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Grabbing the Qi


Grabbing the Qi

When you have the opportunity to visit any natural
body of water make sure you do. Water stores the
yin or female energy of the planet and can keep
looking and feeling younger for years.
In our body, yin energy supplies our physical
form – your skeleton,
cellular structure, the size and shape of organs.
There are five yin organs the heart, liver,
spleen, lungs, and kidneys are solid organs and
stores the essence and energy (Qi) for present and
future use.

Everything in creation is made up of yin and yang
energy vibrating at different frequencies that
correspond to sound, light and color. The
existence of these
balanced fields are around every object on our

The Chinese refer to this energy as Qi, the vital
life force energy of the Universe, present within
every living thing. Western medical
science is finally beginning to
take a serious look at ancient Eastern traditions
that focus on Qi and the internal pathways,
known as meridians.
I often describe meridians as rivers of energy
that flow through every organ
of the body. If there is an blockage from mental,
physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological
imbalance, it’s like throwing a big boulder in
one of the rivers. This can cause a
dis-ease and if not addressed it can eventually
turn into a Disease.

The word Qi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness,
life force energy or lifes breath. It is also
known as Ki, in Japan and Prana in India

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the body has
natural patterns of Qi associated with it that
circulate in all the channels.
The six yin organs and the six yang organs
six yang organs are where the
root of dis-ease can start and cause major

Qi is the source of everything, the building block
of all things. We are all made of living cells,
and when we look into each cell we see a membrane,
the nucleus. If you look further into that
structure you will see atoms – electrons, protons,
and neutrons and if you look even further, you can
see energy (Qi).

The practice of Qi Gong will keep your energy
flowing effortlessly, keeping you healthier and
Get the Flying Crane Qi Gong today and Keep on


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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