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There Is Always A Treasure


There Is Always A Treasure


When I was a kid, I had lunch with my Dad every
Saturday at an old Italian restaurant called Roma
Café located at the Eastern Market near downtown
Detroit. It had the best Italian food I’ve ever
had. If any of my friends came to visit, my Dad
would always bring them with as well. Why was it
so much fun to eat there? Dad let me order
whatever I wanted off the menu including dessert.
This didn’t happen at home since my mother was
quite a disciplinarian. Dad would always order
prime rib, the outside cut on the bone, and have a
few Manhattans. One day, I asked him if I could
taste his drink, and he said yes. I took a sip,
and my immediate reaction was, “Yuck! Dad, why do
you drink that? It’s horrible!” He said, “I drink
it to get to the cherry on the bottom.”

There is always a treasure in everything, even if
it’s not apparent when you’re going through the
bad parts. In life, sometimes we have yucky stuff
that we must do, eat or drink. But there is always
a treasure to have. I’ve been practicing Qi Gong
now for over thirty years, and students come and
go. The serious students still practice, and are
healthy, vibrant, have great personalities and can
handle their everyday stress. Yes, they still have
life’s challenges, but they keep on going. The
ones who give up, suffer more and find life
painful. My Master always said, “Pain is
mandatory, suffering is optional.”

I want to tell you about a couple that I’ve known
for years. When they were together, they both
learned the Flying Crane Qi Gong and the
meditations that I teach. They became very good
students and learned the form and practiced daily.
But as life goes as do relationships, they
separated. I talked to him the other day, and he
assured me that he still does the meditation and
the Flying Crane Qi Gong regularly. He can handle
the stress of work, the kids, a new relationship
and all the financial responsibilities that come
with that. On the other hand, she doesn’t practice
or meditate. Her excuse is she has no time,
worried about finances, and is now in a
dysfunctional relationship. She is one hot mess.

I can tell you many stories of students who have
abandoned their practice and complained that life
is just too hectic for them to practice. If you
practice regularly, I can assure you that, even
when life becomes stormy, you will be able to
handle any obstacles that life hands you. You
never get anything in life that you can’t handle,
you just have to keep your eye on the ball. The
trick is consistency in training, practicing and
educating oneself.

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I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi



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