The true nature of Health, Wealth and Happiness

If you have your health and acquire wealth this is
a great formula for happiness. When I refer to
wealth it includes many aspects in your life,
your carrier, your relationships,family your income,
your spiritual growth where you travel and who you associate with.
As well as what projects you are working on and completing,
how you care for yourself and all this will bring
you success.

It’s time to train

It’s a time for The Performance of positive deeds,
which are greater to those practiced at any other
time of the year. As well as making offerings to
ancestors. These good deeds become a great
blessing enabling one to reach “the other shore.”
The Autumnal Equinoxes, are the Ideals for
reflecting on the meaning of life.

Look to the Sky

It’s a time to set your personal boundaries and be
aware of what you need to do to take care of
yourself and others.
This moon will have your whole attention, this month,
as it’s a strong one.

Fire Magic and the Puja Fire

The fire Puja ceremony fulfills wishers, removes
obstacles, improves health, and increases merit
and wealth. For the practitioners, making offering
to the fire deities helps the practitioner gain
accomplishments on the spiritual path. I have
found it can stabilize one’s meditation,
concentration and improve one’s spiritual

Is the Spirit Word really real?

n the west we haven’t put too much attention on
the spirit world, although if you have been
watching TV lately there seems to be a lot of
interest in ghosts, sprits and that kind of
phenomena. We actually encounter spirits daily,
in the form of emotional upsets.

An Unwanted Hitchhiker

People come into my office
all the time and report that their doctor says
that there is nothing wrong with them, and their illness is all in their head
but they still feel rotten. sometimes it’s an energy problem and
it can affect their entire household.

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