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Hunting Expedition


Hunting Expedition


Last night at sunset, I set a trap in my backyard

with a cup of bird seeds and a mango as bait. I

was wondering who was eating all the mangoes. I

suspected the blue jays while my next-door

neighbor thought it might be the rats. I’m not one

to stay up all night with a flashlight and a

slingshot, so I went to sleep.

This morning, when I woke up, I had a nice cup of

tea and sat down to do my meditation. As soon as I

finished, I went out into the yard to look at my

trap. There it was! A smelly, ugly rat-like

creature hissed at me as soon as he saw me and

showed his sharp teeth. I called my next-door

neighbor who is in the landscaping business. He

came over to look at my catch. It was a baby

possum. I asked, “What should I do with it?” He

said, “I think he is just scared. Let him go.” I

opened the cage, and that little guy ran as fast

as he could to get out of the yard.

I had no idea that possums like mangoes. In fact,

I didn’t have a clue what possums eat. Possums

benefit humans in many ways, one of which is

helping control a number of unwanted pests.

Although possums are not aggressive creatures and

are generally not dangerous, they are often

nuisances that dig in the garbage and raid my

garden for fresh veggies. Possums are survivors

and eat a variety of foods, like small rodents,

insects, slugs, snails and even frogs.

Additionally, possums eat vegetables, fruits like

my mangoes, garbage and, I guess they like my

compost pile and bird seeds. I certainly didn’t

want to pet the little guy or even get too close

to him but, now I know that he is actually a

protector and watches out for strange critters

that may come to visit at night. I named him Peter

Possum. My first pet! Now, every morning that I go

into the yard to do my Qi Gong practice, I know

that Peter Possum will be watching.

If you haven’t started practicing Qi Gong yet, and

you are doing the standard exercises like going to

the gym, running, and playing basketball and other

sports, you could be aging yourself too quickly by

putting too much heat into your body, especially

in the hot summer months. I suggest this very

strongly to all of my patients that they lay off

the red meat in the summer, as well as shrimp,

orange juice and fried foods. Rather, they eat

more Yin-producing foods. Yin foods tend to be

cooling and moisten the body, while yang foods

tend to be warming and drying. Yin foods include

cucumbers, salads, sweet potatoes, pears, and

plums, lightly cooked greens such as broccoli,

turnip greens and asparagus. If you are going to

eat cheese, both goat and sheep are the best. I

also like melons all summer as they keep the body

cool and moist. You may be asking what kind of

exercises you should be doing. Yin exercises are

slow and relaxing. If you want to build internal

power, start practicing the internal exercises

like the Recharging Qi Gong program

300-600 Woman

This will build your flexibility, agility and also

your kidney yin where real, long-lasting power

comes from. You can order it today and receive all

of the extra bonuses.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi

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Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health care for over 30 years and a master of Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in neurology under the direction of Professor Sun at the prestigious Heilongjiang, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin P.R. China.
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