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I have been practicing both the exercises of Qi
Gong and I am licensed as a Doctor of Medical Qi
Gong in China DMQ (China). I use Medical Qi Gong
on my patients, no matter if I am using
acupuncture, cupping, or mixing up herbal formulas
to infuse the energy into the treatment or
formula. I receive questions about the Medical Qi
Gong daily. People want to know what I feel and
what it means to infuse the body, mind and spirit
with Qi, as well as how it will clear out the
dis-ease and make their body whole again. I can
tell you there are many different energetic
sensations that I feel when working on someone or
even their pets. Dogs, cats, horses and babies are
more sensitive to energy than most adults at
first. It will take a few more sessions with
someone over thiry but, it’s very powerful, and
you will feel the difference in just a few

There are at least fourteen different energetic
manifestations when doing Medical Qi Gong:
1. Heat or hot sensation – there is a feeling of
heat or even putting your hands on a hot plate
2. Coldness sensation – like feeling a cold floor
in the winter or sticking your hand on ice water
3. Expanding sensation – a feeling of fullness or
4. Contracted sensation – a feeling of stagnation
of energy
5. Heaviness sensation – this is a feeling of
thick energy, like you are walking through mud
6. Light sensation – a feeling weightlessness
7. Full sensation – feels strong and almost
bounces energy off of it
8. Empty sensation – feels like a hollow or weak
9. Sticky sensation – feels like you are reaching
into a bucket of slime
10. Armored sensation – it feels like you were
hitting a cement wall
11. Vibrating sensation – feels like you are
feeling a buzzing sensation
12. Tingling sensation – feels like an itch or
13. Noxious sensation – this felt as a foul or
muddy energy
14. Painful sensation – feels like you hit an
emotional or physical pain

I am sure there are many different combinations of
these feelings. As you practice, your touch
becomes more and more sensitive to the energy,
just like how a master chef’s palate is very

When I first see a patient, I make sure that my
energy is protected mentally, physically and
spiritually before I even scan the patient for
blockages, imbalances, or energetic holes in their
field. I’ll scan the body with a flat hand to
diagnose the energetics of the body, and then
start the treatment. Medical Qi Gong teaches you
how to build energy and how to store it in your
Dantain. The Dantain is where we store Qi.

I have both students and patients whose energy was
very low, and they went to see a traditional
Western doctor. After extensive blood works and a
battery of tests, they still had no real answer
and named it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with no
apparent cure. As a Medical Qi Gong doctor, I
could see it was a Qi Deficiency. They didn’t know
how to build Qi or how to store it, and were doing
all the wrong things that were draining their Qi
daily. I started them off by teaching them a set
of simple but powerful Qi Gong Exercises, The
Recharging Qi Gong program

300-600 Woman

This was developed after many years of practice
and research in energy and longevity practices.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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