A Biker With a Gun

The reason I teach meditation is to calm the mind,
relax, and relieve stress. But the real work is
hidden in the practice of meditation. It changes
your vibration, opens up your mind to a more
positive outlook, and you will start to bring into
your life what you want.

Lost Love

I was in a twilight stage for what seemed
like days. I saw the beauty of the universe, our
planet glowing so beautiful, the oceans, the
forests, the great mountains down to the smallest
flower it was so gorgeous, such bright colors and
smells. I wanted to stay there forever

Honor our Warriors

I spend a lot of time putting together programs and teachings to educate all of us about our health, what the best exercises are and what nutrition would be the best for us in order to give us a healthy and happy life.

Free yourself from Mass Media

The word Doctor, Guru
and Lama all come from the same root word TEACHER.
We will always need strong leaders to uplift us
and to educate the masses. If there is a
government, a leader or anyone who limits your
growth, or your education, BEWARE

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