitation. To ripen the mind, there is the
completion stage. So, whether your mind is ripe or
not is dependent on how you practice. They say
that the teachings are like a bird with two wings.
One wing is the teaching and the other the
practice. If there is only one wing, the bird just
flops around on the ground.

If you are empowered, you have freedom. When you
are not empowered and others control your freedom,
the afflictive emotions will lead to suffering.
Some of the ways I stay empowered on a daily basis
is to practice my meditation, eat clean food,
drink clean water and practice my Qi Gong. These
practices keep me free from suffering and empower
me to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I came to the center an hour early with a bunch of
flowers in hand, and the woman who hosted the
event was so happy. She told me that Lama
instructed her to get flowers for the ceremony and
she forgot. Sometimes, we are just in sync with
the universe, and everything works miraculously.
The trick is just to trust. When I got there, one
of the healing practitioners asked me if I’d like
a treatment. Is there enough time? And there was.
So, I had the opportunity to relax, receive a
treatment, and be ready for the empowerment before
the Lama arrived. My lucky day!

If you want to start living an empowering life,
pick up a copy of the Recharging Qigong program


and put yourself back in power in every way.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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