The true nature of Health, Wealth and Happiness

If you have your health and acquire wealth this is
a great formula for happiness. When I refer to
wealth it includes many aspects in your life,
your carrier, your relationships,family your income,
your spiritual growth where you travel and who you associate with.
As well as what projects you are working on and completing,
how you care for yourself and all this will bring
you success.

How to Cultivate Qi

i has to be nourished and stimulated to develop
it, hence the exercises of Qi Gong, Shen Gong and
Nei Gong. When we are cultivating Qi we begin to
understand it, we improve our health and this is
the true Anti aging medicine.

The Secrets to Longevity

Whenever you are
working with people in any kind energy work, no
matter if it is meditation or any healing work;
you need to be protected energetically.

Energy will naturally move from the lowest point
to the highest point and if you aren’t prepared to
grind up the negative energy, you can experience
the same symptoms or worse if you are seeing
patients all day.

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