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Living life to its fullest


Living life to its fullest

In the eighties I lived in Caracas, Venezuela a
beautiful country filled with art and culture and
fun loving people from many walks of life. Caracas
was a great place to live the weather was perfect,
and you have both the mountains and the sea. It
was in my opinion the perfect place to live. Too
bad they lost so much after the ruling party lost
and now it’s a mess with a lot of crime and
starving people on the streets. Venezuela is
inadvertently turning into a cashless society
thanks to economic blunders by President Nicolás
Maduro’s socialist government.

The out-of-control state spending government,
currency controls and other policies have led to
what many describe as hyperinflation, as well as
the collapse of the Bolívar (their money) there is
not enough cash in circulation to keep up with
soaring prices.

I think it was greed that poisoned their country
and it could happen here as well if people aren’t
paying attention. When I went to Venezuela they
had freedom and it was safe to go just about
everywhere. Yes there were poor people, but they
had food, medicine, fun, a rich culture and work.

Many people asked me why I went to Caracas in the
first place and asked me what was I doing there.
My Master sent me there to teach a group of fifty
people meditation based on the teachings of Swami
Rudi (Swami Rudrananda) and Tibetan Buddhism from
the teachings of his holiness Dingo Khentse

Rudi taught an eclectic blend of techniques such
as, “kundalini yoga” (though with no formal
relation to the Indian tradition by that name). He
wrote “It Was A Yoga,” which is used to collect
energy within yourself and bring through your own
chemistry the energy that is in the universe. A
human being is only able to do that by
internalizing energy and bringing it through their
system. A person has all the mysteries of the
universe inside.”[]

Rudi developed several spiritual exercises. They
include exercises for releasing negative energy,
cultivating gratitude, sitting with deceased
persons, and “double breathing” for “drawing in
cosmic energy”.

When I was in charge of the Ashram (a monastery) I
taught meditations 5 days a week in the morning,
and there was a teaching and meditation every
Wednesday night. To my surprise the students still
wanted more so every month on the full moon I
taught a weekend workshop on different subjects
like qi gong, detox weekends, energy medicine,
taoist sexual practices and a whole lot more. I
spent my days seeing patients practicing qi gong
and doing hours in meditation. Running a
meditation center is a lot of work but, Working
Spiritually is work but the rewards are great.

One of the programs I used and still use today is
subliminal programing like the ones in the
Internal Mantra program you will find this
teaching valuable to your spiritual growth. Check
it out


I wish you the best in your Health, wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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