How I Discovered The Perfect Formula To Get Your Digestive System Moving To Its Optimal Performance  

Dear Friend:

Every day I receive questions about health, exercise and meditation practices.

To me all these questions have to do with the same thing --our HEALTH in general. No matter if it’s mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health; we are off our game in any realm and we are suffering in one way or another. I used to study with a brilliant teacher in California who put together a great program that involved deep tissue work, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and applied Kinesiology. The results patients got were remarkable.

People Seemed To Have
Spontaneous Healing From Their Dis-Ease.

For years, this was my main practice before I went to acupuncture school and still to this very day I incorporate this work into my practice.   The thing I found interesting was the teacher never talked about meditation or any kind of spiritual work, but every morning he would teach a meditation class.  

One day, I told him that for me there is no difference in my healing and spiritual practice. I find that they all work to eliminate blocked energy in the physical body, some in the energy body like the chakras and meridians and some in the spirit body.   

I can remember that he didn’t say a word about all of the above for a few days and then one Sunday morning at meditation class, he said to me that he thought about what I said for 3 or 4 days and that I was right in what I was thinking. If there is a problem in the energy fields of the spirit, it will affect the entire system. From that day on he stressed the importance of health in body mind and spirit.        

The Story Of Larry And How
He Fixed His Digestive Problems

This morning Larry wrote and asked about his diet and chronic digestive problems.

Here is what he said, “Dr. Wu, I’m having a big problem with gas, bloating and burping. I saw my doctor and he ran a bunch of tests, then he told me that all of the findings were negative and he thinks it will pass. What kind of answer is that?  I don’t trust him because  I know something is going on that he didn’t see, but I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to start up with meds, antibiotics or anti acids when I don’t think that’s my problem in the first place. I believe his medicine will have more side effects han my gas and bloating problem. Can you help me out?”  

I told Larry, whenever a patient comes to me with gasses, bloating and burping, I first look into the emotional components of the problem; the stomach and the spleen. They have the emotion of worry associated with them.

Do you remember when you were in school and there was a big test or a paper due that you were not 100% prepared for?  You would get butterflies in your stomach? This has a lot to do with worry and will affect both the stomach and the spleen.

Another cause of digestive problems is getting angry. That will cause a disharmony in the liver and this will affect the spleen and give you digestive problems as well.   They say that the wood element is attacking the earth. It’s the emotion of anger blocking the digestive process.

Whenever a patient comes into my office and is having a digestive problem I treat the stomach meridian and usually suggest they get some more fiber into their diet.

I have spent years looking for the perfect fiber formula that will not cause more problems and get the digestive system moving to its optimal performance.  

Well, I finally found the best of the best! Fiber 1-2-3 is a balanced blend of oat fiber, purified cellulose, fenugreek fiber, rice bran, citrus pectin, apple fiber beta carotene, beet power, lactobacillus acidophilus and Vitamin E. This exceeds CGMP Quality Standards and really gets things moving smooth and on a regular schedule.

Fiber 1-2-3:

  • Promotes Bowel Regularity
  • Maintains Healthy Intestinal Function
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health

Fiber 1-2-3 Is Pleasant Tasting and Easy To Mix

Fiber 1-2-3 is a pleasant-tasting, easy-to-mix fiber formula for the relief of occasional constipation, the promotion of bowel regularity and the maintenance of healthy intestinal function. Diets low in saturated fat and containing adequate fiber reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Read What Sara is saying about Fiber 1-2-3:

“I have been taking Fiber 1-2-3 for 6 months now and I am regular for the first time in years.

My complication has cleared up and I have dropped 18 un-needed pounds in 6 months.

I take it every day and I am grateful I found it.

Thank you”

Here's How Easy It Is To Take Fiber 1-2-3

Briskly stir 1 scoop (15g) of Fiber 1-2-3 with at least 8 fluid ounces of chilled water or the beverage of choice.

Look At All These Ingredients
That Support Your Health

Fiber 1-2-3 is a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers with beta carotene and small amounts of vitamins C and E. Recognizing the strong evidence in favor of the healthful effects of dietary fibers, in May, 2006 the FDA approved a label claim that diets low in saturated and containing adequate fiber reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

In a randomized, controlled, single-blind, cross-over study, increased insoluble dietary fiber intake for 3 days significantly improved whole-body insulin sensitivity. A prospective Japanese two-year collaborative cohort study with 43,115 men and women between the ages of 40 and 79 supported potential protective effects of dietary fiber against colorectal cancer, mainly against colon cancer.

Among the significant number of ingredients contributing to the eight gram/serving content of Fiber 1-2-3 are Guar Gum, a water-soluble fiber from ground endosperm of the seeds from Cyamopsis tetragonolobus (L.) Taub. Guar gum possess laxative properties that stimulate the removal of waste and toxins and encourage colon health.

Oat fiber, another soluble fiber, has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular lipid risk-factor profile. This may be due in part to its viscosity, similar to guar gum. Fenugreek fiber was shown to mediate blood sugars levels by inhibiting carbohydrate digestion and absorption, enhancing peripheral insulin action.

Citrus pectin, a soluble fiber, is known to stimulate cecal production of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and has been known to also stimulate protein synthesis in the intestines. Cellulose also stimulates SCFA production.


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