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Rapid Change


Rapid Change


The Full Moon eclipse has come and gone.
Astrologers all say that this will affect the USA
very strongly for the next six months. But who
knows what will happen? We can’t blame Trump or
the Congress. But I believe that the time has come
for a big change for the USA. This Eclipse may
have been the match that lit the fire. Number
45’s, the Senate and Congress are just the pawns
in the restructure game.

Big changes are coming for all of us all the time.
They come in as lessons for us to learn and grow.
If we learn the lesson, of course we move on to
higher state of awareness. Then, the next lesson
is presented to us. In this way, we are forced to
evolve and can grow beyond our limitations. If we
don’t learn the lesson, it’s Groundhog’s day over
and over. I believe it is the same way with
disease. A dis-ease comes into our life to teach
us a lesson. If we can learn that lesson, we are
cured. But if you don’t get it, the dis-ease keeps
returning until you do or you are recycled. I
think that’s one of the reasons a person comes
into this life with a disease that was never cured
in their previous life.

The reason I train in internal exercises and
meditation, and practice longevity exercises is to
be able to embrace change easily and learn the
valuable lessons to keep moving on. The Recharging
Qi Gong program


is a series of 36 exercises to keep your body,
mind and spirit alive and awake. It includes 2
DVD’s, 6 CD’s and a workbook that can easily guide
you through this super workout. Students have
reported that they have lost weight, increased
their energy, enhanced their sex life and have
opened up and transformed the stuckness in their
meditations and hidden health problems.

Order the program today and reverse your aging


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi


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