A Biker With a Gun

The reason I teach meditation is to calm the mind,
relax, and relieve stress. But the real work is
hidden in the practice of meditation. It changes
your vibration, opens up your mind to a more
positive outlook, and you will start to bring into
your life what you want.

Let the Prayer Flags Fly Again

Prayer flags are hung outside to blow in the wind,
and it is said to increase happiness, health, and
wealth, known as “The Three Treasures”. “As the
wind blows, the flags wave and combine with
natural energy to send blessings to all.

Want a Trade?

ShareI joined a trade company about 2 months ago, it’s called Itex Trading http://www.on2url.com/lnk?MTM2NDQzNHwxMDI0MTg0OTEwfHM9MQ%3D%3D Now, I also take trades for …

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