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imagesI ran into Deloris yesterday.
She is a successful real-estate
broker and sells million dollar
properties in Miami Beach and
New York. I have known her for
years, and when I met her, she
was selling beaded jewelry at
the flea market and was barely
squeaking out a living. Today,
she owns her own home, has a few
investment properties, and is more
than comfortable. But, Deloris
is still living in the past. She
never thinks she is good enough
and by looking at her, you would
never think so. She is beautiful,
sexy, successful, dresses to the
nines, and drives a new Mercedes
Benz. Deloris IS a Hot Successful
Babe. However, she still has a flea
market consciousness. She sees
herself as a homely, skinny, poor,
and an unsuccessful mess but that’s
just way far from reality.

I suggested that she comes into the
office to see me for a coaching
session, and a few days later, she
showed up crying. She said, “I hate
my life, my relationship and the way
I look.” I guess she is looking through
her eyes of the past. I showed her a
formula that is thousands of years old,
developed by the Daoist mystics to
direct people to a balanced life.
You may have heard of Feng Shui
as a way to place the furniture in your
home, but this ancient practice has more
to it than one would think.

Feng Shui is the Chinese
philosophical system of
harmonizing the human existence
with the surrounding environment.
Feng shui literally translates as
“wind-water” in English. Actually,
Feng shui is one of the five
branches of Chinese Metaphysics
and there are many branches of
Feng Shui. One that I practice
in my life is the Magic Square.

images-1The Magic Square is a mathematical
formula with spiritual overtones
that can be used to set your goals,
allows you to see where the
blockages are in your success
patterns, and shows you how to
bring what you want into your life

I coach many people from all
over the world using the Magic
Square formula to bring them
what they want in their life.
Most of my sessions are done
in person, but in the last few
months, I have been counseling
people via Skype. It’s interesting
how technology has brought people
together with no more boundaries.
If you want to book a private
session with me, you first need
to get a copy of the Magic Square
Workshop. After you watch the
program, we can schedule a private

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness!

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. To schedule a private session
with me via Skype, send me your Skype
address and I will give you a call
soon. My Skype ID is Drwudhi.

Happy Memorial Day! Keep healthy and safe!


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