Big Blow


The Big Blow

This is a busy week in Florida! The grocery stores
and Home Depot are sold out of water. The lumber
is gone used to board up the houses. Most of the
Hurricane supplies were shipped to Texas last week
to help those people who lived through hurricane
Harvey. In South Florida the schools will be
closed Thursday & Friday due to preparations for
hurricane Irma. I’ve just heard there is another
one heading our way (Jose). This could be the
strongest hurricane season we’ve had in a while.
While Texas and Louisiana, are still reeling from
the effects of hurricane Harvey. They say that
Irma is a category 5 hurricane reaching up to
185miles an hr. We are all getting ready for a big
storm. I put up storm shudders at my house,
brought in the loan furniture. Filled the house
with non-perishable foods, lots of water, candles,
lanterns and bottle of vodka just in case of
emergencies. In the meanwhile I will be practicing
my meditations and Qi Gong if I can’t get out of
the house. When you are practicing your
meditations and internal exercises it comes you
down and everyone around you. These are stressful
times for people, but if you have a way to handle
and direct the stress you can be more powerful
than the biggest storm. I’m not saying that your
meditation will save you but it will calm you down
to make good decisions. I will be practicing the
Flying crane Qi Gong all week as usual this is a
practice that I have been doing for many years,
once you start practicing you will experience the
power and the calmness simultaneously

300-600 Woman

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi



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